#HCQCodeRed: A National Medical Emergency of Epic Proportions (Video)

An Open Letter to
Every Physician in America

Dear Physicians of America:

First, may we say that the American people are extremely thankful for the valorous efforts many of you have made throughout 2020.

Not only have many Americans been saved from the COVID-19 disease through your medical interventions and urgent care, physicians across the nation have put themselves in harm’s way as never before.  Some have died; many have been infected in the line of duty.  Our deepest gratitude to you all!

We respectfully write this letter to you out of grave concern during the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been proven conclusively that there is an extremely effective treatment for COVD-19.

That treatment, as you have surely heard or read by now, is comprised of a simple protocol that includes 3 primary components.




The Internet is now replete with many highly authoritative testimonials from board-certified physicians who have confirmed the extraordinary efficacy of this COVID-19 treatment plan.  (As for the precise protocol being used for each unique coronavirus case, we leave it up to each physician to verify.)

What follows is a highly compelling video presentation offered by America’s Frontline Doctors regarding this HCQ/AZI/ZINC protocol.  Each physician provides a persuasive and vital perspective on this treatment plan to the degree that it can no longer be questioned; except perhaps by those parties who wish to do harm to the American people.

Must View Video for Every Physician in America

What’s the bottom line here?

Doctors: there is a highly efficacious remedy that quickly arrests the coronavirus disease process.  Why aren’t you using it?

We’ll tell you why.

Because Big Pharma is absolutely determined to roll out an unproven and likely toxic vaccine in the next few months.  The corporate and government forces behind that purely experimental vaccine will not tolerate a simple cure protocol that uses the right mix of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc.  Such a protocol quite obviously will not generate the immense revenue streams and ensuing profits that their untested vaccine will. (Untested according to generally accepted vaccine testing procedures as dictated by various statutory rules and regulatory guidelines.)

May we write with complete candor?

Virtually everyone in the USA has heard references to COVIDgate, Plandemic, The Great Scamdemic, CORONAhoax, OPERATION COVID-19 or some other accurate pejorative that describes this “Greatest Medical Scandal in World History”.

Well, doctors, guess what, each and every one of you is right now intimately involved in this SCANDAL OF THE MILLENNIUM.

Do you understand that?

You are being stealthily used to keep the American people in sickness with the coronavirus instead of doctoring them quickly back to good health.

What a profound and pervasive violation of the Hippocratic Oath this has turned out to be for so many medical personnel across the country.

Hence, our question to you today is this: Do you plan to continue to participate in this unprecedented and unparalleled medical fraud being perpetrated 24/7 in all 50 states?

Well, do you?

Lastly, may we say that there is only one way to shut down this intentional ongoing genocide of the U.S citizenry—ONLY ONE WAY!

It is you, the physicians of America, who must rise up, stand together, and demand that the aforementioned cure protocol be established as the official treatment plan of choice for every hospital, urgent care clinic and physician practice in this nation.

Anything short of taking this urgent initiative makes each one of you an accomplice in what is swiftly being recognized as the greatest medical genocide in human history.

We apologize if the tone or content of this open letter offends any of you.  We know the difficult positions you have been put in.  However, thousands of American are now suffering and/or dying needlessly.  And only a unified show of physician force can put a stop to this deadly charade post-haste.

“If not you doctor, then who?
If not right here, then where?
If not right now, then when?”

Thank you for your valuable time.  Please consider carefully what you have just read so that you will choose to be on the right side of history.


Very sincerely,

Healthcare Professionals for Effective COVID-19 Response

P.S. Should the good doctors of the USA stand should to shoulder in this regard, the American people will support you and shield you from any institutional repercussions for taking such a brave and bold stand.

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