What people need to know before they have hernia surgical repair!

HERNIA SURGICAL REPAIR: A Special Post from the Coach

Holistic Hernia Remediation Coaching Letter

Volume 5

Hello to everyone who has emailed The Hernia Coach.

by The Hernia Coach

As many of you know, The Hernia Coach has been an Integrative Health Consultant for 30 years.  In that capacity, I have functioned as both a health coach and wellness counselor, as well as a medical advisor and dental consultant.

Prior to protruding my indirect inguinal hernia, I rarely coached clients with respect to healing their hernias holistically.  What I did coach, however, were the many medical problems and health conditions that resulted from hernia surgical repair gone bad.  You name it, I heard it; whereupon I came to realize that not only was there was a pandemic of hernias but also many unsuccessful surgeries.

As a matter of fact, I heard so many horror stories from my health coaching clients that I made the vow never to have surgery should I ever develop a hernia.  The pain and suffering that many had gone through for years made an indelible impression on me.

Fast forward July 9th, 2008

Well, I did get a hernia exactly a decade ago (Here’s my personal journey: How To Heal An Inguinal Hernia Naturally — WITHOUT SURGERY).  And on the July night that it first appeared I knew that I could not, would not, have surgery.  Thus began my journey of finding an alternative approach that would bring about a natural cure.

*The primary reason why I could not have surgery was related
to my body’s biocompatibility with any and all mesh materials,
polypropylene and stainless steel suture, absorbable sutures, etc.

As for the reasons why I would never have surgery unless I was facing a life-threatening situation, what I heard from so many clients about post-operative pain was deeply concerning.  That pain can last for weeks… or months… or years… or decades… or a whole lifetime.

Likewise, I heard many moving accounts about post-surgical complications that run the gamut from A to Z.  These, too, can afflict a hernia sufferer for years and in many cases for the rest of their life.

Furthermore, there were other chronic conditions that simply precluded me from having surgery.  Subsequently, this website was created as a resource for all others who found themselves in a similar position.

Surgery can work out very well

This is not to say that many folks do not have a positive outcome after hernia surgical repair, because many do.  This happens when everything lines up in their favor.  In other words, they are quite fortunate that they have taken most of the following critical measures in advance of surgery.  They have also taken crucial initiatives post surgery that ensure a proper healing of the inguinal region.  What follows is the most basic “To do” list for folks who have enjoyed a very positive surgical outcome:

• They chose the right surgical technique for their unique hernia

• They did the necessary due diligence on all synthetic materials used for the repair

• They selected a competent surgeon to conduct the operation

• They performed the necessary preparation months in advance of the surgery

• They adhered to the right guidance and protocols during the week before and after surgery

• The day of surgery was properly set up and arrangements were made to nurse the site after the operation

• They followed some sort of a Holistic Hernia Remediation Program prior to surgery

• They followed through with the 3 to 6 to 9 months of post hernia surgery protocols and lifestyle changes

• They went into the operating room feeling very good about their decisions and had faith in a positive outcome

There are other things that can be done to ensure a successful surgical outcome, but these are by far the most important.

When to have surgery?

That question is posed more than any other to The Hernia Coach.

Even though I am a holistic hernia coach, folks around the world ask about surgery more than anything else; hence, I have had to answer that question with a high degree of integrity for each client.  Because of the epidemic of hernias around the world, I now coach in 24 time zones.  Therefore, I have listened to every type of hernia predicament imaginable.  The bottom line is that there are situations where surgery is the best or only option.  There are also those many cases when surgery should not even be considered.  And, there are many cases in between where the person can go either way.

In light of the great demand for hernia surgery coaching over the years, I have greatly expanded the practice to include both medical consulting and patient advocacy.  Especially for those hernia sufferers who are determined to have surgery, they must make the best decisions.  What they are seeking is the best possible surgical outcome.  This can be attained when the individual (i) first makes a fully informed decision to have the surgery and (ii) then proceeds down the path outlined above.

