CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME: A Special Report on the COVID-19 Disease Process, Root Causes and Treatment Plans

What is COVID-19 really?

What disease and/or illness does COVID-19 cause?

Can it manifest differently among patients in the same hospital?

What are the main symptoms? What are the secondary symptoms?

Are there longlasting effects that don’t seem to go away?

Where did COVID-19 originally come from?

Are there mutant forms? Are some more deadly than others?

How did COVID-19 create a pandemic?

Is the pandemic naturally occurring or manmade?

Is COVID-19 just a coronavirus?

Is COVID-19 as serious as they say?

How is COVID-19 related to 5G?

Is there a connection to 4G?

How is COVID-19 related to vaccines?

Is COVID-19 related to chemtrails?

How is COVID-19 related to industrial pollution?

Can Hypertoxicity syndrome predispose one to COVID-19?

Will the COVID-19 pandemic ever subside?

Why is each national or regional epidemic different?

Why is there a second wave during the summer? Will there be a third wave in the fall?

What are the most successful protocols to treat COVID-19?

Is there a single medicine or remedy that’s best?

Are there effective natural remedies?

Can a holistic healing approach be effective?

Does lifestyle affect one’s vulnerability? How about diet?

How can an Ayurvedic lifestyle help? How about a truly holistic lifestyle?

What’s herd immunity?

The Coronavirus Coach

All of the preceding questions will be answered in this “Special Report” on COVID-19. There are many other crucial questions that will also be addressed about the ongoing 2020 coronavirus pandemic. However, the primary focus of this unprecedented “Special Report” will be the well-hidden truths about what has yet to be identified as Coronavirus Syndrome.

All of the information and data in this eBook has been confirmed to the greatest degree possible; however, that does not mean better info is not available. This report is the product of well over 6 months of medical research and epidemiological investigation by multiple parties. While the primary author of this paper is The Coronavirus Coach there are several other contributors whose areas of specialty uniquely qualify them as experts in the arcane field of COVID-19 study.

The final draft of this “Special Report” will soon be available in an eBook format under the main title:

A Special Report on the COVID-19 Disease Process,
Root Causes and Treatment Plans

*Stay tuned to the most comprehensive and in-depth study of Coronavirus Syndrome and the COVID-19 bioweapon ever conducted.

The Coronavirus Coach
July 18, 2020