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HCG Ultra Diet Drops: Do they really produce a weight loss miracle?

The Health Coach was compelled to write this critique of HCG Ultra Diet Drops (HCG) because of the number of people whose email accounts have been hacked since the original product has been ‘taken over’ by so many other wannabe companies. HCG Ultra is one of the ‘latest and greatest’ diet fads to hit the marketplace and has made true believers out of many previously overweight people. It therefore demands serious scrutiny and investigation.

However before we even go there, let’s consider some of the basic laws concerning body weight and proper calorie intake.
• There never is a quick fix unless that fix involves Ayurvedic body type dieting, regular exercise, sound sleep, refraining from eating processed junk food, avoidance of prescription drugs, among several other key lifestyle practices

• No matter what the weight loss program, lose it fast and you’re subjecting your body to a process or substance which you’ll likely regret down the road

• When you’re counting calories 24/7, there is an inordinate focus on the symptoms instead of the true causes of obesity. As long as calories reigns supreme in one’s crusade against fat, a lasting cure will remain elusive. And so it has for millions of Americans

• When the treatment involves a synthetic drug or concentrated isolate (natural or synthetic) or artificial stimulus of some other origin, there are bound to be unintended consequences which will appear the longer one takes them

• No matter what the cause of being overweight, the emotional and mental components of the dis-ease of obesity must be address if a permanent healing is to occur  Continue reading