CCK: How It’s Used in a Diagnostic Protocol for Gallbladder Disease and Dysfunction

Cholecystokinin (Injection Route)


Description and Brand Names

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Cholecystokinin belongs to the group of medicines known as diagnostic aids. Diagnostic aids are used to help diagnose certain medical problems. Cholecystokinin is given by injection before tests are done to see if the gallbladder and pancreas are working the way they should. It is also used to help with other tests of the stomach and intestines.

Cholecystokinin makes the gallbladder contract (squeeze together). It also makes the pancreas produce enzymes, which are some of the juices needed for the digestion of food. In addition, cholecystokinin increases the movements or contractions of the stomach and intestines. The doctor will know if there is anything wrong with these organs if cholecystokinin does not work in the usual way.

The doses of cholecystokinin will be different for different patients and depend on the weight of the patient and on the type of test.

Cholecystokinin is used only under the supervision of a doctor.