For the curious, those predicaments which demand surgery fall into different categories.  The most serious is where there is a irremediable incarceration, or worse, a slow-motion strangulation of tissues or organs.  Both of these “medical emergencies” are not that common.  But when they do occur, a medical intervention may be necessary.  For those who refuse to have surgical repair even in this instance, there are naturopathic and osteopathic treatments for significantly relieving both of these conditions.

Then there are many people whose livelihoods depend on their physical fitness.  Professional athletes may have stipulations in their contracts that require surgery to repair sports hernias if the holistic approach does not produce a successful cure within so many weeks or months.

Other hernia sufferers are laborers and perform difficult jobs physically which require a strong and uninjured body.  Remember, an inguinal hernia is essentially an injury and should be treated as such.

KEY POINT: Most folks neglect to understand that a hernia really is an injury just like
a broken leg.  In this case, it’s a broken inguinal hernia site.  If a soccer player had a
broken leg, would he still continue to play soccer.  No, not until the bone was knit
together strong enough to withstand the rigors of soccer playing.  Similarly, heavy
laborers either need to heal the hernia holistically, or get it repaired by surgery while
still following a strict Holistic Hernia Remediation Program.


In light of these realities, there are instances where individuals may have no choice but to have surgery.  Particularly when their work depends upon it, they may have no choice but to have surgery unless they are willing to face unemployment.  However, some individuals look at this surgery quandary as an opportunity to make a career change, thereby postponing the decision.

There are other contexts which arise in life where surgery may be the best or only option.  Nevertheless, the purpose of this coaching session is to familiarize people around the globe with the notion that surgery can be a very good option; you just have to approach it properly.

Hernia Surgical Repair Consultation

For anyone who is leaning toward having surgery, please feel free to email us to better understand how our surgery consultation process works.  We have dealt with many different types of hernias and many different surgeon offices.  We also understand the various surgical procedures offered around the world at the present time.  For example, one hernia client in Australia is currently making preparations for surgery after conducting a Holistic Hernia Remediation Program.  He will soon travel to Florida to have a mesh-free surgical repair operation that we highly recommended.  He’s also strictly following our guidance on the prep for surgery.

The vital point here is that the immediate surgical outcome, as well as the long-term prognosis, will be much more favorable because he has addressed the true causation of his inguinal hernia.  For those who fail to do this, the likelihood of blowing out another inguinal hernia on the other side can be quite high.  Others may even develop a third or fourth hernia because of their failure to eliminate the root causes.  The number of bilateral inguinal hernias today is staggering; so are the numbers of other types of hernias—femoral, umbilical, epigastric, ventral, diaphragmatic, incisional, hiatal, etc.

Hernia Mesh: What you should know


For those who are strongly opposed to surgery, it’s usually best for them to avoid it.  But they should also seek to remediate the hernia holistically and with great purpose.

For those who must have surgery for various reasons, it’s incumbent upon them to walk down that road with the utmost care and discernment.  It’s imperative to ask all the right questions and receive good answers.

For those who are stuck in the middle with doubt, there’s a way out.  The Hernia Coach has developed a very effective decision-making process that will greatly assist in making the right choice.

Remember, every hernia is different.  Each has a different set of causes, co-factors and triggers.  Each requires its own treatment plan—holistic, surgical or combination of both.

For those who do not know what the causes and/or co-factors of their hernia(s) are, please email us to begin the process of finding out.  Accurately identifying each of these and then eliminating them is quite necessary, no matter how one proceeds.

Anyone who has decided to have surgery, please feel free to contact us for medical consultation and/or patient advocacy services at HerniaCoach@gmail.com.

May you enjoy great health!

The Hernia Coach

Special Note: Choosing the right surgical technique and best physician
to repair a hernia requires a deliberative process which most folks are
unsure how to conduct.  After years of assisting surgical candidates, we
have acquired the right knowledge base, skill set, advocacy experience,
and network of surgeons to aid those who want to make the best