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The Virtues of Natural, not Synthetic, Vitamin D

The Health Coach

Yes, “D” is vital to health but not when it is taken in the way it is formulated, manufactured and processed, and recommended by the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

To where has good ole fashioned common sense fled? When did the ability to utilize the human faculty of reason flee the field of health and wellness?

The current marketing blitz, regarding the necessity of adequate vitamin D levels in the maintenance of optimal health, has been quite effective. It has made people more aware of the need to get out in the sun on a regular basis, truly the best way to stimulate vitamin D production. Especially during these days when sun-starved people stay sequestered in their homes, businesses and autos, and when many do not have sufficient intake of vitamin D-rich foods (which are both numerous and diverse), is this message both timely and important.

The medical advice, which has been routinely dispensed encouraging people to stay away from the ‘deleterious’ rays of the sun, has had a truly profound effect on our community health. The entire medical establishment has done an incredible disservice scaring people away from sun exposure with the threat of skin cancer, and into the sunscreen marketplace, haven’t they?!   Continue reading