Kidney Stones: How to pass them quickly

True Causes and Natural Remedies

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There is perhaps no pain as agonizing as the pain associated with a slowly passing kidney stone. From all who have suffered from this ailment of the uro-genital tract, we have heard that they never want to experience this excruciating pain again. And so we are compelled to highlight the causes and natural cures for both the trauma, as well as the chronic condition from which this imbalance springs.


“Kidney stones develop when microscopic particles form in the collecting system of your urinary tract and then gradually enlarge. When they become large enough to move, kidney stones can cause excruciating pain. Low urinary volume — the result of inadequate fluid intake — high concentrations of calcium, oxalate, phosphate, sodium and uric acid ions, acidic urine and low levels of citrate all favor stone formation. A variety of medical conditions contribute to kidney stones, too, including diabetes, obesity, gout and some intestinal diseases. A family history of kidney stones also increases your risk.”(Per

Three examples of kidney stones — the more painful variety

Kidney stones are much more common these days for a number of reasons. So much of the modern lifestyle contributes to their formation and so little is done to maintain good kidney health. “Kidney stones, usually comprised of a compound called calcium oxalate, are the result of a build-up of dissolved minerals on the inner lining of the kidneys.”[1] Here are some of the causes, which very few in the medical model will tell you.

(1) The proliferation of pharmaceutical drugs has place an inordinate burden on the kidneys. How often have we heard about the antibiotics and other drug medications showing up in the water supply after being urinated out? Such a constant assault on the kidneys greatly affects their proper functioning which can lead to stone formation. As the drug chemicals themselves are not always being filtered out, they can add to the stone formation.

(2) The overuse of calcium supplements has created a predicament whereby proper calcium metabolism has been adversely affected for many. Whenever the body receives too much calcium over too long a period of time, especially in the form of substandard formulations, the individual’s biochemistry can be changed in negative ways. The human body is practically knit together with calcium. Since this is the case, when you alter the delicate balance, calcium will lay down in all the wrong places. Kidney stones are a dramatic example of where calcium will accumulate in the kidneys as a protective mechanism.

(3) Dehydration, which can be caused by not drinking enough fluids and by drinking the wrong fluids at the wrong time, is a major contributing co-factor for kidney stone formation. For instance, drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages in the morning will upset proper hydration, since caffeine is a diuretic. Caffeine is also a powerful chemical which will alter the body chemistry of those who have an inability to properly metabolize it, thereby affecting the kidneys — the main fluid filter of the body.

(4) Foods high in oxalates[2] are a definite culprit in the formation of stones. Therefore, a high dietary intake of oxalate-containing foods, such as spinach, beet greens, Swiss chard, okra, chocolate, rhubarb, blueberries and blackberries, black tea, peanuts and soybeans, wheat bran and wheat germ, almonds, soy milk and soy yoghurt, ought to be avoided when there is a history of kidney stones. It should be noted that raw spinach and beet greens is preferable to cooked greens since the cooking process significantly contributes to oxalate content. The Oxalate Content of Food

“Beer, tea and coffee are beverages that are high in oxalates. Because soy, chocolate and tomatoes are high in oxalates, soy milk, hot chocolate and tomato juice are all high in oxalates, too.”(Per

There are other risk factors which may be present in any given case of frequent kidney stone formation. However, if those co-factors listed above are eliminated, you are putting the odds in your favor never to experience this painful condition. When you do, here are some tips for quickly passing the stone naturally.

Natural Treatments for Kidney Stones

The following recommendations are made with the proviso that you consider any other serious medical conditions which may also be present. These natural remedies have been used quite successfully and are proven safe as long as they are taken correctly and with moderation.

The following measures can be taken when there is acute pain from a slowly passing or stuck kidney stone.
• Drink LOTS of distilled water and eat much less during the traumatic phase of the kidney stone – ASAP

• Squeeze lemons and put it in the distilled water – ASAP

• Need to dissolve the calcium deposits in the kidney area with freshly squeezed carrot + celery juice asap. (Drink lots of fresh orange juice BEFORE breakfast)

• Go to health food store and create kidney stone tea @

• Moist warm heat on the lower back with hot water bottle unless painful

• Magnesium orotate supplement in moderation

• Drink organic cranberry or pomegranate juice (organic and diluted, not too strong)

• Most stones are calcium deposits therefore vinegar can be taken as follows :

• No coffee or black tea (no caffeinated beverages), No hot chocolate, No tomato juice, No soy drinks

• No supplements of any kind except those that dissolve kidney stones, except magnesium

• No oxalates
Go easy on oxalates. Eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables provides you with lots of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients; however, some of these foods also provide oxalates, which you ought to reduce significantly  if you have a tendency toward kidney stone formation.

• Use salt sparingly for a few days
Salt. There’s also a high correlation between kidney stones and salt intake. Limit your sodium consumption to no more than two grams per day.

Teas which are diuretics and/or dissolve stones

Diuretic Tea for Dissolving Kidney Stones:
“Dandelion and corn silk are two choices of diuretic that are effective. Diuretic tea is another natural remedy for kidney stones. Made from dandelion, corn silk, fennel seed, nettle leaf and oat straw, diuretic tea is very simple to prepare. Pour one quart of boiling water on ½ teaspoon of all the remaining herbs. Cover with a lid and set it aside for 20 minutes. Filter and then drink a cup of this tea in the morning and evening.”

Goldenrod tea (Wild Herb to Cure Kidney Stone)
The North Americans found a wild herb called goldenrod, which is also found to be very effective. If you are allergic to goldenrod tinctures, don’t try the following recipe.

“Take a quarter cup of gravel root, marshmallow root, hydrangea root, ginger capsules and 250mg of vitamin B6 and uva ursi capsules. Soak all these ingredients in small non-metallic cups with non-metallic lids individually filled with fresh tap water. Then boil the herbs and simmer for 20 minutes. Drink a quarter cup, when it cools down and freeze the rest. Buy fresh parsley that is not sprayed. Boil four bunches in one quart of water for three to five minutes. Strain the portion and drink it once it cools down. Freeze the rest. Make a mixture of both the frozen contents daily and add 20 drops of goldenrod tincture and one tablespoon of glycerin. Take a big mug full daily. Drink it in small quantities and if you are allergic, start with half the dose.” (Per

Performing a seasonal kidney cleanse is an effective way to prevent kidney stones.

Kidney Cleanse Programs

Regular or seasonal cleansing of the kidneys is the single best way to avoid the painful stones. We have used both of the following programs with excellent results.
Dr. Hulda Clark’s Kidney Cleanse

Dr. Richard Clark’s Kidney Cleanse

In closing:
Perhaps the best preventive measure for kidney stones is to do the following every day.
=> Very first thing in the morning after cleaning the mouth, one should drink a large glass of warm, distilled water.
This is the single best way of flushing out the kidneys. This practice should always be done before eating.
3 Morning Essentials — EVERYDAY!

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

[1] “What Are Kidney Stones? What Causes Kidney Stones?” – (Article Date: 17 Jun 2009)

[2] “Oxalates are salts formed when oxalic acid combines with potassium, sodium or calcium. While the first two are innocuous, calcium oxalate is implicated in the formation of kidney stones. Some kidney stone sufferers benefit from a diet reduced in oxalate.” (Per “What Fruits & Vegetables Contain Oxalate?” @

[3] Cooking greens like spinach, Swiss chard or beet greens increases the conversion of oxalic acid to oxalate salt. Therefore, raw spinach is much better than cooked spinach for anyone with a history of kidney stones. For those who like cooked spinach, it’s recommended to lightly steam it or very gently sauté it.

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