CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions



Geo-engineering Produces Toxic Skies Everywhere Chemtrails Are Sprayed

*Original post updated June 30, 2014 at:  The Health Coach

For those who have never heard of CHEMTRAILS, please click on the link below for a quick primer.

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

For those who are aware that they have been exposed to this planetary scourge, now is the time to understand the profound correlations between your day-to-day health status and the incidence/intensity of regular chemtrailing of the skies overhead.  Here is an excellent internet-based resource which may answer many questions and concerns about chemtrails, their fallout, as well as the broader geo-engineering agenda.

Chemtrails Explained; HAARP Exposed; Geoengineering Expounded

The numerous anecdotal and clinical observations which follow are the product of various healthcare professionals and practitioners, homeowners and homemakers, businessmen and businesswomen, farmers and meteorologists, etc. Because chemtrails affect every resident on the planet, many have catalogued or journaled the most common adverse health effects, which they inevitably produce.  As a result, the world now has a growing body of anecdotal evidence which clearly illustrates their profound and deleterious effects on human life.


When the skies are toxic, the air we breathe is toxic.
What is more important than clean air in maintaining wellness?


What follows is a fairly exhaustive list of symptoms associated with chemtrail spraying. Each symptom has been identified by various individuals who have clocked their occurrence with the onset of chemtrails being laid down over their homes or businesses. This list has been organized in a descending order, with the most commonly experienced symptoms at the top.   Continue reading

MUSIC THERAPY: A Powerful Healing Modality That Produces Immediate Results

Music Helps Relieve Stress, Reduce Anxiety, Dissolve Fear, Alleviate Worry, And Dissipate Regrets

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 5.22.27 PM

Nothing Can Change You State Faster Than Uplifting Music

Who would deny that we live in exceptionally challenging times?

What business is not facing extraordinary pressures?

Is there a family anywhere not operating under financial duress?

2014 has clearly ramped up the stress of living on Planet Earth, hasn’t it?

There are many ways of processing the many stresses that life exerts upon us. Thankfully there are numerous ways of relieving the pressures which seem to pile one on top of the other.

Listening To Happy Music Offers A GREAT Positive Outlet

Truly, a daily dose of happy, uplifting music can change one’s state faster than anything.

Whether it’s classical music or classic rock, progressive rock or southern rock that floats your boat, puttin’ on the headphones and kickin’ back can really alter your entire state of being … in a heartbeat. Regardless of whether you enjoy opera or soul, R&B or hip-hop, reggae or rap, happy tunes can profoundly change you on every level of your being — emotional and mental, physical and spiritual.

Because sound has the capacity of penetrating deep within very quickly, the right music can significantly influence the body and mind, heart and soul. If the music is both beautiful and well-timed, one can go from sad to happy in a New York minute.  When listening to our favorite music in an optimal environment, a quite dramatic and sustained turnaround of one’s attitude can occur within the span of a single song.

This is where Music Therapy comes into play. Utilized as a healing modality, music can be effective in shifting an individual out of depression and into a joyful state. Another might forget about their pain — physical or emotional — as well as other types of suffering. So powerful is music as a healing balm for many ills that it has been prescribed for millennia by the medicine man and shaman, medical doctor and alternative healthcare practitioner alike.

Likewise, many within the predominant religious traditions and spiritual communities, who have observed the profoundly curative powers of music, have made a very prominent place for music in their worship and ritual.  The prophets and priests of yore intuitively knew of the inherent energies of each and every syllable of the sacred languages like Sanskrit and Latin, Hebrew and Classical Arabic.  They were also aware of the hidden forces contained in different melodies such as those known as ragas in Sanskrit.

What distinguishes Music Therapy from so many other alternative healing modalities is that it is much more enjoyable than most healing modalities.  It is also more passive in some respects and, therefore, can be done even when tired or experiencing low energy. However, when specifically employed as a wellness technique, it does require one thing more than any other. The more present, centered and grounded one is during the Music Therapy session, the more benefit received. Continue reading

The 9 Essential Habits Of Mentally Strong People

The 9 Essential Habits Of Mentally Strong People

The Huffington Post  | by  Carolyn Gregoire
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In 1914, Thomas Edison’s lab burned down, and years’ worth of his work was destroyed. This could easily be described as the worst thing to happen to Edison, but the inventor instead chose to see it as an energizing opportunity that forced him to rebuild and re-examine much of his work. Edison reportedly said at the time: “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start again fresh.”

