Borax Protocols for Throat Ailments


The Sacred Heart Review, Volume 33, Number 12, 18 March 1905

“A simple domestic remedy is borax. My mother kept a solution of salt water and borax constantly on hand, and if the slightest irritation or sore throat developed among us, she had us gargle three times a day and lave our mouths and tonsils freely. Our good health and freedom from fevers and contagions diseases was owing, in part, no doubt, to its use,” says the editor of the Phrenological Magazine.

“In the case of a burn, we wet cloths, dipped in a strong solution of borax water and were very careful to exclude the air in putting them off and on. It is very cooling and healing, and a child does not rebel against it as with some remedies.

One thing in its favor in using it among children is, it is so harmless, while other gargles with carbolic acid are often taken by mistake, and cause great distress. I often think if every young mother only knew of its virtues she would be thankful, and, having once adopted it, would never give it up.

As a disinfectant it is excellent. One should keep it on the kitchen shelf. “If you awaken in the night coughing, and can not stop, get a small portion of powdered borax and place on your tongue; let it slowly dissolve and it will almost instantly stop the cough, as it will also relieve an ulcer in the throat.

Our great singers use it to aid them in keeping the throat in health. Water will dissolve only a certain amount of borax, and so all one need do is to put a quantity into a pint or quart bottle and pour on water. What can not be dissolved sinks to the bottom. When .the solution is gone add more water. Use it full strength.