Study: EBV is Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) Examines the Medical Evidence

Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis had a high count of Epstein Barr Virus DNA in their blood, according to a study published in Experimental & Molecular Medicine on January 23, 2015. (1) The CBCD reviews the study and recommends Novirin against the latent EBV.

“Infected with the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)? The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD), which tested the formula of Novirin in two post-marketing clinical studies, recommends taking this natural antiviral supplement.” – Greg Bennett, CBCD

A new study shows that the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) is linked to rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder that primarily affects joints. Dr. Fujiwara and colleagues wrote that “evidence has accumulated implicating EBV in the pathogenesis of RA, an autoimmune disease characterized … (by) … destruction of the bone and cartilage tissues. The evidence associating EBV with RA includes a high anti-EBV antibody titer, a high peripheral blood EBV DNA load and a large number of activated EBV-specific T cells in patients with RA. In addition, EBV-infected synovial cells that express latent- and lytic-cycle viral genes have been found in RA lesions.” (1) In other words, scientists discovered that high levels of viral DNA are found in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and they now believe that the virus may be a cause of the disease. The Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center notes that arthritis “can lead to joint destruction, deformity, and loss of function. Swelling of the small joints, especially in the hands and feet, is the hallmark of the disease, but most joints in the body can become affected. In addition to the joints, other manifestations of the disease can be seen including subcutaneous nodules, eye inflammation, lowering of the white blood count, and lung disease.” (See (2)

The CDC notes that “Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), also known as human herpesvirus 4, is a member of the herpes virus family. It is one of the most common human viruses. EBV is found all over the world. Most people get infected with EBV at some point in their lives.” (See the CDC, last reviewed on January 26, 2014) (3) The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) recommends that in light of the medical evidence, infected individuals take Novirin. The formula of this natural, antiviral supplement was designed to help the immune system target the latent EBV.

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The formula of Novirin was tested by Hanan Polansky and Edan Itzkovitz from the CBCD in two clinical studies that followed FDA guidelines. The studies showed that the Novirin formula is effective against the herpes family of viruses. The Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) is a member of the herpes family. The clinical studies were published in the peer reviewed, medical journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy, the first, in a special edition on Advances in Antiviral Drugs. Study authors wrote that, “individuals infected with the EBV … reported a safe decrease in their symptoms following treatment with (the formula of Novirin).” (4) The study authors also wrote that, “We observed a statistically significant decrease in the severity, duration, and frequency of symptoms.” (4)

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Novirin is a natural antiviral dietary supplement. Its formula contains five natural ingredients: Selenium, Camellia Sinesis Extract, Quercetin, Cinnamomum Extract, and Licorice Extract. The first ingredient is a trace element, and the other four are plant extracts. Each ingredient and its dose was chosen through a scientific approach. Scientists at polyDNA, the company that invented and patented the formula, scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals, and identified the safest and most effective natural ingredients against latent viruses. To date, Novirin is the only natural antiviral products on the market with published clinical studies that support its claims.

Dr. Nikolas Hedberg wrote that “a lot of people forget that Epstein-Barr Virus is a herpes virus. It’s in that family. It’s a gamma virus and it’s very different from the other herpes virus in that it’s the only one to infect B cells … it is transmitted by saliva, and the first place that it infects is the B cells in the tonsils. That’s where it germinates and that’s where it really sets up shop… (And there are definite)… connections between Epstein-Barr Virus and autoimmune diseases.” (See from January 16, 2015) (5)

Dr. Hedberg is a practitioner of “functional medicine.” An example of a study that backs Dr. Hedberg’s claims says that “Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) has been suspected of involvement in the pathogenesis of various chronic autoimmune diseases… including … systemic lupus erythematosus.” (See the journal Autoimmune Diseases, from 2012) (6)

Is there any treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

“The goal of treatment now aims toward achieving the lowest possible level of arthritis disease activity and remission if possible, minimizing joint damage, and enhancing physical function and quality of life. The optimal treatment of RA requires a comprehensive program that combines medical, social, and emotional support for the patient … Treatment options include medications, reduction of joint stress, physical and occupational therapy, and surgical intervention.” (2)

What treatments are available for EBV infections?

“A few antiviral drugs are available that were shown to inhibit EBV replication in cell culture. These drugs include the acyclic nucleoside analogues aciclovir, ganciclovir, penciclovir, and their respective prodrugs valaciclovir, valganciclovir and famciclovir, the acyclic nucleotide analogues cidofovir and adefovir, and the pyrophosphate analogue foscarnet. However, clinical studies have shown that these drugs are mostly ineffective in humans.” (4) There are also natural antiviral products that studies show to be safe and effective in reducing EBV symptoms. Two of these products are Novirin and Gene-Eden-VIR.

“Based on the results of these studies, and the CBCD’s own research, we recommend that EBV infected individuals take Novirin.” – Greg Bennett, CBCD

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