“In a world that we don’t control, tolerance is obviously an asset,” Ryan Holiday, author of the forthcoming The Obstacle Is The Way, told The Huffington Post. “But the ability to find energy and power from what we don’t control is an immense competitive advantage.”

He’s talking about mental strength, a difficult-to-define psychological concept that encompasses emotional intelligence, grit, resilience, self-control, mental toughness and mindfulness. It’s something that Edison had in spades, and it’s the reason that some people are able to overcome any obstacle, while others crumble at life’s daily challenges and frustrations.

The ability to cope with difficult emotions and situations is a significant predictor of our success and happiness. The most capable individuals in this way are able to turn any obstacle into a source of growth and opportunity. And while much has been made of what mentally strong people avoid doing – things like dwelling on the past, resenting the success of others and feeling sorry for themselves — what do they actually do? What tactics do they use to overcome adversity time and time again?

“Things that we think are obstacles are actually opportunities to do something,” says Holiday. “[To] be rewarded in some way that we never would have expected, provided that we address and don’t shirk from that obstacle.”

Here are 9 essential habits and practices of mentally strong people that can help you get through any challenge or hardship.

They see things objectively.  Continue reading

Life-Saving Discovery Between Stress and Addiction

Are You Addicted to Stress?  Learn Why Here.


Read about being addicted to stress, fear, anger, rage, abuse, hurting others, having power over others, etc – which further highlights how we are addicts to our own personal chemicals… amazing information and very empowering if you can apply this to your life.
You do not need to live life angry, resentful or unhappy.
Learn to control your peptides and receptors and you’ll soon experience a different way of thinking and feeling!

Are You Addicted to Stress? Learn Why Here

Are You Addicted to Stress?
If so, you are not alone! Millions of people are addicted to stress, worry, jealousy, anger and a myriad of other emotions or emotive responses.
Why? Because of the peptidal battle taking place within you every moment of your life. If you weren’t paying attention in high school biology, you might have missed the discussion about peptides and receptor cells. Let me refresh your memory…br>

The Battle of the Peptides

Each tiny cell in your body (& there are billions) has hundreds of receptors on the surface of its external membrane. Each receptor is designed to accept a particular peptide like a lock and a key.
The peptides seek out and attach themselves to these receptors, so they can supply the cell with a particular emotion, or required nutrient or an incentive to take some sort of action, etc.
What’s interesting is that if a person has a predisposition to experiencing his or her physical reality through a particular emotional filter (by predisposition I mean habitual) they will tend to have more receptors on their cells for that emotion compared to other emotions.

**** Even more intriguing is if the cells are continually being fed the same peptide again and again and again…. THEN… When the cell splits, there will be even more of those types of receptors on both of the new cells. ****


Continue reading

AYURVEDA Provides The Perfect New Year’s Resolutions

Ten Ayurvedic Health Tips to Implement for the New Year

by  on DECEMBER 30, 2013

The original article can be found at the following excellent website:

It’s the new year and we habitually set New Year’s resolutions.  Quite often, at least one resolution involves our health.  Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with our environment and thus have healthier lives.  The following are ten simple Ayurvedic health tips to implement for a more fulfilling new year.

1. Use a tongue cleaner.  Did you know that each part of the tongue is connected to a bodily organ? Thus utilizing a tongue cleaner removes the toxins which have accumulated overnight and stimulates the organs in the morning, so that they function more optimally. Upon rising, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue,  before ingesting anything. Astainless steel tongue scraper is good for all three doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Kapha people can also use copper tongue cleaners.

2. Gargle with sesame oil. To strengthen the teeth and gums, to help with TMJ, and deter from the appearance of wrinkles, swish some sesame oil around in your mouth for 5-10 minutes. Do so after you brush your teeth and scrape your tongue. After swishing the oil around, you can spit it out.  Massaging your gums afterwards will be even more beneficial

3. Add turmeric to your diet. Turmeric is one of the most healing spices in your pantry. It’s anti-bacterial, a blood purifier, as well as a great digestive, among many other qualities.  You can start the day (after brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue) by having a glass of warm water with ½ – 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder.  You can utilize turmeric when cooking your vegetables or lentils.  Turmeric is also available in tablet and tincture form.

