Are Gallbladder Attacks Misdiagnosed As Heart Attacks?

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Whenever you have such a pain in your chest that you feel like you’re having a heart attack, don’t forget to consider the possibility of a gallbladder attack when you are examined. In the moment – by all means – respond as though it may be a heart attack. But be sure to follow up with the most appropriate line of inquiry to rule in or rule out a gallbladder attack. Here’s why:

Gallbladder attacks present symptoms not too unlike heart attacks. The symptom sets don’t line up perfectly, but there are enough similarities that the doctor can misconstrue one for the other. If an error of diagnosis like this occurs, you can imagine all the various and complex consequences. Not a pretty picture at all – pre or post operatively!

Modern medicine doesn’t pay much attention to gallstones, except when the surgeon decides it’s time to remove a person’s gallbladder (some are even taking them out through the mouth these days).

So, what’s the real story here?

The human body produces gallstones as a natural, biological response within the liver-gallbladdder system. Everyone has them. As a matter of fact, Dr Hulda Clark often estimated that the typical All American liver contains anywhere from 2000 to 5000 gallstones, gall-pebbles gall-sand, etc. That is NOT normal; it’s the NEW normal because of the degradation of the bioterrain, improper foods and beverages, and other bad eating habits.

How many woman – pre, peri or post menopausal – do you know who have had their gallbladders removed? It’s quite a statement when the medical society simply takes out an organ because of a ‘stuck’ gallstone?! What a totally unnecessary surgical procedure this is in many cases.

As the liver sloughs off these gallstones on a regular basis, the largest ones can sometimes get caught in the biliary ducts as well as the gallbladder. A large gallstone can easily become the size of a large marble (or agate) as it sits in the liver slowly growing in size for a period of time. You can then imagine what will happen when these stones migrate toward the biliary ducts or the main bile duct as the liver rids itself of them.

By the way gallstones are the number one reason for congested livers and do set up the environment for other types of liver dis-ease. The extraordinary proliferation of the infectious Hepatitis A, B, and C, as well as cirrhosis, along many other liver conditions are actually the result, in part, of a liver chock full of gallstones.

“But I thought gallstones were only in the gallbladder?” That’s a reasonable question.

Let us answer it this way: After the surgeon extracts a gallbladder due to a large calcified gallstone causing pain and other problems, that is by no means the end of an individual’s gallstones issues. How so? Because there are potentially hundreds or thousands still sitting in the liver waiting to be released into the intestinal tract for expulsion from the body.

Of course, the decision to have your gallbladder taken out remains yours to make, but when the surgeon speaks of no other alternative, that’s just NOT true. And many a candidate for this type of surgery gives in to the fear-based consultations around this weighty matter. For further understanding you may want to do some research about why God even decided to create the gallbladder.

When Gallbladder Attacks Mimic Heart Attacks

Back to the chest pain which mimics a heart attack. When large stones are passing through the biliary ducts, you can imagine the convulsion associated with this natural expulsion process. The pressure, the inexplicable discomfort throughout the entire chest area, the referred pain can all be quite similar to a heart attack.

Don’t forget that most who experience this type of paroxysm (a severe attack or a sudden increase in intensity) have never even had a heart attack, so they can only imagine that they are experiencing one. Then they rush to the emergency room or visit the cardiologist convinced that it is their heart.

By the way, in the case of a genuine gallbladder attack, many do visit the doctor and come to find out that they do in fact have serious heart disease which ought to be addressed post haste. In this instance the gallbladder attack has served to warn them of their heart problem. So that can be a very good unintended benefit of the offending gallstone, as frightening and uncomfortable an experience as it can be. However….

And it’s a BIG however. Rarely is the patient in the position to discriminate between a true blue heart attack and real green gallbladder attack. Therefore, the best thing one can do is to take the preventive approach. Performing a gallbladder flush and liver cleanse on a regular basis, especially the older you get, is a very good idea.

For those who eat fresh, organic, locally grown, seasonally appropriate, body type-specific food and have good liver and gallbladder genetics, the liver/gallbladder maintenance program is much easier. Including certain liver cleansing foods may be all that you have to do to keep your liver purged of gallstones. Beets (Love that beet borsch!) are a great unclogger for example.

We’ll fully discuss the relevant detoxification protocols and dietary prescriptions in future coaching sessions. We have a lot to think about for now so that we don’t confuse a heart attack with a gallbladder attack and visa versa.

Remember, gallstones can become quite large and cause much pain upon release. Just imagine the following passing through your bile ducts.

Source: offers some excellent information regarding liver and gallbladder health.

Sorry to leave you with this picture, but it’s worth a thousand words. You will be well served to learn what you must learn and do what you must do to prevent these from forming in your body.

With every good wish,
The Heath Coach

Personal Testimony:
The Health Coach keeps a diary of all healing regimens and detoxification protocols that he has performed on his own body for well over 20 years. An audit of the gallbladder flush log indicates over 65 Hulda Clark designed gallbladder flushes have been conducted, among other similar programs. Each entry has an estimated count of gallstones released by each flush. As of today, literally thousands of gallstones have been recorded.

“Gallbladder Attack Can Feel Like A Heart Attack”: Internet Testimony

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