An Open Letter to the Spiritual Communities Regarding the Covid Vaccines

To Our Dear Devotees of the Lord and Disciples of the Sadguru,
Hindus & Buddhists, Sufis & Kabbalists, Meditators & Mystics,
Truth Seekers & Spiritual Aspirants, Vedantins & Gnostics,
Yogis & Yoginis:

I am writing this letter out of much love and deep concern for many practitioners within the Eastern spiritual traditions the world over.

You see, I have been an Integrative Health Consultant and Holistic Health Coach for decades.  Much of my seva has been performed in service to members of the various spiritual communities listed above.

Since the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, I was thrust into the role of both “Coronavirus Coach” and “Vaccine Consultant”.  My first Covid client appeared during the first week of December, 2020—7 weeks before the SARS-COV-2 outbreak in Wuhan, China was even reported by the media.

Since the start of the global drive to vaccinate every person on planet Earth, I have had the unique clinical perspective to listen to many long-term clients around the globe, who received various Covid vaccines, report their various new symptoms (physical, mental and emotional), medical ailments and other health conditions WHICH THEY HAD NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE.  

From the very beginning of this healing journey with many yogi clients, two very clear observations have been made time and again.

The first is that most folks do not really understand what the COVID-19 disease is; nor do they know how to effectively treat it or appropriately respond to it.

The second observation is that even fewer yogis comprehend the true nature and adverse effects of the various Covid vaccines.  In point of fact, many have taken the vaccines out of fear and did NOT make truly informed decisions before they were injected.

This open letter has been disseminated to address the crucial ramifications of that second observation.

But, first, every individual who receives this open letter is highly encouraged to read the following:

These are the primary reasons why people
are getting the Covid vaccines.

Why is it so important to understand your reason(s) for getting any Covid shot?

Because many of us are parents and caretakers, that’s why!

Therefore, our decision to receive a Covid jab will inevitably and significantly impact those precious souls who are in our care. 

Even if we are alone and have no direct control over any other person, our decisions will still have great influence on the greater community.  Isn’t every yogi a lightworker, no matter how big or small their circles of acquaintances?!

Above all, our children are in need of the safest decision possible where it concerns these impactive COVID-19 vaccinations.  Hence, parents are profoundly responsible for all of these weighty medical decisions.   Truly, where it concerns these Covid vaccines for our kids, their best interests MUST REIGN SUPREME in any decision process. 

For several years now, my very wise wife and I have had the luxury of watching some very instructive TV programming produced in the Orient.  I don’t remember if there is even a single series or movie which we have watched that did not send a very strong message about the vital defense of personal sovereignty.

The moral of the stories goes like this: If you cannot protect and safeguard your own personal sovereignty, how can you protect another’s?

KEY POINT: Is there any greater invasion of one’s personal sovereignty than to be coerced into taking an highly experimental vaccine that uses an untested newfangled nanotechnology?  Especially when the various Covid vaccines have been proven to product results like this after such a short period of use: CDC Official Data Indicates 4,000+ Deaths and 17,190+ Serious Injuries from Covid Vaccines?!

Really, what’s more essential to life, to health and wellness, to the pursuit of yoga, than to properly maintain the temple of God?  In light of these realities, taking such a highly experimental (and consequential) Covid vaccine, without INFORMED CONSENT, ought to be strictly avoided.

Now, please take some time to read a previous “Open Letter” which will provide even greater assistance in correctly comprehending the many unreported repercussions associated with all Covid injections.

COVID-19 VACCINES: What everyone needs to know
before receiving any Covid injection

We sincerely hope the factual information and authoritative data found in those 12 “Must View” videos will be helpful in making an informed decision for you and your loved ones.

One last key point: What follows is an excellent video produced by a very well informed Hare Krishna devotee pertaining to this urgent matter: WHY I DECIDED THAT NOT GETTING VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19 WAS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ME.

May Everyone Be Happy, Healthy and Whole!

With every good wish,
The Coronavirus Coach

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DISCLAIMER: The content of this post concerning the remediation of SARS-COV-2 and/or Covid vaccine injury is not intended as medical treatment or health advice. Therefore, the reader agrees to hold harmless The Coronavirus Coach should any of the material contained herein be used for self care for either remediating COVID-19 or any type vaccine-induced injury/disease.