Garry N Sun USA: An Excellent Source for Ayurvedic Medicines, Remedies, Herbs, Churnas & Elixirs

Garry N Sun USA has been in the business of Ayurveda for over two decades.

We started with the product Ruh Booty and today proudly showcase over 1,000 products on our website Through the years, we have worked rigorously to ensure the best practices in the process we follow in quality control for our products, the services we provide our customers, and the practitioners we have been working with for the last two decades.

Our products are made with organic or wild-crafted herbs sourced from reputable small-yield farmers and regional tribals. Wild-crafted means grown in nature on unpolluted land without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Our well-established working relationship with those who know the land the best allows us to bring the best to you. Our products have no chemical preservation – No benzoin, parabens, or SLS.

The original vibrational intelligence of our raw materials is full of Prana. We then maintain the lively prana with the pranic-preservation system, handed down to our sources through his ancient lineage. This system maintains the prana found in the living plant. The herb does not ‘die’ during harvesting, packaging, or the formulation’s shelf-life. We rigorously test for heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury), residual pesticides, and microbiological contamination (E. coli, coliforms, staph, salmonella, etc.).

We further ensure safety and purity through our unique sterilization method involving ozone, gentle steaming, and UV light. This method sterilizes the herbs without compromising on their effects.

Our Promise for Quality We never compromise on quality or take shortcuts. Our spice mixes smell freshly ground because they are! Made only in small batches. And because we do not use fillers, chemicals, or coloring agents.

Our massage oils are made with a base of high food-grade unrefined sesame oil, and the herbs are classically processed in highly filtered sesame oil and/or organic coconut oil. At Garry N Sun, quality and prana matter!