The Health Coach

Who is the The Health Coach?
An unconventional BIO

First and foremost The Health Coach is about education, enlightenment and empowerment.

We seek to disseminate information that is truthful and beneficial. This is how we intend to educate.

We endeavor to impart knowledge which is as consciousness-raising and it is hair-raising. This is how we will try to enlighten.

We hope to convey wisdom through our experience, that it may become your irrefutable experience. This is how we’d like to empower. 

Just like you, The Health Coach has experienced all the physical aches and pains, emotional hurts and traumas, mental strains and worries, and psychological fears and inadequacies which occur throughout life on earth.

The Health Coach has walked their own path, as you have walked yours. Who among us has not felt the pangs of life’s many and diverse trials and tribulations? Like you, we have had to face countless adversities and many a challenge. Who hasn’t come face to face with a formidable and seemingly insurmountable obstacle, especially a health condition?

Having the proverbial Wounded Healer profile, The Health Coach has probably experienced an inordinate degree of all of the above. Therefore, we have been blessed with a plethora of rich, instructive and highly valuable experience. Since nothing tests the character of a human being like life’s challenges, we view our most intractable and trying health experiences as some of our most meaningful, and therefore full of the most valuable lessons.

So much do we treasure life’s variegated experiences, that we often repeat, “God’s greatest gift is the crucible of life experience on earth.” Here’s one of our favorite prayers:

A Prayer of Wise Counsel
Whatsoever is brought upon you
take cheerfully and be patient.
For gold is tried in the fire,
and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity.

The Health Coach does have some peculiarities and strange ways you really ought to know about. For instance we have used, and still use, our body as a test tube of sorts. Being part scientist and part intuitive, the science side of us really observes the outcome of every experiment we perform in our laboratory of living. Since our longest running ‘quasi-clinical trial’ has to do with food and nutrition, we audit, analyze, assess and assay everything we drop down our gullet. Whether that be food or drink, herb or homeopathic, essential oil or vibropathic, pill or potion, swill or lotion, we watch EVERYTHING … very, very closely.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” This gem of wisdom is especially applicable to how to best live in this human body. How so? Only each individual person can best solve what truly ails them. After all the doctors have prescribed their meds, the dentists have drilled all the teeth, the psychs have given their advice, the massage therapists have worked out all the kinks and the chiropractors have released the ever-present subluxations, the client still has to go to work … and we mean really go to work on him or herself.

This work is much easier when the person tries to watch his or her life as a witness, whereupon the evidence gathered can be examined very closely when it needs to be in the future. Of course, it’s always best to consider the effects of our food and beverage in real time whenever we can… because it is here where almost all of our dis-ease and imbalance comes from.

The Charaka Samhita contains much Ayurvedic wisdom about healing mind, body and spirit.

Since The Health Coach very seriously subscribes to the “Mother of All the Healing Arts and Sciences” — AYURVEDA — we know that the greatest health and wellness advice ever expounded by the greatest Ayurvedic teacher and practitioner of all time, Charaka, is absolutely true. As follows:

Hitabhuk ~ Mitabhuk ~ Ritabhuk

The Health Coach REALLY KNOWS from gads of experience that, once we get into this groove of contemplative self-observation, we have truly begun the process of self-healing. Because only then can we start to comply with this most important aphorism of Ayurveda.

The Health Coach feels you ought to know that we have “seen, heard and, especially, felt it all” – from day one – having been born as the canaries in the coal mine. You name it, we have had it, particularly the long term, chronic, degenerative, nagging, discomfiting stuff that really makes you question the purpose of life. In many cases, it’s all related to the psora miasm, and it ain’t any fun at all, but it’s taught us a lot.

The Health Coach has had allergies, skin conditions, aches and pains, vision impairment (Did you know that eye health is most directly influenced by the quality of your liver blood?) and a whole host of other typical liver issues. We have had systemic candidiasis, parasitical infestations, intestinal dyspiosis, chronic acidosis, metabolic syndrome and auto-immmune dysregulation among many other scourges of the post-modern age. We have also known well the ravages of mercury poisoning, thallium toxicity, fluoride bio-accumulation, insecticide concentrations in the adipose tissues, as well as many other toxic overloads. The list of diseases and conditions goes on and on; however the point is that the breadth and dept of our experience is probably inclusive of your own. Therefore, we empathize – deeply – with your day-to-day health struggles and wellness challenges.

The real wealth of our experience, however, has come from working so closely with many clients for many years. It started out with friends and family; then expanded to include business associates and clients. Eventually our health coaching clientele became an extension of our lives, which provided endless opportunity to make LOTS of clinical observations, hear volumes of anecdotal healing stories (both histories and herstories), as well as watch the evolution of many a disease process going in both directions, and sometimes reverse direction. What’s more, our scientist side was forever looking at the etiology of every health ailment and medical condition which had been incessantly thrust in our face via the email inbox, during a stop at the health food store, while on vacation, at the family reunion, while taking a walk in the neighborhood ….

How many times has The Health Coach listed out all the presenting symptoms, and then ferreted out all the potential causal co-factors which might be implicated in any given sickness/imbalance/disease/syndrome/infection/plague?

How many multi-infection syndromes, alphabet soup diseases or New Millennium Maladies that mimic each other in such a way as to defy proper identification and therefore the appropriate remedy?!

Long story short, The Health Coach has been around the block like few others on the planet … but unlike most in our extremely distracted society we were unusually compelled to look closely at all the various causes and triggers; otherwise our quality of life would be awful. So, while we have learned much about what not to do, we have likewise learned quite a bit about what to do for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The Health Coach has had the very unique and rare occasions to study under and be mentored by some of the very best in alternative healing. In this way we not only received many indispensable teachings, we were also imbued with the spirit of a truly holistic vision of physical healing, emotional wellness and spiritual wholeness.

How many times have we heard the following quotation:

Makes for a beautiful plaque in the office of every healthcare provider in the world, doesn’t it?

If you’ve gotten to this point of the BIO, you’ve probably realized that this ‘blog’ has been much more of a holistic health coaching session than a resume or CV. Now that we’ve given away some of our most coveted ‘trade’ secrets, you have a pretty good idea about what we really do. If it you find it resonatin’, perhaps you’ll start disseminatin’.

We very much appreciate your time, and attention, and look forward to facilitating your healing process, no matter what form that might take.

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

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