Adverse Effects of Wireless Technology on the Human Bio-electrical Field

Human Bio-electrical Field & Wireless Technology

The Health Coach

A long time ago, the human body was hardwired by the Creator with its very own inborn energy grid and bio-electrical field.

There is a bio-electrical current that runs through that energy grid; the resulting bio-circuitry produces its own bio-electrical field.  That bio-current is directly responsible for the beating of the human heart and the breathing of the human being.

Given the existence of this bio-electrical field, the intensifying electrification of planet Earth has had a negative effect on the natural flow of every individual’s bio-electrical current.

As a matter of scientific fact, the constant introduction of manmade electromagnetic fields into the human bio-electrical field has produced many serious medical ailments and adverse health effects. (U.S. Navy Research Report Documented Numerous Radio-frequency and Microwave Radiation Health Hazards in 1972)

The steady uptick of seasonal illnesses and diseases such as the various influenzas, as well as the novel coronaviruses such as COVID-19, is heavily influenced by the increasingly detrimental electrification of the planet.

In short, much of humanity is now immersed in a veritable soup of electropollution.  The profusion of both directed electromagnetic frequencies and diffused non-ionizing radiation found in ambient environments everywhere are now overwhelming the human bio-circuitry.

The much more powerful radiofrequencies disseminated by 4G and 5G networks now are overwhelming the natural bio-currents of the human body. (MILITARY INTEL REPORT Proves Government Has Known 5G Radio-frequency Ranges & Microwave Radiation Are Harmful to Human Health)

The extremely hazardous 5G, in particular, uses EMF signal ranges and microwave transmissions that are actually overriding, short-circuiting and/or terminating the normal bio-electrical currents sometimes even blowing the bio-circuitry apart (e.g. when linemen work too close to the CORONA emitted by a high-voltage power line).

Hence, the human bio-organism is getting progressively discombobulated from the unrelenting exposure to 4G and 5G cellular networks.  Many folks even complain about their scrambled brain after extended smartphone use.  They cannot think straight, or remember things clearly, or function appropriately, or all three.

When the human bio-electrical field is profoundly degraded in such a sustained manner, especially over decades of exposure to wireless technologies, new vulnerabilities will inevitably develop to diseases like COVID-19.

Because the resulting alterations of cellular function can be imperceptible, and the impairment of bodily function can be quite subtle, both 4G toxicity and 5G poisoning are routinely missed. (Electrical Engineer Whistleblower Exposes 5G Health Hazards, Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head)

Even highly trained physicians are unable to properly diagnose some of the new diseases and strange “Maladies of the Third Millennium” because they are either asymptomatic or presenting symptoms that are virtually subclinical.

More significantly, much sickness and various dysfunctions are now systematically misdiagnosed as other familiar ailments and disorders.  In countless cases, Electrohypersensitivity has either been underdiagnosed considerably or misdiagnosed altogether.

There are several other proven negative outcomes of the increasing electrification of the world which are quite destructive to the biosphere and, therefore, harmful to human, animal and plant health.