HNH Hernia Poultice Instructions

Hunter’s Natural Health

Instructions for applying the poultice 

When you receive your shipment, take the poultice out of the package which will be in a silver pouch. Place it directly into the freezer and use the poultice each day from the freezer.

The poultice comes with wrapped in cling wrap plastic. Remove the cling wrap. There will be seven strips of poultice all individually sealed. Place the poultice on a kitchen table or countertop for approximately half-hour and allow it to thaw. Cut the poultice in two equal pieces with a scissor. (The poultice cuts easier after it is thawed.) The half that is not used can go in the refrigerator.

Slide the poultice out of the cut plastic sheeting. Peel one plastic backing from the poultice. Apply a little Castor Oil to the affected area, this will enhance the absorption of the ingredients from the poultice. The poultice is then applied to the body with the peeled exposed side against the skin. Use a hernia belt to hold the poultice in place.

If the poultice is a little dry, spray some water on the poultice before laying it against the skin.

Wear poultice for a minimum of 8-12 hours while sleeping. In the morning after removing the poultice, wipe the area clean with 3% hydrogen peroxide or wash with soap and water.

The results are remarkable as the substances in the comfrey begin to do its work. The damaged tissues are replaced with new growth and the pain and inflammation slowly subside.