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The Benzene Connection to Cancer and Diabetes

Heart Pressure Point Technique

By Kraig Carroll

Over the past week’s we have had numerous personalities pass from cancer and in different parts of the world. Their common connection in this is they all had lots of money and no doubt the best of the best in insurance. they followed mainstream madness and they are all dead. I mean no disrespect to the families and friends of those who have passed but hope to use their plight to help inform others of any ugly truth about cancer.

Allow me to provide some historical facts about the Cancer/Diabetes INDUSTRY. In 1927 the Spellman-Rockefeller foundation got it start. (first question I had upon learning this was how did those guys know wayyyyy back then that cancer would become this gigantic entity/money maker that it is today?) I asked this same question about the world of diabetes too and will go into this aspect later. I have to take you backwards in time before getting back to today. As far back as the 1890’s the Drs. and scientist’s of the day knew three things about Benzene, a cheap solvent made from crude oil. It causes Diabetes, Cancer and was TOXIC TO ALL LIFE. My late wife found this smoking gun in her research of how she developed type 1, insulin dependent diabetes that dominated and finally ended her earthly life. She, like soooooo many Agent Orange damaged Viet Nam veterans had diabetes and she was diagnosed with breast cancer and, never got near Viet Nam The Benzene connection to the breast cancer is undeniable as I have research from an MD, professor emeritus of toxicology stating this, not me. This earthly evil poison was brought to us all thru the two richest families on earth, the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s. In 1905 the Rothschild owned Standard Bank of New York funded the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of Ohio. From then to now every time any of us uses and infernal combustion engine, large or small, we are poisoning each other with the cancer producer, BENZENE as benzene is a two-three percent component of all gasoline/diesel and the largest part of kerosene. And since our bodies were NEVER designed to handle toxic chemicals, this one bio-accumulates in our body. Fat cell’s will surround the toxin the body does not know how to deal with and hold on to it til some thing powerful enough to begin the detox process. I am choosing to use this one toxic chemical as an example because of it’s ugly impact on my late, beautiful wife and all I had to learn in our seven and a half year healing quest for her. Benzene is just ONE of 90,000 toxic chemicals the industry brags about. They created 1200 new chemicals this year! To replace the 1200 new chemicals they made last year….that’s what my wife found at the National Chemical Manufacturer’s public website and where she also found the smoking gun of how she developed diabetes in the first place as she/the MD’s in her life did not know this. (her father worked for a chemical company where they routinely used this cheap solvent that blends well in the making of Other toxic chemicals.) Agent Orange and the toxic chemical dioxin that is the base of this formula, has Benzene in it and the way Monsatan turns it into A/O is by adding more Benzene. The exact number of these toxic chemicals that cause cancer is not known, hardly any unbiased research has been done on most of them. ( if you’d like to know which ones are known cancer causer’s, visit and type in the chemical you want to know about , you will be provided what is called an MSDS , material safety data sheet)

Then in 1955 the big shots wanted to get their name off of this foundation and it morphed into the current fraud called the American Cancer Society. (you’d like to think if they were against cancer that they would use the American” Anti-Cancer” Society) The initial funding for this new entity was 13 million $$. The first director passed and his wife took over and before you know it she hustled up 113 million bucks for their war chest. That is taxpayer monies too. From then to this minute those clowns have spent BILLIONS of tax dollars and the donations from so many well intentioned people and all you hear from their research is words like “Promising” “Could be the break thru” etc. Be interesting to know just how much money has been spent and not ONE DAMN CURE. If money could fix anything, cancer no longer exists. Defeating breast cancer was so easy that it is criminal. Another note about the top five employees at ACS, they get the big bucks not because they have cured cancer but because they are good at hustling more money! My wife and I probably spent out of our pocket about $1500 US in beating the cancer with the help of a great Naturopathic Doctor. because insurance won’t pay for anything natural…..and that works. This would put a dent in the Rothschilds/Rockefeller .owned cancer/diabetes INDUSTRY”S. and know that a lot of very good men and women have been taken out, murdered for trying to bring to the light of day, the ugly truth about this madness that passes for medicine. My Shirley, in her research found two studies of asking one question to 100 oncologist’s around the country. The question to them was; if you or one of your loved ones was diagnosed with cancer, would you use the same products, processes and technique’s on and in yourself that you as a Dr. put into your patients? 95% said NO. In both studies.

