Treating Phase 1 of COVID-19 with Chlorine Dioxide


Posted by Jennifer Shipp

Chlorine Dioxide – Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

MMS, also known as Miracle Mineral Solution can also be taken as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (also known as CDS). This substance works by oxidizing pathogens and it has a very broad spectrum of action against bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and a variety of other human pathogens.



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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT USING CHLORINE DIOXIDE TO TREAT COVID-19: Scientists have recently realized that COVID-19 (as well as many respiratory infections) need to be treated in 2 phases. Phase 1 takes place during the first 2-3 days of acute infection when symptoms are not that severe. During this initial phase of infection, treatment with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide are appropriate and beneficial to lower the viral load. However, treating the infection with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide beyond this initial 2 to 3 day window could worsen symptoms. During Phase 2 of the infection, when coughing begins, it is vital to supplement with Vitamin B3 at no less than 1000 mg per day (500 mg in the morning and 500 mg in the evening). Patients should also be given medicines to counteract the effects of a cytokine storm during this stage. We provide a list of potential options that you can use to treat a cytokine storm at home at this link.  

An alternative to Chlorine Dioxide could involve using the Methylene Blue, Vitamin C, and NAC protocol for both Phase 1 and also Phase 2 treatment for COVID-19. Methylene Blue can be used with vitamin C and NAC to kill the COVID-19 virus and also prevent many of the symptoms of a cytokine storm.


Many people today make Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) in advance rather than mixing the activator and the sodium chlorite for each dose. They take sodium chlorite and add the activator and then store the mixture for later use. I do NOT recommend doing this. I recommend instead that people follow Jim Humble’s system for using chlorine dioxide. He calls this substance “Miracle Mineral Solution” or MMS and he advocates that patients mix each dose of CDS / MMS at the time when they intend to consume it. When you store CDS for later use, it can become inert and ineffective. In fact, it starts to become less effective as a medicine within 30 minutes after it is first mixed. So, for best results at treating major diseases like COVID-19 or cancer, mix the sodium chlorite with the activator each time you intend to take a dose.



Chlorine dioxide is a treatment that stands out from other treatment protocols for cancer and other diseases (including COVID-19, malaria, HIV, and more) for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it was not developed on the basis of a particular theory (e.g. the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer, Somatidian Theory, the Warburg Effect, etc.). Rather, it’s usefulness was discovered by accident by a man named Jim Humble, who was searching for gold in malaria-infested rainforests. It can be used to cure almost any infectious disease including malaria, dengue, herpes, AIDs, dementia, antibiotic-resistant diseases, coronavirus, influenza, and more. As such, this stuff is an excellent travel medicine (and an important substance to always have in the medicine cabinet at home) because it’s compact and it’s a powerful medicine that can be used against a wide range of infectious organisms.


Jim Humble used chlorine dioxide to save his friends’ lives as they lay dying in the rainforest from malaria. He had no other substance to offer them except the solution that he’d brought with him to purify water. To his surprise, the chlorine dioxide (in a slightly stronger dose than what he would use to purify water for drinking) worked to cure malaria quickly. Within hours, his friends were on the road to recovery, which is significant (if you’ve ever had malaria, you know what I’m talking about).


So Humble experimented with treating other diseases using chlorine dioxide. He was never able to get funding to study it formally, as you’d expect given the political restraints of finding a cancer cure (to do so would destroy Big Pharma), but despite this, Humble was able to develop a large following of people who used his chlorine dioxide treatment (known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement) to treat various diseases. These people have reported their results from using the treatment. Information about MMS and people’s successes using it are available online at the bottom of this article via a link to testimonials and in Jim Humble’s books.

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Chlorine dioxide, also known as MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution, is used to treat a wide variety of infectious and degenerative diseases. In treating cancer, the substance is able to cause cancer cells to revert back into normal, healthy cells. Cancer patients often combine chlorine dioxide with dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to create an even more powerful treatment protocol. But MMS can also be used to cure influenza or the common cold. It works by oxidizing pathogens, which is rather like causing them to explode. The chemistry that makes MMS-DMSO work against pathogens is the reason why it has such a broad action against so many different types of microorganisms from viruses and bacteria to parasites and protozoans. CDS / MMS and DMSO is a powerful combination. This author has personally used DMSO and MMS to cure malaria, canker sores, cat bites, flu, colds, COVID-19, skin wounds, Long COVID, and the big “C”: Cancer.



