EPAZOTE: An Excellent Anti-Parasitical Herbal Remedy

Epazote (Semi Contra) Herb Benefits

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Epazote Parasite Cleanse

If you’ve ever eaten meat in your life, or ingested contaminated food or water; chances are you have intestinal worms and/or parasites in your body. These microscopic organisms live in your body for years and go undetected. Some foods are more prone than others to give you worms or parasites. It depends on how the animal was raised, cleaned, and most importantly, cooked. For example, undercooked pork is known to carry Taenia Solium, a tape worm that can reach up to 10 meters long when fully mature. These tape worms enter the body as larval cysts, then hatch and grow in the stomach. At minimum, this leads to malnutrition as your body competes with the worms for food. In more severe cases, worms or parasites can enter your nervous system and cause epileptic seizures.

Okay enough about worms and parasites! Let’s talk about how to rid your body of them.

This where Epazote Leaf comes in. Nowadays, it’s marketed as Tea of Life, but this super herb is commonly referred to as Wormseed, Mexican Tea or Semi Contra.

The active ingredients in Epazote may support parasite cleansing.

It may help to neutralize Tape Worms, Hook Worms, Parasites and allow our bodies to gently pass them out in our stool.

In addition, the high fiber content of Epazote makes it a phenomenal digestive aid. It smoothes bowel movement while alleviating constipation, bloating and gas. Fun fact, it truly grew to popularity in Mexico as a culinary herb; used to counter the indigestion and flatulent effects of beans and high protein foods.

Epazote contains six B Vitamins and 50% of your daily value of Folic Acid in one serving. These are essential to your metabolism, mental and nervous system health.

Overall, adding Epazote to your diet promotes healthy digestion, better focus, nervous system health, and most importantly, may help rid your body of harmful worms and parasites.

In order to help rid your body of worms and parasites, Epazote must be taken for at least a week. For the best results, I recommend two weeks. For exact preparation instructions and how to use this amazing herb, click here. If you’re interested in purchasing Epazote, check the product link below!

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