Covid Guidance for Everyone during the 2021/2022 Flu Season

Top 14 Supplements and Other Natural Approaches
for Early Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19

A Special Covid Prevention & Treatment
Health Coaching Session for the
2021/22 Flu Season

Submitted by The Covid Coach
The Health Coach Exclusive

The following 14 supplements have been used with great success in the prevention of COVID-19 since early 2020.  By incorporating some of these supplements into your daily routine during this flu season, you can significantly strengthen your immune response to Covid.

There are several other natural remedies, alternative therapies and holistic treatments provided below which have also proven effective against COVID-19 and its variants.  They have also been used successfully as preventive measures during flu season for decades.   

In general it’s better to take lower dosages than too high, and not to exceed the maximum dose suggested.  Of course, an advanced case of COVID-19 might demand mega-dosing vitamin C or some other needed remedy.

Top 14 Natural Remedies & Supplements

(1) Colloidal Silver or Silver Hydrosol (10 ppm)

Liquid Remedy: — 2 teaspoons per day

Throat Spray:  — 2 sprays to the back of the throat

Nasal Spray: — 2 sprays in each nostril

(2) Zinc — No more than 50 mg per day always with food

(3) Vitamin C — At least 1000 mg per day

(4) Vitamin D — 2,000 – 5,000 IU daily

(5) Selenium — 200 mcg once per day

(6) Oil of Oregano — 1 to 2 drops in 8 ounces of water twice dailyCurcumin Liquid Extract

(7) Turmeric spice (cooked in food) and/or (1 dropper in water 2X/day)

(8) Olive Leaf extract — 500 mg twice daily

(9) Black Seed Oil — Put in soups, broth, stews, cereals, etc.

(10) Lugol’s Iodine (2%) — 1 drop stirred into 8 ounces of water (only if well tolerated)

(11) Cats’ Claw Tincture aka Uña de Gato — Take as directed on bottle

(12) Quercetin — Take 1 capsule twice daily

(13) Grapefruit Seed Extract — 4 to 5 drops well stirred in 8 ounces of water twice a day

(14) Organic Elderberry Syrup — 1 Tbsp 3X per day while symptoms persist Just Goodness 333 Organic Elderberry Syrup (16 Fl Ounces)

*Everyone is encouraged to procure the products listed above at the best price they can find with their preferred vendors. 

Other Natural Preventatives and Protocols

Plus Dietary Recommendations

The Cure is in the Kitchen: The backbone of every menu plan, for both the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, is hot, nutrition-packed Soups, Broths and Stews.  Meals ought to be dominated by these “predigested” soupy meals which do not burden your digestive system.  In this way, your body’s limited energy resources can be used to fight a flu and/or maintain strong immunity.  This is why Chicken Soup (best made with organic bone broth) is a natural time-tested elixir for influenza, common cold, sore throats and COVID-19.  But be sure to add these medicinal herbs to your organic chicken soup pot—Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Thyme, Parsley, Basil, and Oregano.  Also, include LOTS of garlic and onion in this or any other soup, broth and stew recipe.

Drink Flu Tea, especially during flu season (the essential ingredients are ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon and raw honey).  Slice several pieces of fresh organic ginger and add to a large pot to brew the tea.  Low boil the ginger for at least 20 minutes.  Add the cayenne pepper at any time while brewing.  Don’t heat the lemon or the honey–add them to the brewed cup of tea; manuka honey best added just before drinking.

Take at least once a day a healthy carbonated beverage or drink with Sodium Bicarbonate added to it.  Coffee drinkers can add a pinch of baking soda to their morning brew as can tea drinkers.  Both Perrier and S.Pellegrino are very good to drink regularly (but never cold and only room temp) instead of sugary or sweet sodas; and with a wedge of lemon or lime squeezed into them.  The more acidic one’s diet during flu season, the more important it is to alkalize the body as pathogenic micro-organisms thrive in the acidic environment.  The best way is to eat a preponderance of warm alkaline foods throughout the cold season. See this Acid/Alkaline food chart: How To Alkalize Your Body With The Ideal Dietary Regimen

Hydrogen Peroxide nebulization has proven to be an excellent way to both prevent and treat respiratory viral and bacterial infections.  Dr. Shallenberger’s article notes: “the treatments are simple. Just attach delivery mask to the nebulizer output (see the devices instructions for specifics). Then add 3 cc of the hydrogen peroxide and saline mixture to the nebulizer. Place the mask over your mouth and nose and breathe normally until the solution is gone. It’s as simple as that.” One treatment usually takes 10-15 minutes.  See: Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization for COVID-19 Respiratory Ailments

Use a Neti Pot regularly during this flu season with 1/4 tsp of sea salt dissolved in body-temperature distilled water.  Or have a saline nasal rinse kit on hand such as NEILMED’S SINUS RINSE.  Also, for those with a lot of exposure to the public, use this XLEAR Nasal Spray with Xylitol and Grapefruit Seed Extract twice a day—before you leave home and after you get back home.

Start to eat right for the coming cold season (LOTs of garlic and ginger and turmeric and curried foods). As already mentioned, lean toward hot soups, stews and broths particularly at dinner time for the rest of the flu season. Avoid cold foods from the fridge especially yoghurt, sandwich spreads and cold drinks. Add just a little boiling water to quickly warm up juices as well as nut or seed milks. Frozen foods like ice cream are strictly forbidden. Cook all vegetables much softer than usual. Best to go vegan, if possible; otherwise, all animal meats ought to be very well cooked and eaten infrequently.

Be regular about replenishing the diminished intestinal flora with Probiotics; beverage and food-based forms are much preferred to nutraceuticals (e.g. capsules). For those with lactose intolerance and/or casein allergies, acquire some coconut, cashew or almond yogurt or kefir (let these warm up first before eating). Also, consider probiotic rectal implants when significant flora depletion is suspected. (Purchase here: Organic Liquid Probiotics)

Regular Exercise and Stretching, Power Walking and Rebounding, Hatha Yoga and Pilates, Tai chi and Qigong are all great to do. Get as much exposure to Sunlight as possible for natural Vitamin D production. (Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants so the coronavirus doesn’t like it). A 20 to 30 minute aerobic walk in nature is the single best way to cleanse the entire lymphatic system—A MUST![1] Don’t power walk outside when the skies are heavily chemtrailed; you’ll feel the health consequences.

Breathwork as simple as daily deep breathing outside in the fresh air is highly recommended; so are certain pranayama practices. Coherent breathing is particularly effective in activating the body’s natural immune response (See this video link).

• Chlorine Dioxide plus Citric Acid can be an extremely effective treatment for COVID-19; however, it can cause severe detox reactions.  Some folks may even enter a full-blown healing crisis from the massive die-off of pathogenic micro-organisms; therefore, liver and colon detoxification protocols ought to be employed daily, especially coffee enemas.  Nevertheless, the powerful Chlorine Dioxide protocol has proven to knock out the worst cases of Covid when properly performed. See: Chlorine Dioxide Kit- Citric Acid

The best way to navigate any flu season or Covid outbreak successfully is to take the preventive approach outlined above.  The preceding holistic health measures and natural remedies/treatments provide an excellent framework to do just that.  They can also be utilized to remediate Covid infections as early as possible.

May Everyone Enjoy Excellent Health!

The Covid Coach

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