Chlorine dioxide is a gas produced during the preparation of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) or CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) in a special at-home procedure. The chlorine dioxide gas remains trapped inside the liquid for about 30 minutes after it is prepared. During this time, the MMS / CDS can be administered transdermally through the skin (by combining it with DMSO), it can be consumed orally, it can be used as a douche, or it can be used in an enema (NOTE: NEVER put DMSO in an enema).  MMS / CDS is easy to prepare at home with the proper materials [1]

The gas produced by MMS / CDS in combination with water (and DMSO if you decide to add DMSO to the mixture) consists of small quantities of chlorine dioxide that will damage and kill pathogens, viruses, bacteria, nano-microbes, cancer cells, and other unhealthy cells and particles in the body without doing any harm to healthy human cells. The MMS formula consists of distilled water and 28% sodium chlorite, a chemical commonly used to cleanse water to make it safe for human consumption. A specific procedure for using MMS and other ingredients can be followed to create the chlorine dioxide compound that is said to have cancer-curing qualities. [1]




Jim Humble, the man who developed MMS as a medicinal agent, recommends that patients who plan to follow the MMS/chlorine dioxide protocol at home do so with great care and study. His website offers books on the subject that would be valuable for individuals looking to work with chlorine dioxide as a cancer treatment (see resources list for link). [2]



When I take MMS or give it to my family, I decide how much to take based on how sick I think we are. For illnesses that involve fevers, I generally take 6-8 activated drops (activated for 1 minute) with 18 to 24 drops of DMSO added to the water immediately before drinking it. I administer this dose to myself or my family members one per hour for two consecutive hours and then I wait 12-24 hours and administer one more dose either the next morning or that evening. After those initial 3 doses, I evaluate whether I (or my family member) is feeling better or worse and typically start administering 3 activated drops (with 9 drops of DMSO) hourly until the illness subsides. But first-time users of MMS should start slowly and observe how their body reacts to the CDS / MMS. If you are very ill with a disease like COVID-19, Long COVID, cancer or malaria, it’s essential that your body detoxify quickly as you kill the offending pathogens. Consider using a plain water enema whenever you take MMS / CDS to speed up the process of detoxification.


COVID-19 Note: If you take MMS / CDS to treat COVID-19, using an enema to detox the body quickly is wise because the severest forms of this disease involveshypoxemia that may actually be related to liver issues and a dilation of capillaries in the lungs. Doing enemas with either clean, filtered water, water with baking soda (to raise your pH levels) or organic coffee (which can also raise your pH levels) can give your liver a boost.



Below, the basic procedure for producing chlorine dioxide at home is outlined:

  • Use 5 drops of 10% citric acid per drop of sodium chlorite solution, or a 5:1 ratio (i.e. for 5 drops of chlorine dioxide solution / CDS, one would put 5 drops of sodium chlorite solution into a glass (that is made of glass, not plastic), and then mix in 25 drops of 10% citric acid or freshly squeezed lemon/lime juice).


  • To make one drop of chlorine dioxide solution / CDS, start with 1 drop of sodium chlorite solution and 5 drops of 10% citric acid (or 1 drop of 50% citric acid), lemon juice, or lime juice.


  • NOTE: Store-bought lemon and lime juice may have extra added ingredients that interfere with the creation of chlorine dioxide. It’s crucial that the patient use freshly squeezedlemon/lime juice (or the activator included in the CDS kit which may be hydrochloric acid or citric acid)  in order for the treatment to work properly.


  • After distributing drops of the citric acid/hydrochloric acid and MMS in the appropriate quantities, mix/swirl them together for 30 seconds.


  • After 30 seconds, add 3-8 ounces of water into the glass. Drink the whole glass of water to consume the 1 drop of chlorine dioxide [3].


  • You can add DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) to the chlorine dioxide + water solution, if desired to make it stronger. Add the DMSO to the CDS / MMS in a 1:3 ratio. In other words, if you make 1 activated drop of CDS / MMS, add 3 drops of DMSO to the mix to make it stronger and to ensure that it goes where it needs to go in the body.



In the U.S. it isn’t possible to find a product that’s labeled Miracle Mineral Solution / MMS. It is possible, however, to find chlorine dioxide marketed as a water purification agent (it comes as a kit that contains an acid activator + sodium chlorite).  To make Miracle Mineral Solution, you’ll simply add 1 drop of acid activator to 1 drop of sodium chlorite. Jim Humble provides instructions for how to make your own MMS at this link if you can’t find a suitable a supplier. He also explains how to find high quality sodium chlorite.


The consumption of chlorine dioxide should be gradually built up over a period of time by starting with a low-dose and moving to a higher, therapeutic dose. Without this slow build up, chlorine dioxide can cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting from its harsh effects on the stomach and the strong die-off reaction that it causes. A die-off reaction is also known as a detoxification reaction. A detoxification reaction happens when a pathogen is killed off quickly and the body then has a build-up of dead pathogens and toxins leftover that must be excreted by the kidneys and filtered by the liver. A detox reaction often feels a lot like influenza, though it goes away quickly, as soon as the body purges the pathogen and toxins that the pathogen leaves behind.

It’s important to understand what a detoxification reaction is and what to expect during “detox” when using a powerful medicine like chlorine dioxide. The goal is to increase the Miracle Mineral Solution/ Chlorine Dioxide dose to kill pathogens, but to do this process in sync with the organ that must filter out the debris. If you attempt to kill pathogens too quickly, you may feel sicker than if you took lower doses.

