Angelina Jolie: Decision to Self Mutilate Sends Terrible Message to Women

Why are so many women being talked into self mutilation?

Robert Harrington
Natural Society

Natural Society has already produced an excellent article by Anthony Gucciardi regarding Angelina’s Jolie’s decision to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed based on her doctor’s assertion that she presents a risk for ovarian cancer. Therefore, this commentary will address a different perspective on this truly tragic saga.

Ms. Jolie’s decision is important primarily because the Mainstream Media (MSM) has given her a special platform with which to tell her story. Her story could be any woman’s story except that Ms. Jolie is frequently used as a mouthpiece by the American Surgery Association.

Angelina Jolie’s last initiative at self mutilation was a case of unjustified breast removal. She was given a special page in the New York Times to offer her obviously (and scientifically) incorrect justification to the entire world.

It is within this context that it ought to be understood that Ms. Jolie has now proven herself to be — UNEQUIVOCALLY — nothing more than a practitioner of flagrant self mutilation. Such a decision to remove all of her female organs for the fear-mongering of her physician(s) must be properly assessed in light of her psychological condition — Carcinophobia.

Carcinophobia can Become a Serious Mental Disease and/or Psychiatric Condition

Given her last two visits to the surgery center it is now clear that Angelina Jolie may suffer from Carcinophobia. Carcinophobia can be a terribly debilitating mental disease which compels both women and men to make extremely self-destructive decisions about their body when facing there mere possibility of cancer.

Carcinophobia (or the fear of cancer) is an unpleasant and very real phobia afflicting people (or even friends and relatives of people) who have been diagnosed with the deadly disease.”

The fear of cancer can be so strong that even those friends and family of the cancer-afflicted can develop Carcinophobia. The cancer victim can project their fears and anxieties so strongly that everyone they interact with becomes affected, to varying degrees, by the onslaught of negative emotions and thoughts.

maxresdefault-1The medical establishment, particularly the specialties of oncology and surgery, have contributed considerably to this unwholesome state of affairs. In their zeal to surgically operate, even when it is totally unnecessary, many surgeons reflexively use scare tactics. They, more than anyone else in the cancer diagnosis process, are in the position to mitigate the fears associated with cancer risk factors or exacerbate them. Unfortunately, many surgeons do the latter.

The real problem with this ever-worsening predicament is that it works so well … for the physicians. The patients are then left with scars and scar tissue, fewer organs and a compromised endocrine system for the rest of their lives. Apparently the doctors forget to tell the women that the breasts and ovaries and uterus do more than just help make babies. They also participate in the complex workings of the endocrine system which plays an integral part in the post menopause stage of life as well.


What are Some of the Symptoms of Carcinophobia?

There are many symptoms which have been identified for those suffering from Carcinophobia. They can vary from person to person in both number and severity. Some folks may experience all of the following symptoms; some may only experience one or two. The key issue is to recognize if they are present so that the proper treatment can be considered. The list below has been provided by

Symptoms of Carcinophobia (Fear of Cancer)

“Some of the symptoms may include the following but not necessary limited to these:

• Excessive, unexplained sweating
• Feeling nauseous continuously
• Dizziness or uncontrollable shaking
• Extreme anxieties
• Panic attacks
• Dry mouth
• Involuntary urine leakage or incontinence
• Heart palpitation or pounding heart rate
• Shortness of breath
• Numbness or tingling sensations
• Feeling of being trapped”

One of the primary reasons for not permitting Carcinophobia to develop into a serious condition is to prevent such a disastrous decision process similar to Angelina Jolie’s. Clearly, were she to have objectively evaluated her situation with reason and attention to real science she would have taken a radically different approach.

Likewise, if she had considered the many environmental factors which influence ovarian cancer, she would have quickly understood that her lifestyle has a lot more to do with outcomes than the medical profession usually admits. Her commitment to a squeaky clean diet and lifestyle are enough to significantly move her risk factors quickly in the right direction … and keep them there.

Instead of having confidence in herself and her support system, she chose the worst form of female self mutilation.

That emphatically sends the wrong message to her family and friends, her co-workers and fans, as well as to the world-at-large.

Hence, I was compelled to write this exposé on Carcinophobia with the hope that other women — young and old — will come across it on the internet. Otherwise they may be overwhelmed by so much positive reinforcement which the MSM always seems to offer gratuitously to the self mutilation crowd.

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