25 Steps to reduce EMFs throughout your life and living space

25 Steps to Reduce Exposure

1. You can start by getting a read on the levels of magnetic field in your home by using an EMF meter with Gauss meter mode such as the Cornet ED88T EMF meter.

2. Purchase shielded, grounded extension cords and power cords to be used in your home.

3. Concentrate on your bedroom.

4. Get rid of electric blankets, water bed, and electric heating pads which are all conductors of electricity.

5. Alter your bedroom circuit breaker to exclude necessities (i.e. smoke detector, alarm, fridge) and then switch off your circuit breaker at night for a restful sleep.

6. Use battery-powered alarm clocks instead of ones you plug into an outlet.

7. Leave at least eight inches of space between your bed and your wall because wiring (even in walls) can still emit a significant magnetic field that you don’t want to be sleeping in.

8. If your bedroom is located right next to the utility pole, position your bed as such so that it is a good six feet away from this strong magnetic field source.

9. The refrigerator and home entertainment center are often the biggest producers of magnetic fields in your home. If your bedroom is right next to the kitchen or the home theatre set, be sure to place your bed on the opposite side of the room.

10. Forget about using Bluetooth headsets no matter how convenient you think they are. A simple set of earphones is much safer. Or better yet, use speaker mode and keep your phone as far away from your body as practical.

11. If you’re using a laptop at home, avoid using Wi-Fi and opt for hard-wired Ethernet connections instead.

12. It’s best to avoid using a cordless (DECT) phone as it is also a wireless device. Have conversations on a landline instead of putting your cell phone up to your head for long periods of time.

13. Reduce or eliminate the use of problem appliances such as dimmer switches, wireless products, printers, scanners, computers and television sets.

14. Replace all compact fluorescent light bulbs (“curly wurly” form) with incandescent lights (preferably full spectrum) – as these are the healthiest light bulbs to have in your home.

15. If you’re building your home, think about EMF’s from the start. I.E. You can install shielded wiring.

16. Try to find a LOW EMF space to digest your food. The lack of stress on your body can radically improve your digestion.

17. Be aware that your Apple TV, your Smart TV, your Roku can all be emitting Wifi signals.

18. Put your phone in airplane mode at night.

19. Use your phone in hands free mode where possible.

20. Try to use your phone where there’s good signal.

21. There is no getting away from it. You NEED to take measures to protect yourself. This stuff is 100% invisible. But it’s there!

22. Avoid Metal Framed Glasses 10x increase.

23. Toss out the baby monitor.

24. Refuse that Smart Meter.

25. Don’t charge your phone beside your bed and don’t use Wireless chargers.