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The Health Coach has highly recommended the Maine Seaweed Company for every type of edible seaweed on the market.  Larch Hanson has done a great job for decades ensuring that MAINE SEAWEED adheres to the very best practices in the harvesting, drying and packaging of their seaweeds.  Pulled from the pristine waters off the coast of Maine, these seaweed products are free from the toxicities and pollutants that are often associated with other similar products.

What follows are two excerpts taken directly from the MAINE SEAWEED website so that you can read about their excellent seaweeds in their own words.  Their website has a lot of other useful information and can be accessed here:

For the many folks who we have coached over the past 25 plus years, it is quite clear that the valuable minerals and vitamins, trace nutrients and sea salt derived from this high quality seaweed has contributed significantly to their healing.  Those clients who are chronically deficient in minerals have particularly benefited from the variety of seaweeds offered by MAINE SEAWEED.

Here’s their product page for those who want to order or just want to check them out:

Larch and his team are the very best at seaweed harvesting.  And their quality control is as good as it gets.

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About Seaweed

Kelp in the Cove

Through seaweeds, the earth’s sea-blood strengthens our own sea-blood that we carry within us. Seaweeds are an excellent source of trace minerals in our diet. As our air and water become more acidified through pollution, minerals are leached and depleted from our land fields, and they wash down to the sea, where the wild seaweeds incorporate them. When we eat seaweeds, we take these minerals back into our bodies, and these minerals help us maintain an alkaline condition in our bloodstream, which is a healthy condition, resistant to fatigue and stress.

Seaweeds have admirable qualities: they are flexible, they are tenacious, they are prolific, and they are the oldest family of plants on earth. These plants link us to the primitive vitality of the sea. They strengthen our own primitive glandular system and nervous system.

An average family of seaweed eaters will consume a Family Pack within six months to a year. That’s 3 pounds dry weight = 30 pounds wet weight = one bushel of wet plants. This is a very concentrated food.

Don’t fear salt. Salt is necessary to life. If you are willing to sweat, you can move salt through you, and in the process, you will be actively creating your life and your dream from the universe-intelligent structures of the complex salts and trace elements that are available in seaweeds. Your body is an antenna, and your body can’t receive and comprehend the whole message from Universe unless it contains all the trace elements of the Universe. Quality counts more than quantity. If you eat the more complex salts of seaweeds, you will have less craving for simple junk food salt, and you will find yourself becoming more whole, satisfied and healthy.

About Seaweed: Specific Health Concerns


We recommend Valerie Cooksley’s book, Seaweed: Nature’s Secret to Balancing Your Metabolism, Fighting Disease, and Revitalizing Body and Soul. Valerie is a registered nurse and a leading expert on alternative healing. Her book covers the healing power of seaweed under the following major health topics: cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, degenerative disease combatant, detoxification, infection control, intestinal cleanser and healer, respiratory enhancer, sexual health and hormone support, thyroid balancer, weight-loss aid, and wound healer. The book is full of yummy recipes and clear illustrations and descriptions.