RESONANCE: When we tune in to nature and other human beings, we create an energy field of understanding and empathy

Post by The Mindful Word

I love the word resonanceResonance comes from the Latin verb “resonare,” meaning to “return to sound.” It means to sound and resound, as in an echo. Another type of resonance is called sympathetic resonance. When we strike a tuning fork another tuning fork(s) of the same tone or pitch will begin to vibrate with the first fork.

Resonance can be understood as a merging created when energy moves back and forth between two or more bodies.

Communication is a resonance between two or more people. I achieve cognitive resonance when someone talks about an idea or concept that I agree with.

Emotionally, we speak of affective resonance. It’s the source that generates emotions such as sympathy, empathy and telepathy (to name a few). If I’m present in the moment and connected with another person (or a group), I’m able to pick up their emotional states and feelings, which is a sympathetic response. The person experiencing these feelings is like a tuning fork setting off similar feelings within me (or a group).

Empathy means “into feeling.” This is a state of being where I can energetically and emotionally merge with another person. If I’m open and connected, I allow myself to resonate with the vibratory field of the other person until “I am the other person.” I’m sure you can easily relate to this experience.

When I’m in the present moment and remain aware of my “self” during an empathetic response, I have the opportunity to learn much about myself and begin to understand the journey or experience of the person I’m sharing space with. Have you ever been talking over the phone or over a Skype session with a loved one and felt a state of empathy? During a resonant state such as this, distance literally ceases to exist. This is the telepathic response.

Communication that resonates on a spiritual level is called “communion.” I’ve shared space with some wonderful people when spiritual sharing of something deep and meaningful takes place. The resonance or communion felt is indescribably beautiful. It usually stays with me for days and, when remembered at later dates, that same feeling arises again and I feel instantly connected to the other.

When choosing a health professional, I will always look for an empathic resonance that goes beyond attention paid to my mental, emotional or physical concerns. In doing so, I tend to feel much more cared for and trust that treatment will be much more beneficial than otherwise.

Despite our behaviours, relationships, occupations, looks, cultures, lifestyles, and tastes, we’re listening for, and want resonance with others. No matter where we find resonance: shopping at the grocery store, spending time in the great outdoors, bumping into an old acquaintance or friend, or asking for directions when travelling, when we experience the state of resonance, we have the opportunity to move closer to God source. The closer we move to God source the more we become “beings of sound, mind and body.”

Resonance is everywhere and always available to us. I’ve found deep resonance while listening to beautiful music, reading something that stirs me deeply, viewing a sunrise or sunset, hiking within a glorious mountain range, creating or viewing a piece of art, gazing at flowers, watching a hummingbird fly hither and thither, watching otters play or by simply making eye contact with another sweet being.