FULVIC ACID: An Excellent Chelator for Detoxifying the Thyroid


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Searching For A Natural Cure For Thyroid Nodules

I have thyroid nodules like many other people, and I have symptoms of hypothyroidism.  My thyroid nodules have grown, so I want to find a way to get rid of them using a natural treatment.  I don’t want to lose my thyroid gland, so I’ve been searching for a natural cure for a few years now.  I came across something very interesting last year, and I’m going to start taking the treatment that I found, since it is very natural and would be inducive to good health, even if it doesn’t cure thyroid nodules.  I also haven’t found any evidence of any significant side effects.

I don’t know if the studies are accurately reported as it is difficult to determine since they occurred in China.  I do have a lot of faith in Asian medicine.  I like their use of energy medicine, and trying to determine the cause, and treating the cause instead of treating only the symptoms of disease.

Here is the link to the study that was done in China,  It is a link to the  html version, but you can download the pdf file if you want.  The information of the study starts at the bottom of page 20.

Is Fulvic Acid A Miracle Cure 

The treatment is Fulvic Acid, which is part of the Humic Acid compounds.  In India it is referred to as Shilajit which is similar and contains Fulvic Acid.  Shilajit has been used safely for many years in India and is common in Aryuvedic medicine.

It’s a little hard to describe Fulvic Acid as even scientists don’t know everything about it yet.  It reminds me of compost that people use to fertilize their gardens.  Compost is healthy and full of nutrients and made of plant matter that has been buried and decays.   Fulvic Acid is similar in that it is the natural decomposition of plant matter under pressure in nature, and is loaded with nutrients and ionic minerals.  Everything that is so necessary for human health.

I plan on starting in about a month, but first I need to find a good source of the fulvic acid.  I will keep you all abreast of my results, since I know so many of you are stricken with thyroid nodules, and other thyroid issues as it is almost epidemic now.  My opinion is that one of the reasons for all the problems is due to the lack of nutrients in today’s foods including our fruits and vegetables.  Even our organic produce is lacking nutrients that were present a century ago.

How It Is Supposed To Work

Fulvic Acid is accredited with many healing properties.  One of the ways it is supposed to work on thyroid nodules is as a chelator and detoxifier of heavy metals, chemical toxins and radiation from the body. It delivers a tremendous amount of nutrients and minerals straight to the cells, and is considered a natural adaptogen and a strong antioxidant.

My intuition is telling me that this has promise, and at the very least can’t hurt.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone else starting this unless you go to your health professional first to make sure it is all right for you to take it.  Even after getting the go ahead from your health professional, make sure you check out the source you get it from.  This is still something I’m researching.

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