How To Heal An Inguinal Hernia Naturally — WITHOUT SURGERY

Holistic Inguinal Hernia Remediation


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This alternative, holistic approach toward hernia remediation is applicable only to those inguinal hernia cases that have been evaluated by a competent physician who is experienced in this particular specialty.

If an inguinal hernia is in jeopardy of strangulation, then surgery may be the only intervention that will successfully repair the hernia site.  Likewise, if a hernia is irreducible over the long term and adhesions form, surgery may be the only alternative.

Self-diagnosis and self-treatment of an advanced or serious inguinal hernia is not recommended because of the potential serious consequences to both abdominal and overall health.

Regardless of the holistic approach utilized, it is highly advisable that a qualified healthcare professional, with direct experience in inguinal hernia remediation, be involved in the formulation and monitoring of any long-range treatment plan. 


Inguinal hernias are extremely difficult to remediate unless you know well two things: (i) the many techniques and treatments which can contribute to a permanent cure and (ii) the various co-factors which caused the hernia to occur in the first place. The Hernia Coach consulted with some of the most competent healthcare professionals over a 6 year period, as well as read and studied the most authoritative literature on the subject of inguinal hernia. Throughout the period of hernia remediation each healing modality, detox protocol, and exercise regimen was undertaken with great care and patience. The last thing a hernia sufferer wants to do is exacerbate their hernia, especially to the point of requiring surgery.

My Story:
The Hernia Coach initially sustained his inguinal hernia on Wednesday evening of July 9th of 2008. Doesn’t everyone know the exact day and time, place and circumstances of their first hernia blow-out?!  That inguinal hernia healed with finality during the last week of May, 2014.  Hence, it was nearly six years since the cure finally occurred.

During that 6-year period he experimented with numerous health initiatives, noting the pros and cons of various exercise programs and hatha yoga routines, healing modalities and alternative therapies, nutritional regimens and detoxification protocols, as well as an assortment of herbal, homeopathic, vibropathic and nutraceutical formulations.  Other holistic approaches such as color and light therapies, sound and music therapies, laser and bio-energetic therapies were also utilized in the search for a cure.  The reader will therefore be spared the extraordinary amount of trial and error which was performed in order to arrive at a fairly distilled set of hernia remediation protocols.

As a matter of fact, a good number of the health articles and wellness essays, which will appear at The Hernia Coach companion site, were written after various pursuits which were undertaken in the conduct of deliberate inguinal hernia remediation. With that said, it is highly recommended that anyone who is serious about healing their hernia — WITHOUT surgery — read those health articles and wellness essays when the new website is live.  Each and every one serves as a valuable coaching session that will only increase your chances of success.

Getting started:

There is a very significant emotional component to inguinal hernias that is almost always overlooked by both patient and practitioner alike.  If you wish to proceed down this particular healing path, you MUST come to terms with this profound aspect of your hernia. To ignore it is to do so at your own peril.  As a matter of fact, many folks have eventually suffered a hernia blowout on the side of their pubic bone … because they failed to address this highly significant component.  With that understanding, please read the following correlation to hernias that was made by a well known New Age healer:

Ruptured relationships. Strains, burdens, Incorrect creative expression



HERNIA — Ruptured relationship(s), Straining too much, Overwhelming life burdens

Hopefully we have sufficiently focused your attention on this necessary aspect of hernia remediation.  As long as it hovers in your awareness as you set about the process of addressing the various physical angles, you’ll do just fine.  Eventually, one day, you will release whatever it is that (i) causes you to strain too much … (ii) overwhelms you with burdens on the physical, mental and emotional levels, and/or (iii) ruptures your most important relationships.

Anecdote:  The Hernia Coach, in the months prior to his hernia cure, was doing a LOT of research on the internet that required reading some very funny material and watching some hilarious videos. For the first time in his adulthood, genuine laughter returned to his life.  This happened quite naturally … and imperceptibly. There is no question, by the way, that both laughter and smiling strengthen muscles which are ultimately connected to those which interpenetrate the abdominal floor.  You’ve heard the phrase — BELLY LAUGH — yes?!   Well, the sooner you start having them, the more the emotional influences associated with your hernia will dissolve.

Back to “Getting started”, because what follows is the single most important advice you will receive in this first session.  It’s absolutely imperative that you accurately identify every co-factor which has contributed to the development of YOUR hernia.  By that we mean all of the dietary factors and medicinal influences, health and medical conditions, daily routines and habits, work-style and play-style, as well as the preponderant mental, emotional, and spiritual issues which contributed to the conducive environment  for the hernia to occur.

Remember, all hernias are not the same — even direct, right-sided inguinal hernias may vary as to causation as well as how they manifest.  In fact, each and every hernia has its own unique set of causes. Granted there are many similar co-factors that have been identified by medical practitioners over decades of diagnosis.  However, relatively little thought, time and energy have been directed to recognizing the true causes of hernias with the explicit purpose of remediating them without surgery.

Inguinal Hernias Do Not Just Appear By Lifting Too Much, The Environment Is Created Over Years

For instance, how many times have you heard the explanation that “His hernia was caused by lifting too much weight.”  As a matter of fact, it wasn’t the amount of weight or even how ergonomically incorrect he lifted it; rather, it was the years or decades of wrong lifestyle which created the internal environment for the hernia blowout to occur when he was out playing weekend warrior.  As an example, sometimes the most significant contributing factor is low-grade constipation.  That’s right, years of forcing bowel movements can set up the abdominal floor so that one wrong lift can then cause the hernia to bulge through.