Now, with any number of toxins in the body, (know that 50% 0f the surface mercury in the United States is from China’s coal fired economy and Hg, Mercury is very bad for humans, animals and the Earth Mother, can’t forget chemtrails that have been known to be flying/spraying toxins from as far back as the late 60’s, add into this MSG, monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancher that is used to fool your taste buds. It has zero nutritional benefit to man or beast and zero therapeutic benefit for the body and w/o going into all the down side of msg, it shuts down our saiety device, that part of us that says I’m full or had enough to eat and kids especially, keep adding un needed pounds and before you know it they are obese. Since msg is all over the food chain, and because the food and drug administration allows msg to “HIDE” under 33 different names, like “natural flavors”, or” hydrolyzed yeast”….do a search to learn all the others and see how many you have been ingesting! Learn to read labels, Even on organic labels, if you see “Natural Flavors”, red flag. Processed foods and fast foods are all suspect. short list of things known to turn or keep the inside of your body acid, and cancer 101 teaches that cancer loves and thrives in an acid body BUT, can not exist in an alkaline or oxygenated one. First thing the ND who guided us thru the breast cancer said, “if it comes in a bag, a box or a can, don’t you dare put that in your wife as it is “dead” food….and NO flesh, even organic, as all flesh turns or keeps you acid. He said til we are sure she is cancer free no meat. Organic juicing is how we began our fight against the cancer. Hydrogenated oils, even an organic oil becomes a neurological time bomb once hydrogenated. The heavy metal Nickel is how the oils get “hydrogenated” which makes it shelf stable and does not one healthy thing for you or me, it allows business to re use the oil many times before having to use new oil. And Nickel is very difficult to get out of the body. Aspartame/neutra- sweet brought To us by donnie rumsfeld and Searle corp. that did sooooo well that Monsatan bought it. (IT IS REPORTED THAT ASPARTAME WAS PUT INTO OVER 5,000 food products , the same report about canola ) Aspartame is a component of Gulf War Syndrome and very bad for humans. When you heat up aspartame above 87′ F, it morphs into WOOD ALCOHOL, yep, turning your body acid and making you a host for cancer. Actually this makes you a host for way more than cancer. Best resource I know of is Dr. Robert Young’s book “The PH Miracle” a great way to learn how to alkalize your body. This one is also part of the bibliography of the book that I am in the publishing process with, sharing all the natural thing’s Shirley and I learned from the world of Naturopathy, after 30 years of mainstream having her and never fixing anything……but always got paid. Food dyes were one of the first things banned back when the fda was created, the first commissioner took his job seriously, he was an MD and knew that the dyes caused cancer and is still being sold to kids by the TON. But he didn’t last long and the food dyes are back in business. My point is that there are many things toxic that cause or contribute to cancer…..inter mix and it gets worse….add in HAARP and Chemtrails, vaccinations, cell phone radiation and the tumors it creates, microwaving anything is very unhealthy and ask any Nurse doing blood transfusing and taking the donor blood out of the fridge if they would dare to microwave it to heat it up. ( note about canola, first, there is no canola tree, shrub, leaf , nut, berry or root. It is made from RAPE seed, the mustard family and very toxic to humans and animals. When the Brits pulled canola out of the dairy food chain, MAD COW DIS-EASE went away! And canola is the largest Canadian ag. export. Canola stands for the Canadian oil company. It is reported that Canada showed on the fda ‘s steps with $50 million and their own in house research. Next thing you know canola has been granted “Gras ” status, generally regarded as safe, but this shit is not , it is poison to us all. and like aspartame, is in over 5,000 food products) Another point about aspartame history; three former fda commissioners, over 16 years, spanning four different administrations, all say NO to allowing Seale corp/Monsatan. to put this excito-toxin into the food chain. Reagan gets elected and in a heart beat, donnie rumsfeld has a new fda commissioner installed and off they go..

Some where along the way of my diabetic studies, I realized that there is NOTHING in Nature that gives you diabetes. There is nothing in nature that gives you cancer either. No animal bite or rubbing against a plant or breathing it or eating it. Both of these dis-eases are dis-eases of GREED! Man made and brought to us by the richest of the rich. (how else could david Rockefeller have 6 heart transplants? Think that they would do this for you?)

Over those last seven and half years of Shirley’s life, even with an auto-immune dis-ease, she never got sick or caught whatever was going around, ( in a diabetic’s life, there are soooo many drs. that have to be involved as this insidious dis-ease of greed goes after every part of the inside of the body, sooner or later and you constantly run into sick people in drs. offices, but she never got sick.) after moving full tilt into natural healing and wellness. Never vaccinated again either. But this is what breast cancer did for us, moved us into natural healing.

In the book, “How Is It Possible’, I detail in the chapter I named “Shirley’s Law” the concept of healing and wellness that took us seven and a half years to find, create and implement at the very end of her life, inside a heart institute. What my beautiful lady and I did inside this place has never been done any where on this earth, in a western medical facility……NATURALLY. And it was defeating the breast cancer that lead us down this natural healing path and inspired us to go after the diabetes that NO ONE in mainstream medicine ever said could even be done. ( book is at the publisher’s now)

If you would like to be taught how to engage the Heart Pressure Point Technique that allowed me to bring my wife back to life in front of a room full of cardiac arrest experts who saw me do this, please visit my four minute youtube video of me demonstrating the HPPT and you will know how to do what I did…….and know that I was taught how to do this technique just five days before Shirley tripped the fist attack…..over the phone, by an amazing ND from Utah, the late Dr. C . Samuel West. ( is where you can learn more of this very gifted man and his healing research of 30 years. )

VIDEO: Heart Pressure Point Technique

With proper guidance, any cancer but the brain stuff, is relativity easy to make go away w/o giving up body parts or being poisoned or fried with radiation, the technique’s brought to you by the same things who put up chemtrails/HAARP/vaccines and all the toxins in the “commercial food chain”, all the “paraBENS , that’s Benzene, like the BEN in the food preservative SODIUM BENZOATE. A well known cancer delivery system that does not one good thing for life, not people, animals or the Earth Mother. Look for the paraBENS in women’s feminine products and gay men’s lubricant’s and know this is done by people who have the proper medical credentials and this is all done INTENTIONALLY!


Kraig L. Carroll