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If you place no faith in astrology, you may not want to keep reading.

If you’ve ever heard of “Saturn Return” or “Mercury in Retrograde” or “Pluto in Capricorn”, then you just might want to keep on reading.

Regardless of your understanding of astrology and how accurate it can be, we offer the following health blog so that you will get a sense of how seriously we take threats to health and wellness. Here’s our coaching session on cell phones as an example:

Cell Phones & Smartphones: AVOID The EMR Output!

For those who are true believers in this subject, please continue to read this piece very carefully. It just may save you from ….

Eclipses, both solar and lunar, are considered very inauspicious events throughout the field of astrology. Whether it is the sun’s rays that are being blocked as perceived from the earth, or the moon-rays that are being obstructed, a similar celestial phenomenon is occurring. In both cases the light from a major luminary in our sky is being temporarily cut off or obscured.

The Sun and the Moon are the most important luminaries in the heavens. Who would dispute that? Therefore, when the light of either of these two heavenly bodies is prevented from reaching the Earth, something very dramatic is really happening … astrologically speaking, that is.

Within Western Civilization this type of knowledge is considered quite esoteric, but throughout the East it is known that one never indulges an eclipse with indiscriminate viewing. It’s just not done among those who know the truth of these things. It is even understood that such unenlightened behavior can precipitate the most unfortunate and unwanted karma to sprout. Bearing in mind of course that whatever is meant to happen will surely happen.

What is it exactly that makes watching an eclipse so inauspicious? That’s a very good question that requires a thorough explanation, which is way beyond the scope of this session. In the meantime here’s a little perspective which will allay your fears and address some concerns: Eclipses

Solar Eclipse of Monday, April 8 2024

NASA has informed us that a solar eclipse will be taking place Monday, April 8th. Totality begins at 16:38 GMT; Maximum eclipse is at 18:17 GMT; Totality ends at 19:55 GMT; Partial phase ends at 20:52 GMT.  Which is from 11:42 AM until 4:52 PM EDT.

Here’s the way it will play out around the globe.

Now here’s a gif showing the trajectory this total solar eclipse will travel across the USA.

Spiritual Guidance & Mundane Guidance 

As a matter of fact, in some ancient spiritual traditions the two days prior and two days after the day of an eclipse – both solar and lunar – are also viewed with cautious respect and appropriate conduct. For instance, within some religions it is considered quite unfavorable to begin any new venture or to inaugurate a project during the entire five day period surrounding the eclipse.

Likewise, it is always recommended that unnecessary travel be kept to a minimum. Certainly beginning long journeys, flying to a vacation destination or taking treks up the mountainside would be discouraged during this period.

Everyone is asking us what the best way is to spend
your time during this very powerful solar eclipse.

Personal Testimony:

The Health Coach once worked for a healthcare consulting company in Atlanta, GA. On the day of an extraordinarily dramatic, mid-afternoon solar eclipse there was a lot of buzz around the office.  Everyone eventually agreed to congregate at the best vantage point to view the full solar eclipse.

The Health Coach weighed in on the matter with those who asked why he had no interest in watching such an “awesome” event. As they pressed him, he shared his Vedic knowledge concerning such celestial events. Of course, they all laughed and made fun of such ‘nonsense’. One associate, “the ringleader”, was particularly dismissive as he rallied his impressionable co-workers to go outside asap to watch the entire solar drama unfold from the best location they could find. And that they did … against any and all advice from The Health Coach.

As fate would have it, they all came back to the office afterwards wowed and drunk with the delight of just having witnessed a rather impressive full solar eclipse. Within seconds of sitting down at his desk, the aforementioned “ringleader” was summoned to the office of the President, whereupon he was summarily fired from his job and told to clean out his desk immediately, which he did.  He was then quickly ushered from the building, never to be heard from again.

