Don’t Ever Vaccinate Your Children Again!


– That Is No Longer the Question!



Breaking News: a Polish colleague, renowned naturopath Jerzy Zieba, just sent through a complete game-changer piece of information on exactly the subject I am endeavoring to write about. This is it “Judges at the German Federal Supreme Court have confirmed that the measles virus does not exist and that the measles vaccination may have been injected into millions of unsuspecting German citizens for sinister reasons.” This really is a bombshell, because although many vaccine sceptics have, for many years, expressed grave doubts about the veracity of vaccination programmes, this is the first time a High Court has ruled on the issue.

Can it be that millions of children worldwide have been potentially immunized against a virus that does not exist? It could surely be the medical scam of the decade. What substances have been transferred into the veins of these innocent children?

Please read this dynamite report for yourselves.

So, where to go from here.. I would like to open-up the whole subject for wider scrutiny, exploring the bigger picture issues that hover just under the surface of the status-quo’s giant propaganda exercise to sell conventional pharmaceutical medicine as the only reputable road to protection and cure of known diseases.

After some 40 years as an organic farmer who shunned the use of all the pharmaceutical ‘cures’ recommended by non-organic practitioners and vets, I can say quite categorically: a natural diet and living conditions that express and promote the psychological and physiological needs of sentient animals (and plants) go at least 90% of the way to producing a disease free life.

Now I say this because I witnessed it on my farm – and have to report that I marveled at the results. Once my dairy herd, beef cattle, pigs and chickens had been offered the life-style that each needed in order to live-out their natural propensities in a stress and toxic-free environment, everything fell into place. I never had to call the vet to administer pharmacological drugs, vaccinations or emergency revitalization remedies of any description.

To put this in perspective: modern agrichemically assisted farming practices are awash with pharmaceutical veterinary aids, to both prevent sickness and try to cure it. Sickness in intensive farming of dairy cows, pigs and hens is endemic; antibiotics are used prophylactically in the feed to avoid almost certain death in the indoor mass production units that supply the supermarkets with eggs, table poultry and pig meat.*


Now you might be thinking “Yes, that’s all very well, but what about humans?” And my response is this: humans are also animals and have very similar needs, but are blessed with the added capacity of (with effort) becoming conscious and enlightened beings capable of free will and rational discernment. However, the road which enables us to express such attributes depends upon adopting an appropriate life-style. One which sees ‘health’ as much more than just the absence of disease. Real health is a dynamic, which incorporates positive thinking, creative actions and an empathy for fellow creatures/humans who co-occupy this planet. It manifests in body, mind and spirit.

Pharmaceutical vaccinations administered to children, starting at birth in some countries, can be likened to intensively raised farm animals being prescribed veterinary drugs as protection against disease; even when the disease is not present. Conventional chemical assisted agriculture takes this view about ‘the management of nature’.

Why is this? Because it knows that the animals and plants being raised under its punishing regime have to be pushed beyond their normal tolerance levels in order to produce enough milk, meat, eggs and wheat to provide a significant profit for the farmer and the corporations who provide the medications, pesticides and other field operational inputs. Pharmaceutical drugs are just ‘props’ to keep animals on their feet while intensive stress laden programmes are relentlessly pursued, for profit.

In exactly the same way, children being raised within the demands of an intensely competitive status-quo, are deemed to need prophylactic medical treatments (including vaccinations) so as to ‘protect’ them against certain diseases capable of manifesting themselves within the society.

The parents of these children have some important thinking to do. Do I want my children to be subjected to the standard stresses and strains inherent within our neoliberal, competition led, materialistic and increasingly barren urbanized societies? Do I, their mother or father, even want this kind of life for myself? What options are there for setting out on another route altogether? A route which would be the human equivalent to a low stress pro-ecological, free-range farm; as opposed to a high stress, intensive, chemically assisted factory farm.


The mass use of vaccinations should never be considered ‘a solution’. Because the true treatment of disease – ‘dis-ease’ – is to explore and treat the cause and not to simply try to eradicate the symptoms. This is a fundamental principle of holistic, common sense health management. One always has to look deeper to find the truth.

Big Pharma, and the various government health ministers under its control, do not approve of common sense holistic thinking. Such thinking presents a threat to the highly lucrative empires each aspires to be the beneficiary of. The pharmaceutical industry wants to keep the population of the planet in a state of permanent sickness; as this ensures the continuous growth of its billion dollar bank account.

