Read This BEFORE You Have A Joint Replacement

If you or anyone you know have had a joint implant, this post is must reading.

I had a hip replacement 2 years ago next month. Several weeks after that, I got chronic explosive diarrhea that continued until a month ago. After exhausting virtually all other possible causes, it was apparent the problem was the joint replacement. The stellar chiropractor at the Tennant Institute in Irving Texas told me in a telemedicine call that it seemed the titanium in the implant had flipped the polarity in my body. He said there is only one person he knows who can permanently fix that with an industrial strength magnet, , and he is a chiropractor in Columbia SC. In the mean time, put a fridge magnet on the scar. If it does not improve things in a week , it won’t. It did not help at all,

I upgraded to a much stronger 1/2 inch diameter neodymium magnet. Within 12 hours, I noticed dramatic improvements. I had been going 8, 10, 12, and even more time a day. Accidents too. The neodymium magnet cut my frequency by 1/2 to 2/3. For the past month, I have been going anywhere from a low of 3 times to a high of 6 times. Absolutely remarkable. A $1.75 magnet, after spending thousands of dollars and who knows how many hours trying everything I could think of.

When I took my wife to Dr. Tennant last April, he told her that if she kept her polarity correct, her breast cancer would not return. Here I’m thinking he is going to gig her for continuing to drink, and to be fair, his protocol lays out strict guidelines for diet and detox and supplements., but polarity was the one he actually mentioned.

I told a friend who has had 3 hip replacements, and diarrhea for 7 years. She noticed a definite improvement just with a fridge magnet, and is now trying a neodymium magnet. At the weekly farmers market Saturday, I was telling the stand owner about the magnet story. The woman in line behind me said “my husband has had diarrhea ever since his knee replacement”. I told her “Home Depot. Aisle 18. Bin 6. Stop on the way home and he will be forever grateful. ”

How many other stories like this are there? When I asked the doctor’s office where I had the surgery, they said they had never seen a reaction to a joint replacement. Sure. Because they never looked, and people “trust their doctor”. Also how many people will spend the time, money, and effort as we did to eliminate every other possibility to show it has to be the implant?

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