ATANTRIL Testimony: A Natural Treatment for SIBO

Atantril: One Person’s Great Experience

Submitted by LB

ATANTRIL has truly been a source of profound rejuvenation for me. As seekers of energy we can appreciate what it is to have it and not have it. I began taking it after seeing a gastroenterologist last month for chronic IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) issues that had worsened. They suggested taking a SIBO test which I did. You take it at home and then mail it to the lab. It’s completely covered by Medicare and probably most insurers.

The test is quite simple. You drink a small amount of a benign solution. Then every 15 minutes you blow through a straw into a test tube and cap the tube. The purpose is to measure methane levels. After 10 tubes are completed, you mail it to the lab. When I was informed I tested positive, I went to Google. There is an antibiotic used exclusively for SIBO but after seeing that it cost $1500 for a course, I looked for a natural alternative. In addition it was only 41% effective in trials.

There are a couple of herbal alternatives for SIBO sold by Amazon. The least expensive with the most favorable reviews was Atantril. Its proponents were quiet enthusiastic while its detractors said that it either didn’t work or exacerbated their symptoms. I was fortunate; I had no distress and immediately I felt an increase in energy.  I also experienced an almost total elimination of food cravings which I consistently had because my body was starving for nourishment.

This starvation is a consequence of the bacteria in the small intestine eating your food before your body assimilates it and transforms it into energy. By killing off these bacteria your body has a chance to digest normally. Chronic colon spasms and bloat were significantly reduced. Another consequence has been a normalization of my blood sugar. I’ve had hypoglycemia for years. Forty years ago I mentioned to my mediation guide that I had hypoglycemia. His response was, “Why don’t you go to the Amrit and have a cookie.”

I haven’t had any adverse side effects even though most people experience a “die off” at some point within the first month. I have had a few days with some chills but nothing else other than lots and lots of dreams nightly. You are also encouraged to observe a low FODMAP diet so as to deprive the bacteria of the foods that sustain them.

By the weekend I’ll have completed the 6 caps a day of Atantril that’s recommended for the first 20-30 days. Then you can either stop or take the recommended two a day maintenance dose. When I called Atantril with questions, they suggested not taking probiotics during the first month as it seems to slow down the process. Up to then I had been taking them and it didn’t seem to matter one way or the other. I’ve resumed taking probiotics and it seems to have improved matters a tad.

Some relevant things. You don’t have to have SIBO to benefit from this as it is specific for bloating and gas. Also, I suggest the 14-cap blister pack that Amazon sells rather the 90-cap bottle. You can save money if it doesn’t work for you.