Concerning vaccinations, countries vary in the administration of ‘health policies’. In England the policy dictates that the first vaccinations are administered at the age of two months: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and influenza (type B) all in one injection. In the USA, the recommendation is to start at birth with a hepatitis B jab; another one month later, and a third at two months. Then the 5 in 1 regime kicks in, as in the UK. In Poland, where I presently work, they also give the first jab at birth, and under a ‘mandatory immunization programme’. Most children under this regime will have received between fifteen and twenty immunizations by the age of two.

The complexities of these arrangements can be viewed on the net. However what is not complex is the fact that the administration of mass vaccination programmes is either mandatory or psychologically so close to mandatory, that many feel scared to confront the doctors who are paid to convince one to accept the treatment.

This is the factory farm approach. The animals must be immunized. The alternative is ‘irresponsible’. You are risking the lives of those under your care. Vaccinations have wiped out Smallpox, so they can wipe out all other similar threats. Don’t argue. Don’t be selfish. Don’t take needless risks. It’s all perfectly safe. Well, that is what you are likely to encounter if you feel uneasy about the mass vaccination agenda and express such unease to your mainstream doctor.


Some vaccination programmes are reported as having succeeded in their chosen goal of ‘eliminating’ disease. But what are we to believe now we know that the measles vaccine was a complete scam? Most viral diseases were associated with poor hygiene and substantial improvements in this arena already had the majority in manageable check. Pharmaceutical interventions have not been anywhere near the ‘great success’ that they are claimed to be.

No one can deny that there have been severe health reactions in innumerable cases. The problem starts from the whole concept of ‘eradication’. This is drone technology. ‘Eradicate terrorism’! ‘Eradicate cancer’! ‘Eradicate weeds’! Wherever you hear this cry, be warned, it’s totally antithetical to the reality of how nature works.

It is an example of the tunnel-vision Newtonian scientific paradigm which examines one thing in isolation from the others to which it is related, and as a consequence, has done untold damage to our planet and its peoples over generations. An out of balance natural environment will produce out of balance manifestations. Disease. That is the law of nature. The solution is to rectify that which is out of balance as opposed to attempting to eradicate its symptoms – which is called ‘putting the cart before the horse’.

It is an example of the tunnel-vision Newtonian scientific paradigm which examines one thing in isolation from the others to which it is related, and as a consequence, untold damage is done to our planet and its peoples.

Whenever ‘eradication’ is practiced, that which is being attacked has a tendency to return again, twice as strong as before. There is a powerful lesson to be learned here, and Big Pharma is deliberately closing its eyes and ears to the truth.

In the USA the vaccination programme is a State run affair, and the rules vary. However, it is now common for a parent to be told that their child must be immunized if he/she is to be allowed to go to school. It’s a world of threats and relentless pressures to conform, prevalent throughout our Western world – and beyond. However, a few escape clauses do exist and typically involve persuading officials that one has religious or philosophical beliefs that prevent one following the official procedures.

Donald Trump has put a large spanner in the works by declaring a deep distrust in Big Pharma’s domination of the immunization programme, and indeed the programme itself. He cites cases of healthy children sickened by their vaccination jabs. And the point should be well taken, because even when one doesn’t see the results straight away, the chances of a negative side effect emerging later in life have been borne-out. There have been accounts of debilitating conditions like autism and auto immune disease being directly attributable to mass vaccination programmes.

The adjuvants added to vaccination formulas are designed to stimulate the immune response system. But for a child straight out of the womb to be hit with such a shock doctrine is both brutal and dangerous. Our immune systems are sacred territory and need to be respected as such. Giving them the basic challenges that come with a diverse, natural and robust life style, is in all ways superior to the forced methods practiced in the reductionist halls of monocultural conventional medicine.


Remember, we are talking about an industry. One of the largest multinational corporate industries in the world. A conglomerate churning out a vast factory-fed conveyor belt of drugs capable of performing almost any distortion that might be deemed ‘necessary’. The mind/body ‘control system’ starts here. It’s a monster, and dependency upon it is a form of slavery unfit for intelligent human beings.

Would you willingly put yourself in the hands of a paid-up robot of the drug industry? Many doctors themselves feel uneasy about their role as dispensers of quick fix pharmacological solutions to minor ailments – and so they should!

What is left of genuine ‘freedom of choice’ is under severe threat in many arenas today; it is a precious right and we need to exercise it – with discernment. My farm has transformed into a ‘vaccination free zone’ and my own health is robust enough to ensure that I haven’t been to a allopathic doctor for more than 20 years. I have no doubt that you can achieve this in your lives and the lives of your children. Take my advice and get started now. Good luck!

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