4. Oil massage.  Are you plagued by constant dryness? Rather than looking for the best moisturizer on the market, address the cause internally.   The dryness is inside the body, and that is where it needs to be alleviated.   Doing an oil massage, or abhyanga, and then taking a warm shower allows the oil to penetrate into the skin and help relieve the dryness inside.  For oil massage, those with a Vata imbalance can use sesame oil, those with a Pitta imbalance can use sunflower oil orcoconut oil, and people with a Kapha imbalance may use sesame oil or sunflower oil.  Make sure you use a bath mat, as the tub and shower get slippery with the oil.  An injury could really aggravate the doshas!   Continue reading

Hot Particles From Fukushima Pose Global Health Crisis

Photoelectron Induction in Uranium Particles
(aka Hot Particles)

by Chris Busby, PhD

Enhancement of absorbed dose from natural background gamma radiation due to photoelectron induction in uranium particles.

The Background:

The health effect of depleted uranium exposure is an area of scientific and political controversy. Despite a great deal of evidence that uranium particles from weapons show anomalous genotoxicity there has been no persuasive explanation of the biological mechanisms involved (ECRR2010). The issue had been considered by a committee set up by the Royal Society (RS) in 2000; the Chair of this committee was Prof. Brian Spratt. The outcome of its deliberations was published in 2001 (Royal Society 2001). It was concluded that it was impossible for the exposures to Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons to be the cause of any illness since the absorbed doses were too low. These conclusions were not accepted by all (e.g Busby 2000, 2003, Bertell 2006). The Ministry of Defence set up an independent board to oversee measurements of uranium in Gulf War veterans and to discuss the science: the Depleted Uranium Oversight Board (DUOB). Around the same time, evidence that internal radiation exposures (including DU) might be significantly more hazardous than current risk models predicted led the then Environment Minister, Michael Meacher, to set up the Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters, (CERRIE) chaired by Prof Dudley Goodhead. Goodhead had been the chief advisor to the RS on radiological issues of DU. Both the CERRIE and DUOB resulted in failures to agree among committee members and separate oppositional reports (; CERRIE 2004a , CERRIE 2004b).


So begins the explanation, and rebuttal, by Dr. Chris Busby (with some comments from Pattison et al – 2009 and the Royal Society), concerning the “enhancement of absorbed dose from natural background gamma radiation due to photoelectron induction in uranium particles”.  The rest of this paper can be read at the following link:

For those who understand the awesome implications of this work it is evident that all the depleted uranium scattered around the world has left us with an unprecedented and massive planetary challenge.   It also speaks to all the other background radiation and radioactive particles which find there way into the human body from whatever sources. Truly, this timely revelation represents a slow motion global health and medical crisis that is occurring 24/7 completely under the radar.    Continue reading

BEST Advice: How To Face The Upcoming Changes

This is perhaps the MOST important health coaching session we’ll ever conduct on this wellness platform, so listen up and try to read as though your life depended on it … because it really does.  As does the quality of life and future of your family, friends, business associates, etc. 

We have never lifted an entire piece from another website, but the one that follows contains so many important and timely messages.  The title says it all as follows:  “Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid”.   

For every person living on Planet Earth, the future holds in store tremendous opportunity for personal transformation.  However, because of the extraordinary and unparalleled challenges which humankind faces — both individually and collectively — there is one necessity which every one of us will soon confront, if we haven’t already.  That is the need to befriend our mind and control our emotions.

The accelerating pace of daily flux and societal change has produced stresses which affect everyone.  For instance, just consider the current condition (on every level) of each person in your immediate family.  Then, consider the various and unanticipated issues that have developed within your circle of friends or network of business associates.  Now, try to be aware that this is the way it is for everyone.  Which is why the essay below is so relevant and instructive.  Effective stress management begins with, and ends with, the mind.

Rule your mind,
Rule your life,
No matter what
Comes down the pike!

Exactly what is it, then, that makes this particular mental health essay so powerful and apropos. Each one of the well-delineated 13 recommendations are indispensable in equipping us to overcome the formidable obstacles, as well as meet the unprecedented challenges coming around the corner.  What obstacles?  Which challenges?

AWESOME Earth Changes Coming Around The Corner

Although this article was originally written from a business perspective, it is quite germane for every resident of the planet  Each of these “13 Things” is so valuable that to practice even one of them with yogic resolve will surely produce discernible results.  Truly, everyone would be well served by this sage advice during these demanding, and sometimes overwhelming, times.   Continue reading

CANCER: A Case of Unresolved Grief …

and Deep Hurt and Longstanding Resentment

Of all the world’s serious maladies and diseases none is so dreaded as cancer.

