COVID-19 VACCINES: What everyone needs to know before taking any Covid injection

FINAL WARNING About the Extremely Dangerous and Deadly COVID-19 Vaccines Injections, Shots and Jabs

An Open Letter from The Coronavirus Coach
Regarding the Covid “Vaccines”

April 24, 2021

To Whom it May Concern:

During the first week of December of 2019, seven weeks before the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, one of my health coaching clients crashed and burned in a day and a night after making much progress with a number of health conditions and medical ailments.

Little did we know that she had contracted one of the first cases of COVID-19 in the Western Hemisphere.  However, her being a very astute health coach in her own right, we both understood that we were dealing with a new type of infectious disease that was significantly intensified by exposure to 5G wireless communications and other WiFi platforms.

Fast forward to April of 2021.  During the intervening months I have been coaching corona in 24 time zones around the world.  This practice developed so quickly because I was already health coaching in many of the same locations.  What I quickly perceived was a definite pattern for who got Covid and why they contracted it.

Of course, when the first vaccines became available, I was able to closely track the medical history and health status of each client who chose to take the different vaccines available in their respective areas.  What I observed and heard was very disconcerting.  But rather than describe the various case-by-case disease developments and vaccine injuries, I will defer to the top vaccine experts and Covid doctors who know the hard science and have tracked the medical repercussions as follows.

by Vaccine Experts and Covid Doctors

If anyone watches any of those ten videos, it will become quickly apparent that there is something very wrong with the different COVID-19 vaccines being administered under the FDA’s “Emergency Authorization Use” program.

Exactly what is wrong with this highly experimental Super Vaccination Agenda where it concerns COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ is suspiciously being withheld from the American people.  At this early stage of clinical observation, the hard scientific data and anecdotal evidence indicate that there are at least three very serious matters with these so called ‘vaccines’ evolving on parallel tracks.

First, that all of the different variations of COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are causing deaths and injuries, diseases and other forms of debilitation, each of these at a completely unacceptable rate.  The true mortality rate and incidence of vaccine injury are not being disclosed to the public so as not to impede the implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Secondly, that these COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ actually contribute to new cases of Covid that would never have occurred had the vaccine not been administered.  In other words, the primary vector of COVID-19 infections today are the Covid vaccination programs which, according to the CDC, NIH and FDA, are supposed to prevent SARS-CoV-2.

Thirdly, that there are other grave consequences associated with each successive dose of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ which have not been disclosed to the vaccine-taking public.  There are now highly unusual symptoms and terribly adverse side effects appearing at an alarming rate.  And, both government officials and healthcare authorities are completely ignoring them.

The third issue is becoming much more disturbing by the day because of what highly qualified medical investigators and experienced scientific researchers are gradually bringing to light.  So, if the reader has not yet viewed any of the 10 videos posted in the preceding link, here it is again:

Because there are now so many perilous side effects (including death) being reported around the world with regard to every type of COVID-19 ‘vaccine’, why would any healthy person even take one?

COVID-19 has been around for a long time, mind you, far earlier than January of 2020.  Much of the best scientific research now indicates that COVID-19 was with us throughout all of 2019.  That means that every person on the planet has likely been exposed to it in one way, shape or form.  Those who are vulnerable may get a case of it; those who are not don’t get it.  The best “vaccine”, then, is exposure to the coronavirus since the natural antibodies which are produced constitute the most effective immunization.

It’s entirely true: the more exposure to COVID-19 the better for everyone because that means  herd immunity will be reached more quickly.  The natural immune response will become the best defense against developing a severe case of Covid or any case at all.  Remember, when the human body manufactures its own antibodies, that is by far the most effective immune response and ultimate defense.  Brand new ‘vaccines’ don’t even come close to human body-produced antibodies; and those Covid shots will inevitably cause much more harm than good.

KEY POINTS: The various Big Pharma Covid ‘vaccines’ do not even function as traditional vaccines.  The Pfizer BioNTech injection already requires at least two doses with a third dose being recommended for all recipients.  These suspicious requirements are proof positive that the mRNA shots simply don’t work as a vaccine, as they are scientifically defined, IF THEY EVEN WORK AT ALL.  The Moderna ‘vaccine’ is also an mRNA shot that will see the same lack of success as the Pfizer in the long run.  The Johnson & Johnson DNA jab is a different story but is already under serious re-evaluation for safety reasons; it will ultimately prove to be quite ineffective as well since many are getting Covid after their J&J vaccinations.

Folks need to be well aware of the fact that all of the FDA-listed COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are not really vaccines; and that they have not been adequately tested for safety or effectiveness.  So, why take them?!

Former Pfizer Vice President Warns
of Dangerous Vaccine Testing Fraud

Any true vaccine needs at least 5 to 10 years of rigorous safety testing as well as close evaluation for efficacy, which none of the Covid injections have undergone.  Therefore, parents ought to be especially wary of submitting their delicate and developing children to this extremely dangerous quasi vaccine trial no matter which vax is being provided locally.

As for the elderly, the COVID-19 vaccines are proving to be either a death sentence or they are creating an end-of-life period of unnecessary pain and suffering because of how fragile their immune systems are.  The same can be said for those who suffer from the array of comorbidities that make them much more susceptible to developing serious cases of SARS-CoV-2.

The bottom line here is that there is no good reason to take any of these Covid injections. After all, they are not vaccines; rather, they are untested, unsafe and unproven injections using newfangled technologies, the outcomes in vivo of which are completely unknown in the short term and long term alike.

In closing, may I render the following firsthand testimony as a coronavirus coach.  Were the reader of this COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ exposé to hear what The Coronavirus Coach hears in the conduct of a typical coaching session with his clients, particularly all the debilitating symptoms and adverse side effects caused by these Covid injections, it’s quite likely they would not even consider receiving such a dangerous and deadly series of shots.  “Series” because all the vaccine manufacturers have indicated there will be an annual Covid injection if one is to be current with their SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations.

So now every person in America will be compelled to take their yearly flu shot along with a Covid injection.  How will Big Pharma pull that off when these jabs are still only approved for “Emergency Authorization Use”?  A status they are not likely to keep as a result of so many serioius vaccine injuries and deaths!

FINAL POINT: Many clients ask: “Coach, are there any circumstances under which you would consider a Covid vaccine?”  My response is always the same: “Big Pharma could write me a check for $10 billion and I still wouldn’t even think of getting one.”

The Covid Coach
April 24, 2021

Bio & Background: A Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Counselor; Was Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. Also was a Diplomate of Natural Therapies, Diplomate of Eastern Medicine, and Diplomate of Health Advocacy and Education.  Before becoming a Covid Coach in 2019, primary areas of specialty were functioning as a Cancer Coach, Hernia Coach and Dental Health Consultant.

DISCLAIMER: The content of this post concerning the remediation of SARS-COV-2 and/or Covid vaccine injury is not intended as medical treatment or health advice. Therefore, the reader agrees to hold harmless The Coronavirus Coach should any of the material contained herein be used for self care for either remediating COVID-19 or any type vaccine-induced injury/disease.

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