PH Tricks & COVID-19

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Subject: pH tricks

Hello Sidney Powell,

It appears that you have become essential for this battle, so you need to learn how not to get side-lined by CV-19. You and all your associates need to know how to become immune from corona virus infections, so share with the Patriots side. Most likely all China and the Corrupt Communist Dems know this special and simple method.

Basically, what goes wrong in the cellular immunity process is too much sugar and carbs in the American diets drive down the inner-cellular pH levels into too much acid levels. One can modify or correct this drop in inner cellular pH via several methods. One that was popular in the 1918 Flu problems was simple Arm and Hammer Baking Soda at 1 tsp per day taken well away from meal times. That works fine for most more normal folks without Obesity, Diabetes, or other complicating factors.

When the inner cellular pH is kept slightly alkaline, this enables Zinc transport into cell by what is called the Bicarb Pathway. So, always take a cheap Zinc supplement with the Baking Soda method or any other method. America diets are often too low in Zinc and Zinc in the cells is what makes the Corona virus immunity. They are synergistic, alkaline pH enables the Zinc’s transport into the cells.

There are other ways with citric acid from 2 oz of Lemon Juice mixed in 6-8 Oz of water. This is a plant acid the cells burn to make alkaline cell pH and low deuterium in the inner matrix mitochondria region. Eating Grape-Fruit does the same. Ascorbic acid does not work well.

Other things like avoid acid forming diets and the best way there is the Keto type diets with good fats and lots of green fiber loaded veggies.

The “Emergen-C” packet product made with packets of power to be mixed with water have 4 types of Bicarbs along with Zinc, and lots of retail workers use this method to avoid cold and Flu in the fall/winter seasons. This has Ascorbic acid,, but it is the Bicarbs and Zinc that make the cellular immunity for Corona Viruses.

I know you know the masks help very little and I don’t wear them either, but the Bicarbs along with Zinc I always do, and you gain immunity from Colds and Flu along with immunity to CV-19. You and your Patriot pals don’t need to get shut down or slowed by a round of 19 running in your outfits.

Lots of folks in the nuke weapons deuterium business and Oak Ridge all know these cellular pH enhancement methods, and even alkaline water helps and there is a lot of it made with Bicarbs. Even Club Soda Water used for Mixed Drinks is an alkaline agent. Tonic Water is Quinine and that is a cell pH booster like Hydroxychlorquine, HCQ. You can find those in any grocery or bar. Avoid Alcohols, they are just like sugar for cellular acid production.

You wonder why Fauci and the other Dem crooks don’t do masks, they all know these inner cell alkaline pH treatments. Now you do too, so share how to keep well in the critical phase you and others are in the middle of making happen..


Jim Phelps, low deuterium and alkaline pH molecular sciences