5 Shingles Natural Treatments

by Dr Axe

bigstock-Pain-On-The-Right-Side-Of-The-60384503Shingles is caused by the same virus as chickenpox.  Symptoms of shingles can be worsened by a weakened immune system and symptoms typically worsen as age increases.

It can cause nerve pain, fever, and clear blisters and can be triggered by a weakened immune system.

Shingles can be very painful and will run along the flank of the body but can also spread to others areas most commonly affecting the T3 to L3 dermatomes and most common on the T10 dermatome.

Top Foods For Shingles

Foods high in B-vitamins – The nervous system is under attack by the shingles virus, therefore it is important to include foods high in B-vitamins such as grass-fed beef, cultured dairy, eggs, organic chicken and wild caught fish.
Water – Adequate hydration is the key to flushing out the virus from your system. Try to drink at least 8 ounces every 2 hours.
Garlic and onions – Both of these herbs/vegetable contain allicin which can help boost immune function.
Foods rich in vitamin C – Add orange and yellow fruits and vegetables to increase yourvitamin C intake.
Green leafy vegetables – These vegetables are high in vitamin A and calcium which can boost immune function.

Foods to Avoid For Faster Healing

Sugar – Decreases white blood cells that help fight off infection.
Fruit juices – Although orange juice contains some vitamin C, it is not as high in vitamin C as whole fruits or vegetables.
Caffeine – Depletes the body of hydration, so avoid it.
Carbonated beverages – These beverages promote a more acidic system, so try to limit them during the acute illness.
Fried foods – Promotes an acidic environment, so best to avoid these foods.

Top 5 Shingles Natural Treatments

#1 Vitamin C (1,000mg 3-4x daily)
Helps with immune system function and boosts white blood cells.

#2 Echinacea (500 mg 3x daily)
This herb can help your body fight off infections and viruses.

#3 Oregano oil (500mg 2x daily)
Oil of Oregano has a powerful antiviral effect.

#4 Vitamin B12 (1000-5000 mcg daily)
Vitamin B12 helps promote faster recovery and reduced pain.

#5 Zinc (50 mg daily)
Zinc supports immune function and has an antiviral effect.  It works best when taken at the first sign of illness.

Bonus Remedies
Essential oils of melaleuca (tea tree oil), peppermint and helichrysum improve immunity, fight infection and can relieve pain associated with shingles.

Take 2 drops of each essential oil and mix it with 1/4 tsp of coconut oil and rub it on area of shingles pain.