MUST READ! Open Letter to White House, CDC, FDA, HHS & NIH from Very Brave Physician. (Transcript)

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MUST VIEW! Open Letter to White House, CDC,
FDA, HHS & NIH from Very Brave Physician.

This is an ‘Open Letter’ to the White House, CDC, FDA, HHS, employers, colleges and universities, politicians and all others, MANDATING EXPERIMENTAL ‘vaccines’, and who are seemingly ‘… practicing medicine … without a license … without informed consent … and without a proper ‘doctor patient’ relationship.’

FROM: Craig M. Wax, D.O. Family Physician


What is going on with so called ‘medical leadership’ at the FDA and the CDC?

First, they bash inexpensive generic medications and vitamins that help defend patients against covid 19.

Second, they spread fear and lies through the mass media and social media, villainizing anyone including doctors who disagree, despite evidence to the contrary sowing further division.

Third, they totally ignore natural immunity, which is key to herd immunity and surviving this pandemic back to normality.

Fourth, they deny anyone is being harmed in any meaningful way by these experimental injections.

And the final indignity is actually using government force majeure to embolden colleges and universities to mandate and force adult children into massive m-RNA and DNA experiments with disastrous and deadly results.

It almost seems as if it is planned but the plan didn’t include informed consent, something that has been totally ignored.


People have the right to understand the


To any

It’s currently M I A – Missing In Action.

Source CDC/VAERS through July 21, 2021

Nearly half a million side effects to date which include

11, 000 dead

30,000 hospitalized

20,000 severe allergic reactions

8,000 life threatening incidents

3,000 heart attacks

2,000 cases heart inflammation [myocarditis and pericarditis] in otherwise healthy people.

2,000 anaphylactic reactions

1,000 miscarried babies

This is just the tip of the iceberg, of the chronic diseases that plague our children for life as well as future generations.


These are by far the most deadly, widespread medical experiments in history and no one says boo, yet they claim this is all in the name of public health.

In fact, none of these m-RNA or DNA genetic interventions even fits the legal definition of a vaccine.

Young adults and children do not need the ‘vaccines’. They don’t absolutely benefit from the vaccines. They don’t want the vaccines, and more importantly they will likely be harmed by the vaccines especially if they’ve had covid in the past and now have natural immunity.

Those who’ve recovered:

… zero risk to others

… re-infection highly unlikely

… serve as herd immunity and protect the community.

What’s my angle? I am a parent and concerned physician. I’ve got a daughter and son in college. They both had covid and are now functionally immune. They will actually serve as herd immunity for their college communities. Despite this medical fact colleges are spurred on by the White House and its so called ‘medical leadership’ at the FDA and CDC to vaccinate everyone in site no matter what.

This puts people unnecessarily at risk for an autoimmune crisis, blood clots, bleeding event or a possible death.

Religious and medical exemptions are being flatly refused outright. Think about it. You shouldn’t need a formal exemption when a possible outcome of a procedure is severe disease or death. A simply ‘no’ should suffice, especially in a free society and free country with free speech.

Plus, the Americans With Disability Act is being totally ignored.

College students are being prohibited from returning to campus unless they commit to receiving these harmful and potentially deadly shots.

The ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ or EUA states “You have the right to refuse” but colleges can wield the upper hand and students can succumb to the pressure. This is not only tearing up student’s health and the health of family membra but ruining families.

It stinks to high heaven of power, money, collusion and it MUST STOP NOW before your child or teenager or young adult dies.

I’m talking directly to ‘you’ myopic, political colleges and universities, and collective government groups exhibiting a level of indifference that is off the charts.

You should be ashamed for the harm you are causing, taking away your student’s rights to choose what’s right for their own bodies. What happened to ‘My body, My choice’?

Let’s hold the line together, push back, save our children, young adults, and ourselves from this insanity. It also teaches them a valuable lesson about family, science, freedom, and respect for individual rights.

Take action right now.


The White House
(202) 456-1111

(800) 232-4636

(888) 463-6332


Elected officials, employers, colleges and universities, and all others carelessly MANDATING experimental ‘vaccines’ without RESPECTING YOUR RIGHTS.

Craig D. Wax D.O. Family Physician