It is recommended to start with ½ a drop of chlorine dioxide on the first day of use. To do this, follow the above procedure for making 1 drop of chlorine dioxide, then drink only ½ of the glass of water (throw away the rest of the water, since the treatment will lose its effectiveness after 30 minutes). If within the first thirty minutes, six hours, and then 24 hours the patient reacts well to the treatment, they may increase the dose to 1 drop the second day. [3]

Though I talked above about taking a strong dose for feverish illnesses, I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you already have some experience working with MMS / CDS and you know how it affects you. It isn’t recommended to build up the dosage by more than one drop per day if you’re new at using this type of medicine. If the patient reacts acceptably to the treatment, the goal is to continue increasing the dosage by one drop every day (taking hourly doses) until the desired dosage is achieved. A common recommendation is to take 3 drops of chlorine dioxide / Miracle Mineral Solution every hour for 8 hours every day until the illness is gone. [3]



Patients taking CDS / MMS should avoid the following items 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after taking the chlorine dioxide treatment. The substances below can render the MMS / CDS ineffective:


  • Protocel / Cantron / Entelev / Cancell – (This alternative medicine can be used to cure COVID and to restore health in individuals with Long Haul COVID, but it must be used entirely by itself).



Chlorine dioxide’s volatility and its tendency to easily accept electrons allow it to effectively attack pathogens. Pathogens are electron donors (they give away electrons easily), so when a chlorine dioxide ion reaches a pathogen, it takes up to 5 of the pathogen’s electrons, thus resulting in a microscopic semi-explosion that destroys the pathogen. Chlorine dioxide only activates upon contact with acidic, positively charged ions in the body, meaning that healthy cells with a pH of 7 or above are safe from the effects. Cancer cells are affected by chlorine dioxide because of their acidity. [1]


It should be noted that chlorine dioxide itself is an oxidizer, and not itself the “cure”. It effectively damages and kills harmful cells, cleansing the body of elements that are causing sickness, therefore allowing the body’s healthy cells to be able to do their jobs properly in helping the body to cleanse and heal itself. [2]


Patients may feel sick when taking chlorine dioxide because of a detoxification reaction that results from the process of expelling toxins via the intestines, kidneys, and liver.Depending on what the chlorine dioxide is treating and the individual’s own personal characteristics, the body’s response may be more or less intense. The chlorine dioxide itself is non-toxic. it turns into regular table salt inside the body within 2 hours after consumption. [1]


If an individual is healthy and has no pathogens, cancer cells, or other toxic cells in their body, chlorine dioxide will increase levels of hypochlorous acid in the body, which boosts the immune system. There are no ill effects if a healthy person takes chlorine dioxide [1].



Chlorine dioxide is capable of treating a wide variety of other diseases, including, but not limited to, the following:



MMS can be used to cure Candida albicans infections, but it should be used in tandem with edible bentonite for more powerful results. This is relevant to recovery from Long Haul COVID, which often involves a Candida albicans infection. Be aware that taking edible clay can be extremely drying to the body. As such, you should combine this treatment with the use of sea water to super-hydrate the body. Taking doses of sea water will complement and enhance the effects of chlorine dioxide solution.




According to an article in “Crux: Taking the Catholic Pulse”, one-third of the Catholic bishops in Ecuador asked President Lenin Moreno to authorize use of MMS / CDS to treat COVID-19 as an alternative medicine. Much of the rhetoric online about MMS and CDS talks about how it is “bleach” and should never be consumed, however, most people have consumed it already as a substance that’s used to purify water (buried in my luggage, for example, I have some chlorine dioxide tablets that I found leftover from many years ago. I purchased them for a long trip through India as water purifier before I knew anything about this substance as a treatment for diseases like COVID-19).

In the letter from the Ecuador bishops, they said that the restrictions on the use of MMS / CDS “does not favor the health of the sick, on the contrary, it harms it, preventing alternative medicines, such as chlorine dioxide, from being taken into account” as possible alternative treatment for COVID-19. Apparently, the Ministry of Health has been harassing employees, doctors, and small distributors of the substance (sounds familiar–the FDA harasses anyone who tries to sell CDS and educate people about how to use it too. They can’t get rid of CDS because it’s so important for water purification.). Read the “Crux” article, but be aware that the author spins the content and refers to the MMS and CDS as a “bleaching agent” rather than as a “water purification agent”. If you’re worried about consuming this substance, start first by preparing it according to the instructions on the label for water purification. Increase the amount/dose of MMS or CDS in the solution very slowly and incrementally when you feel comfortable doing so.

Remember, water purification tablets or drops must be used properly (see above information about preparation and use of MMS / CDS). Do NOT take the tablets without properly preparing them into a CDS solution!


Below is a link to the Jim Humble web site. At this site, there is video footage of MMS being used to cure malaria and other diseases. (Click or copy and paste the link into your browser to watch the video):

Visit the link below to read testimonials of other people who have used MMS to cure diseases such as COVID-19, cancer, and more! (Click or copy and paste the link into your browser.) 


MMS is very easy to administer. It is mixed in a 1:1 ratio with citric acid, vinegar, hydrochloric acid, or lime juice. You can determine the correct dosage by paying close attention to the way the medicine affects you. Or, if you prefer, the dosage can be determined precisely based on the patient’s weight using Dr. Thomas Hesselink’s guidelines.


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