Anecdote from the East:

Throughout many of the spiritual communities of the Orient, this particular astrological phenomenon is quite well known and understood and respected. Once upon a time a spiritual master encouraged his students to sit quietly throughout the entire period of the eclipse. He guided them into meditation – a practice which is always suggested during an eclipse. Others he lead into a group prayer for hours on end. Still others were encouraged to sing special hymns much like the Gregorian chants, which might propitiate the spiritual forces which are capable of mitigating the effects of this inauspicious adumbration of the Sun. This, he did from the very beginning to the very end of the day, but particularly throughout the entire period of the eclipse.
At the end of the day, one of the students was brought before the teacher. An inquiry was made as to her whereabouts during the day’s many spiritual practices conducted in the interest of alleviating the effects of the eclipse. The response from the student did not please the teacher. She explained that she spent time with her friends watching the awesome display of the sun’s obscuration.
The teacher immediately displayed signs of displeasure with the student’s behavior. The teacher explained in painful detail what happens to those who watch eclipses and do not perform spiritual practices during the most consequential period. This discussion ended with the teacher giving a gentle command to the unwitting student: she must take off all her clothes and immediately burn them. For they possessed the negative energies associated with the eclipse and needed to be shorn from her body. The student followed through with complete obedience and belief about the latent repercussions which will eventually manifest for one who watches an eclipse.

Qualifications from The Health Coach:

Everyone has to go about and live their lives and do their work during solar and lunar eclipses. Many may not have the luxury of performing special prayers as such. However, who cannot pray in place wherever you happen to be, unless you happen to be a telemarketer.
The point is that, while it is not a good idea to unnecessarily expose yourself to an eclipse, if you have no choice you can repeat a mantra, whatever form that may take. You can pray for world peace; ask the Almighty for serenity or become the peace that you want to see in the world.
If you have the choice, it is highly suggested that you engage in conduct that does not make you vulnerable to unforeseen happenings. That’s why it is really very good to sequester yourself during the period of maximum eclipse and go inside to the extent that you’re able to. Truly, spiritual practices of any kind are particularly powerful during this period of ramped up celestial energies.
By all means, there is absolutely no need to fret or worry. Eclipses have come and gone from time immemorial, as they will continue to for the lifetime of our solar system. We have weathered all of them well in the past; now we can look to respond to them more appropriately in the future, yes?
For those who still doubt, we advise that you do not tempt fate. Destiny is such that for those who have HEARD THE TRUTH, willfully turning away from that truth will always bring down from the heavens a hard lesson.  Hey, no one ever said the best lessons learned (you know, really learned) aren’t learned in the schoolhouse of hard knocks. Just make sure you’re ready to take a two-by-four upside the head, because that is often how it will manifest.
For the true believers, seek out further guidance and answers from your scriptures or holy books. It’s all there, just need to go and fish around. Seek and ye shall find the answers!

Positive Side of Eclipses:
Like all things in God’s Creation, when utilized appropriately an eclipse can serve as a great junction point in which to release negative energy on any level of your being. They do present a unique astrological opportunity for the entire planet to move to a higher level.
By transforming the energies with positive intention and sincere feelings, an eclipse can move an individual or group into a more liberated state of being. Were an entire nation to respect the powerful transformations which can occur, they might set about the process of “beating their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.”
What we’re trying to say here is that if you use this time with right purpose and genuine respect, it can produce quite positive results for you, your family, your community.
Remember, God often writes straight with crooked lines.

Guidance from a Vedic Astrologer (aka a Jyotish practitoner):

“While the eclipse is going on, it is best to stay inside with the curtains pulled and be in a meditative, contemplative state occupying ourselves with meditation or chanting of mantras. It is best not to go out and be exposed to the shadow of the eclipse or the rays of the Sun as it is being eclipsed. Exposure means we are increasing vulnerability and risk. Children born at this time will have difficult births and challenges in life in general.

It is not safe too look at this eclipse with the naked eye and, from the Jyotish perspective, it is not safe to expose one’s self to it. Be inside meditating or chanting while it is going on.

As with all eclipses, is best to be careful and not to undertake any serious risks while this is going on. It will not be visible to most of us so the risks are minimized but the vibrational effect will still be there and affecting us in an adverse way.”

In closing:
If you plan on taking this eclipse matter seriously, we offer the following practical suggestion. Because the solar energy during an eclipse is substantially diminished, so will the digestive fire be burning less intensely. Therefore, it is often recommended that people eat very lightly, if at all, throughout the duration of an eclipse. For laborers, appropriate discretion is advised.

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

Current Anecdotal Evidence:
The two to three days before and after an eclipse are always periods of vulnerability to the entire earth plane. The following article reports the earthquake which occurred in Italy one day before today’s eclipse.

During these frenzied times on Planet Earth we do recommend that you always put the odds in your favor to always maintain and optimize your health and wellness physically, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, being aware of the context in which you live is always helpful. The following coaching session offers some perspective as to why anyone might want to take special care during times of inordinate duress or unfavorable circumstances.
Endtime Madness: A Condition To Be ‘Reckoned’ With

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