There is a very good reason for this. Every illness under the sun finds the true roots of its etiology in the human psyche, the human emotions, the prevailing mental state of the individual.

In the case of cancer we see a very definite mental condition and emotional profile which can predispose the person to manifesting various forms of tumors, cysts, fibroids, sarcomas, carcinomas, as well as various malignancies of unknown origin.
Clearly the emotional and mental components of the disease process known as cancer loom large in determining the direction of its evolution. VERY large!

Why, and how, is this the case?

It has often been identified by medical intuitives over the last many decades that those who suffer from cancer present a very similar risk profile.
This risk profile not only includes phenotype and genotype, diet and pharmaceutical regimen, exercise routine and sleep pattern, lifestyle and workstyle, marital status and healthy relationships, but many other key indicators as well.

Perhaps one of the most important of these other determinants include one’s emotional comportment, and especially the degree of contentment that one allows him or herself to experience on a regular basis. Continue reading

Angelina Jolie’s Fear-based Double Mastectomy Decision

And the terrible message it sends to the women of the world!

Should mastectomies ever be used as preventive treatment for breast cancer …
when cancer hasn’t even been medically (or scientifically) diagnosed?

Angelina Jolie ought to keep her personal medical decisions to herself, especially about breast health.
So should Miss America contestants who also publicize similar highly unenlightened medical choices.

Having a double mastectomy in order to prevent a possible case of breast cancer, particularly when such decisions are based on easily misunderstood science that is jaded in the interest of surgical oncology just isn’t right.

Really, can it get any worse than women cutting off their breasts to avoid cancer they don’t even have?!
On the recommendation of mostly male surgical oncologists who have a great financial interest in the matter?!

Good God in Heaven, what has this place (read Planet Earth) come to?
Does the man cut off his scrotum because his doctor tells him he has the gene for testicular cancer?

How about this: Does the parent cut off the child’s head because the neurosurgeon determined that the child has a genetic predisposition for brain cancer?! Or do we just suck the little guy or gal’s brain out of his head with a surgical suction device?

Where does it end?

Where did it begin?

Where are we going with this tragically flawed logic and horribly skewed medical decision process?

How did we ever get here in the first place? To this place of preventive surgery for an ailment, disease, or illness that we don’t even have yet. Continue reading

WHO Lies Refuted: Physicians’ Group Predicts 100,000+ Fukushima Cancer Incidences/Deaths

By Richard Wilcox, PhD

“All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out.” – I. F. Stone

In this new age of instant information, navigating the pitfalls of overload (too much); uncertainty (lack of); misinformation (poor quality); disinformation (intentional distortion, lies); is key in determining the scope of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and assessing immediate and long-term impacts on the international and Japanese public health. Fortunately we have one of the first attempts from researchers to set the record straight and calculate the death toll from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The report comes from the courageous men and women of International Physicians for Preventing Nuclear War (IPPNW) who expose the Big Lie being perpetrated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that few ill health effects will occur.

Consider that it is standard operating procedure for governments and industry to obfuscate, cover-up and lie about a nuclear disaster as soon as it occurs. The chaos that unfolds during a nuclear disaster such as Fukushima is used in a carefully orchestrated Big Lie process whereby damage control and perception management allow the perpetrators of the Big Crime – Tokyo Electric Power Company, the Japanese government and the international nuclear apologists and nuclear industry – to eventually get off scot free (1).

Even though the Japanese government was fully aware that three reactors had melted down and another one severely damaged, and that people should have been evacuated in a much more bold and expedient manner, the phrase that will live in infamy, “there is no immediate danger,” was repeated during the worst days of the nuclear crisis by the government. In Orwellian fashion they might as well have announced over loudspeakers across the entire country that “The Moon Is Made Of Green Cheese, The Moon Is Made Of Green Cheese,” in order to prove that whatever the government says is true and no one should question it.

The extent and quantity of radiation released from the accident has intentionally been suppressed, and unless the public can gain access to the highest echelons of governmental secrets, we will never know the full truth of how much radiation was released, where it was deposited and whose health was or will be affected.

WHO Do You Trust?   Continue reading