Natural Protocol For Curing Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus

A Proven Treatment Cure for Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus

[One person’s protocol that worked — THC1]

Protocol summarized as follows:

1- Vitamin D3 at 10,000 iu daily for three months.
2- 1000 mg Lysine tablets first month x 3 times daily before meals by 1 hour.
3- 1000 mg Vitamin C, 3 x daily before meals. First month.
4- Sambucol Anti viral, Elderberry Extract double dose taken 4 times daily before meals by 1 hour. 3 months
5- Milk Thistle Thisylin brand 3 capsules x 3 x daily. 3 months
6- Three caps of HerpeEze Antiviral product x 3 times daily before meals. 3 months
7- Heathy diet with no junk food, all organic vegetables.
8- Suntan daily 30 minutes.



The preceding protocol was taken from the following post at under the  thread title: Re: Epstein Barr Virus.

“I have spent considerable time researching this subject…as I have a systemic HSV1 infection and my wife has a systemic EBV infection (both are herpes family viruses). She developed MS from her viral infection, and I had numerous complications from mine. We’ve both had excellent success and are symptom free now with no progression of disease.

We have both had longstanding success with our anti viral approach, after years of suffering many debilitating symptoms.

This is what we did:

Consider Milk Thistle (Thysilin brand is my preference); 2-3 caps (depending on body weight) three times a day, to help heal the liver. This is used and recommended by several well known liver disease clinics.

Consider a combined anti viral approach. First, I would do a double dose of Sambucol (Black Elderberry) three or four times daily for it’s strongly antiviral properties.

Second, I would add three caps of Herp Eeze three times daily between meals. This product combines extracts of Prunella v. and Olive leaf which are anti viral, in addition to a small amount of lysine which slows herpes family viruses in their replication. Researchers have found the extract of Prunella vulgaris herb is highly anti viral.

I do not sell these products, merely recommend them from personal experience and research.

Of course, in the presence of possible liver disease, I would never take tylenol or ibuprofen as these are poisons and impair the liver. I would drink only purified water (or bottled water such as Penta), and try to eat organic vegetables daily.

If you do these things, you will likely find the liver will heal and the viral load become reduced to a nominal number.

Viruses in the herpes family are the direct cause of numerous cancers and other diseases, so it is important to address them. (This is a controversial area but the data is now being revealed with more research on the way.)

You should feel better in a few days with this aggressive anti viral approach. I would NOT try a reduced dosage as you will likely not find it successful and may falsely conclude it does not help.

MOST supplements will NOT help in your quest to deal with EBV infection, as most do not effect viruses significantly.

These suggestions are compatible with and complementary to prescription anti viral treatments (such as Valtrex) if you decide to go that route as well. We chose not to use prescription drugs as our approach worked quite well.

Search online for best prices. You can go to google and search using the words “Herp Eeze” and “price” and you will see a google link to compare sellers prices, etc.

Good luck and let us know how you progress.”