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CALCIUM: The Most Abundant And Important Mineral In The Human Body

What are the best non-dairy sources of this vital mineral?

By Robert Harrington
Natural Society

Calcium is not only the most abundant mineral in the body, it is also the most commonly found in the material universe. Yes, it is that ubiquitous and therefore it can be found in good measure in various food groups.

The real challenge with maintaining sufficient calcium levels lies in proper absorption, uptake and assimilation. This is where some sources of dietary calcium are far superior to others.

There are little magic formulations of “Calcium and Company” all throughout the plant kingdom. The very best of these have naturally optimized the vital proportions in a mix of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and boron. In so doing Mother Nature has not only ensured an efficacious and bioavailable form of calcium for the human body, it also comes with an efficient (and quite natural) delivery system. Continue reading