Health Coaching Philosophy

The Health Coach

We are a group of holistic health coaches and wellness counselors dedicated to both individual and planetary well-being. Our philosophy of healing is eclectic and practical, holistic and natural.

We view our role as facilitators; we facilitate the process of getting back to wellness. We are not healers, for only the Highest Power does the healing. We mainly try to stay out of the way.

We approach our work from the perspective of the Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit connection. And with the understanding that the Spirit or the Self is the Witness of our entire life who informs each part of this vital connection. Since all true knowledge flows from this eternal Witness, divine guidance and wisdom are readily available to those who tap into it.

This Innate Intelligence found within every human being, when properly accessed, can provide the answers that we seek toward attaining optimum health. Since each individual possesses their own healer within, we serve to reacquaint the client with their Inner Healer. Once this dialogue begins, the Innate Intelligence can offer solutions at any time.

We hold in very high regard the ancient schools of healing such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western HerbalismUnani Medicine and Shamanism. Our healing philosophy is fundamentally holistic, as well as integrative and natural. We do recognize the great need for allopathic medicine, whenever urgent or emergent care is necessary.


We also place great value on the many other alternative healing modalities such as massage therapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture. We give particular emphasis to the countless alternative therapies, natural remedies and detoxification protocols which have been time-tested and proven to be safe when utilized properly. Complementary medicine has finally come of age!

Our health coaching style revolves around listening — Active Listening — to the client’s story. For it is the details of the story which often reveal both the cause and the cure, if it is one’s destiny to be healed. By holding up a mirror we reflect back what the person needs to see more clearly in order to regain their vitality and/or disease-free state.

We believe – strongly – that all healing takes place in Silence. Just as the physical body rejuvenates itself while one sleeps at night, so, too, does the mind and spirit derive great benefit from regular meditation. Silent tongue; silent mind—both hold the key to healing. Stilling the thought waves of the mind is perhaps the greatest secret toward healing that is enduring.

We also subscribe to the virtue of living in the Present Moment, where all healing takes place. Living in the Eternal NOW is the space where we leave the past behind without regret, practice contentment in the present, and let the future unfold without anxiety.  In this way, we can truly relax and go with the flow, allowing body, mind and spirit to realign and rejuvenate.

This is how we master the Art of Living. By being present in every moment of our lives, we live in the state of At-One-Ment. This brings about the presence of mind, emotional posture and physical relaxation necessary for the entire human being to reintegrate and revivify.  Joy, then, begins to flow spontaneously which mutually reinforces the natural cycle of healing.

Above all, we respect the sanctity of every human being and have deep reverence for the sacredness of all life. We truly understand (and profoundly appreciate) that the Power of LOVE is the greatest healing agent in this universe. Therefore, we always intend to serve as instruments of this Grace as we provide our coaching, counseling and consulting services.

May you experience this world as the heavenly spa that it was designed to be.
May your healing journey lead you to the eternal wellspring of rest and rejuvenation.
May your life bring you every happiness, true fulfillment and profound peace.

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

Our animal friends show us how to be in the flow.
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