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PCR Tests and the
Depopulation Program

Kevin Galalae
10 October 2021

These cells are so unique that doctors have recently begun using them to successfully repair spinal cord injuries and to treat brain diseases.  As it turns out, their self-renewing ability make them an ideal relay pathway through which nerve cells can carry out their own repair.  They serve, in other words, as conduits through which regenerating axons can pass.  

The olfactory nerve and bulb neurons both have a life span of four to eight months and are replaced continuously by the neural stem cells that scientists have come to call olfactory ensheathing cells to differentiate them from other stem cells.  They promote neuron survival and axon extension.  

More than this, olfactory ensheathing cells assist in innate immunity because they are phagocytic and, as such, ingest bacteria.  They are thus a crucial part of the protection provided to the brain by the immune system.    

 Last but not least, and most extraordinarily, research shows that once the olfactory ensheathing cells lose their ability to regenerate the chance of dying within five years is four times higher in adults 57 to 85 years old. “Olfactory function is thus one of the strongest predictors of 5-year mortality and may serve as a bellwether for slowed cellular regeneration or as a marker of cumulative toxic environmental exposures.” 

 A damaged olfactory nerve is to the brain what a damaged gate is to a citadel, a wide-open entryway for attacks by pathogens.  The area of the face that encompasses the nose and the tips of the mouth is at the best of times the most vulnerable part of the body as far as infections are concerned, so much so that it has come to be known as the triangle of death.  With the immune defenses down and the gate to the brain wide open, it becomes that much more vulnerable, so much so that popping a pimple, plucking a nose hair or even scratching the inner lining of the nose while nose picking can trigger bacterial infections that affect the brain and can become life-threatening.  

The PCR tests, therefore, serve two important roles for the depopulation program.  In the short-term, by repeatedly damaging the olfactory nerve with nasal swabs the incidence of viral and bacterial infections is rapidly raised and this helps governments create and sustain the impression of a pandemic.  Statistics show this positive correlation clearly, for the more people are tested the more 

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