CORONAVIRUS SUFFERER Provides First Hand Account of Primary Symptoms

Some of the Symptoms for COVID-19 (Wuhan Coronavirus)

Stiff neck and shoulders



Night sweats

Vague sore throat, hard to swallow, mucus running down throat, can’t get get mucus out

Swollen lymph nodes

Cough came on later, coughing so bad felt like vomiting

Fever (Motrin took the temperature down; Tylenol did not work)

Mucus thick and solid white, also a light yellow and pale yellow

• Upper respiratory pressure, even into the neck

Delirium esp. when fever was high

Pain all over the body, like neuralgia

Nausea intermittently

• Various mental symptoms, brain fog, communication breakdown both in speech and writing

Submitted to The Coronavirus Coach
March 17, 2020