Natural Way To Get Rid Of Polyps

by Dr Lodi, MD

natural way to get rid of polypsLet’s Talk About A Natural Way To Get Rid Of Polyps Which Are Little Growths That Can Occur In Many Places In The Body.

Polyps can occur on the vocal cords, nasal passages, colon, and bladder, and many other places. We are going to discuss a natural way to get rid of polyps but first, we need to understand why they occur.

They are areas that grow in response to having to deal with unnatural or toxic situations on a chronic basis. It’s one of the forms that manifest chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation occurs when there is a chronic stimulus that is telling the body that it needs to be healed.

And, as a result, things grow and form thickened tissue or polyps. These formations can be the precursor to malignancies, they can transform into that so you do want to take care of them. However, in taking care of them, we must remember that if we are having this situation going on in any part of the body, it’s also going on in every part of the body.

If someone has a heart attack because their coronary arteries have a blockage in them, it doesn’t mean that those are the only arteries that have blockages. It means they are at risk of having a stroke or a kidney problem. It means that the blood vessels throughout the whole body are experiencing this issue.

It’s the same with polyps where they may be occurring in one place but they may also be in other places that we are yet unaware of and there may be other situations that the body must go through when it’s chronically inflamed. It is never a local condition. We have to understand that conditions that develop in the body are rarely ever local. The only time that it’s ever local is when we have local trauma, i.e., when we burn ourselves in one area or hit some body part.

Dr. Lodi Sharing A Natural Way To Rid The Body Of Polyps

Knowing this, the first thing we need to do is cleanse the body and remove as many toxins as possible. In regards to bladder polyps which are more common in men and is the result of cigarette smoke or any other toxin substance that ends up sitting in the urine and creates a toxic environment in the bladder.

Cleansing the body with natural substances is the absolute best way to rid your body of polyps and going to see a Naturopathic physician or an enlightened allopathic doctor and perhaps get some bladder installations of these natural cleansing substances. These natural substances would be Boswellia or curcumin or some other effective anti-inflammatory.

If there is bladder cancer, a person could have a bladder instillation of BCG and this substance will stimulate the immune system in that particular area to attack the cancer cells. Whether or not they are malignant or benign at this point, the whole thing has not gone far enough where it can’t be easily reversed by reversing the process by which they came about.

Cleansing through a good detox is what is needed to rid the body of these polyps. There are many places to go to have this done or you can do it right from the comfort of your own home. Detoxification means to stop “toxing”, to stop toxifying your body. You can do a water fast or a green juice fast where you would eat less frequently, get your colon cleansed, go to bed early, do your exercises along with prayer and mediation.

Doing all of these things together will help the body heal itself, that’s what the body does, it’s always healing. It is hard-wired to heal. When we are not busy eating, the body is busy cleaning and healing. The best thing we can do in these situations is getting out of our own way. The body knows what to do and has the wisdom of the universe.