Bioenergetic Diagnostic & Treatment Devices: Know the caveats!


The Health Coach spent many years researching and investigating many of the bioenergetic diagnostic and treatment devices currently on the market. He has personally owned or clinically tested a number of them, as well as worked closely with long time experts in the field to ferret out the truth.

Royal Raymond Rife conclusively demonstrated that frequencies, when properly generated and delivered, can cure cancer, among many other diseases and ailments. Royal Rife technologies were truly a gift to humanity which were confiscated by the government and forever hidden away from the public. Why? Because they really worked. The link below gives you an idea of how complicated and exacting this form of medicine can be, and especially how precisely administered for it to be efficacious.

GB-4000 Frequency Generator Protocols For Cancer Stage IV Protocol

What’s the point?

Energy Medicine has come into its own this New Millennium. However, like all forms of diagnostic and treatment modalities, there is a downside which ought to be disclosed but rarely is. That’s the purpose of this session.

No matter how they are generated, frequencies, when directed at or into the body, can function as a form of energy medicine or toxin. Just as the stray voltage coming off high-power energy lines can cause leukemia in children, too much exposure to very low vibrations from frequency generators can also discombobulate the bio-electrical field of the human body.

Don’t believe it? Then just hunt down and talk to many of the QXCI or SCIO practitioners who suffers from Frequency Overload Syndrome – that’s our name for it. Not a pretty picture, at all! The Health Coach has consulted with many who have forever given up their practice of this type of energy medicine, BECAUSE THEY HAD NO CHOICE!

Please be aware that this emerging field of illness is completely uncharted territory, because it never existed before this Age of Technology.

Energy Frequencies Need To Be Respected

Just because you can’t see them, can’t hear them or feel them doesn’t mean they aren’t affecting your body, sometimes on very subtle but profound levels.

Of course, the same rules apply: The more energy, the higher the doses of frequencies, the longer the treatments, the higher the number of treatments, the greater the likelihood of experiencing, you guessed it — unintended consequences, toxic side effects, and collateral damage to cells, tissues and organs.

Back to our QXCI/SCIO ex-practitioner friends. Many of these folks spent years in a room with a device that was attached to a client for varying lengths of time. Even though they themselves were not hooked up to the devices, they were still the unwitting recipient of the same frequencies as their clients. The client came in for a 1/2 hour or hourlong visit. The SCIO practitioner was often right there in the same room in close proximity to the device, guaranteeing their exposure to unwanted frequencies.

Within the QXCI/SCIO context it should also be noted that diagnostics and treatment can take place in what is known as subspace … or across the ethers thousand of miles apart (i.e. at great distance between the device and the client). There is much anecdotal evidence that this does in fact happen; therefore, you can imagine how easy it is for frequencies, in the immediate area, might have impact on all of those present.

By the way The Health Coach had an early consultancy working with many folks throughout the hospital industry as well. His clientele was made up of Radiology Techs and Mammographers, Nuclear Medicine and CT Techs, as well as other more specialized technicians. At the end of the day it became very clear that many of these hard-working hospital staff were severely affected by the extremely powerful frequencies thrown off by these high energy devices. Many came down with types of illness which defied all the normal ways of diagnosing and categorizing such malaise.

Caveat to both Practitioners and Clients

We have especially found that those who stay hooked up to devices, which they have purchased, all day or all night long ought to exercise special caution. This is not a practice that you would want to engage for very long. The reasons should by now be entirely self-evident from this discussion.

As for the many different symptoms which are experienced by an overdose of Frequency Medicine, here’s a partial list:

• fatigue
• brain fog
• weakness
• low energy
• irritability
• lack of concentration
• complacency/apathy
• indecisiveness
• vision impairment
• neck pain
• lower back pain

None of these complaints account for the micro-damage which can be inflicted on the cellular level after experiencing long term exposure to these devices. We direct these comments particularly to practitioners, since some of these folks still don’t feel right after many years of being away from their devices.

Some Excellent Bioenergetic Devices and Systems To Become Familiar With

Examples of some very effective bioenergetic devices (both diagnostic and treatment), which can be used with great effect for identifying various physical conditions, as well as treating them, are as follows:

1. EIS – Electro Interstitial Scanning (EIS) System
2. Orion
3. Ondamed
4. Asyra
5. CORE Inergetix
6. Computron & Dermatron
8. Scenar
9. Doug’s Coil Machine
10. Hulda Clark Zapper
11. EAV/EDS/ (Electro-acupuncture devices)
12. QuantumPulse (V.I.B.E.) Device
13. NES
14. QXCI/SCIO (Good for diagnostic; questionable as a treatment device)

Whenever possible, it is highly advised that you interview your chosen practitioner. As the saying goes, the device is only as good as the practitioner who interprets the results and administers the treatments. Clarity, groundedness and centeredness are all critical throughout the process, so be sure they pass your litmus tests. Specific criteria ought to be developed and met in order that your desired comfort level be attained.

In Closing:
Frequency medicine can be used quite successfully as long as you know your limits. And your practitioner. This list of don’ts is very short, but must be followed if one is to avoid negative consequences. The list of dos is also very short, like staying sufficiently hydrated during certain types of treatments.

Most of what has been discussed here is for the practitioner, since they are clearly the most vulnerable to what can go awry in this process. The Health Coach has known enough individuals who have suffered from Frequency Overload Syndrome that this matter warranted disclosure. Particularly for those practitioners who are completely unaware of the source of their troubles, we offer these highly consequential observations and irrefutable revelations.

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

The Health Coach currently owns an EIS device but does not have any relationship with the current manufacturer or distributor. All other bioenergetic devices have been returned over the years after completing the various experiments and quasi-clinical trials.

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