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BEST Advice: How To Face The Upcoming Changes

This is perhaps the MOST important health coaching session we’ll ever conduct on this wellness platform, so listen up and try to read as though your life depended on it … because it really does.  As does the quality of life and future of your family, friends, business associates, etc. 

We have never lifted an entire piece from another website, but the one that follows contains so many important and timely messages.  The title says it all as follows:  “Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid”.   

For every person living on Planet Earth, the future holds in store tremendous opportunity for personal transformation.  However, because of the extraordinary and unparalleled challenges which humankind faces — both individually and collectively — there is one necessity which every one of us will soon confront, if we haven’t already.  That is the need to befriend our mind and control our emotions.

The accelerating pace of daily flux and societal change has produced stresses which affect everyone.  For instance, just consider the current condition (on every level) of each person in your immediate family.  Then, consider the various and unanticipated issues that have developed within your circle of friends or network of business associates.  Now, try to be aware that this is the way it is for everyone.  Which is why the essay below is so relevant and instructive.  Effective stress management begins with, and ends with, the mind.

Rule your mind,
Rule your life,
No matter what
Comes down the pike!

Exactly what is it, then, that makes this particular mental health essay so powerful and apropos. Each one of the well-delineated 13 recommendations are indispensable in equipping us to overcome the formidable obstacles, as well as meet the unprecedented challenges coming around the corner.  What obstacles?  Which challenges?

AWESOME Earth Changes Coming Around The Corner

Although this article was originally written from a business perspective, it is quite germane for every resident of the planet  Each of these “13 Things” is so valuable that to practice even one of them with yogic resolve will surely produce discernible results.  Truly, everyone would be well served by this sage advice during these demanding, and sometimes overwhelming, times.   Continue reading