The denial of a contributing cause(s) or failure to recognize a major co-factor(s) will only impede your progress toward a permanent cure.  Therefore, if you are serious about healing your hernia, you must be real … REAL with your self … REAL with those who know your habits and patterns well … and REAL with those practitioners who you have chosen to help facilitate your process of remediation.

So, what are we talking about when we say causes and co-factors?  We are using “causes” as a more direct influence on the actual hernia blowout.  We are using co-factors as those contributing circumstances which conspired to create the conducive environment for the hernia to occur.  In other words all of those influences, which when considered in the aggregate, put the odds in favor of developing the hernia.  We leave it up to each individual to evaluate what exactly are their causes and co-factors, as we work through subsequent coaching sessions together.

It’s important to point out that a cause can be a co-factor and vice versa.  Also, that one person’s co-factor may be another person’s cause.  Because the lines can easily blur between the two categories, we are listing them together.  We will go into much more detail in the upcoming coaching letters and hernia forum so that folks can better distinguish one from the other in their own case. Understanding these subtle issues and significant nuances can greatly accelerate your healing process.

CAUSES and CO-FACTORS of Inguinal Hernias

Here they are, in order of the ‘weight’ which has been given to them by many patients and practitioners alike.  We will split them up into 3 primary categories so that you can easily work with them – Mechanical, Chemical, and Emotional.

Mechanical Causes/Co-Factors of Inguinal Hernia in Descending Order

•  Acute constipation
•  Chronic constipation
•  Straining bowel movements
•  Forcing out abdominal gas
•  Lifting heavy objects without proper support
•  Lifting heavy objects incorrectly
•  Too much athleticism
•  Sedentary lifestyle
•  Too little exercise, especially that which strengthens the abdominal and lower back muscles
•  Violent sneezing
•  Chronic coughing
•  Bending over incorrectly and too frequently
•  Over-eating
•  Long-distance bicycling, marathoning and swimming
•  Wearing a waist belt too tight
•  Any mechanical movement or posture which exerts stress on the abdominal floor

There are other mechanical causes which may be unique to the lifestyle of the individual. Great care should be given by those folks who are given some indication as to the not-so-apparent mechanical stresses, particularly those which occur on a regular basis.


Chemical Causes/Co-Factors of Inguinal Hernia in Descending Order 

•  Chemical contamination of the hernia site tissues in the form of environmental pollution, chemical poisons, food toxins
•  Pathogenic micro-organisms which are attracted to the degraded bioterrain
•  Constipating foods which slow down the transit time throughout the GI tract
•  Foods that trigger an allergic reaction, inflammation, or other type of hyper-reactivity
•  Alcohol on a regular basis
•  Smoking on a regular basis
•  Recreational drugs on a regular basis
  Various prescription drugs which weaken the digestive system
•  Taking too many nutritional supplements which compromise the digestive process
•  Too much red meat and/or other animal food products
•  Too much frozen, canned and/or junk food
•  Too much mucus-producing food such as dairy, wheat, sugar, and caffeine
•  Too much ice water and/or other cold beverages, especially artificially sweetened sodas

There are other chemical co-factors, which serve to adversely alter the bioterrain and diminish the overall health of the abdominal area.  Again, each person is called upon to closely examine what some of the more hidden ones might be in their life.

Emotional and Mental Causes/Co-Factors of Inguinal Hernia in Descending Order

The emotional components of hernia vary by individual; however, there is a common emotional comportment among many hernia sufferers.
•  The feeling of being overburdened over the long term
•  The sense of having to deal with too many stresses which show no sign of relenting
•  Challenges of dealing with a ruptured relationship(s)
•  Facing the prospect of losing a job and/or becoming unemployed
•  Confronting financial difficulties such as maintaining a suitable income level
•  Burdened by debts or other financial commitments
•  Loss of a home or other major property
•  Crushing responsibilities at home or work
•  Being weighed down by an obstacle(s) which cannot be overcome
•  Overly preoccupied with a medical condition or health crisis

There are many other emotional causes of inguinal hernias which are unique to each individual. Because of their significant ‘weight’ in the development of a hernia, it is highly recommended that each person deeply contemplate this particular matter to his/her complete satisfaction.  Only by addressing the more weighty emotional conditions and mental states which have contributed to its appearance will a cure be within reach.

More importantly, after an inguinal hernia is repaired either through natural means or surgery, it can reappear on the other side of the pubic bone if the co-factors are not properly addressed.  This is especially true of this last component discussed.  Therefore, it’s critical to begin doing some soul work as soon as possible.

Electropollution and Radiation Causes/Co-Factors of Inguinal Hernia

There are numerous vectors of dissemination of both electropollution and radiation throughout both the ambient environment as well as the geographic area in which one lives, works and plays. The harmful effects of these unseen assaults to the human body are still in a rather rudimentary stage of understanding.  We will provide more information on this highly influential category in upcoming coaching sessions.

Until then, be aware that it is advised that information technology devices not be kept too close to your body when not in use.  Smartphones, tablets, laptops, high-powered wristwatches, etc. ought not to be placed near your person while sleeping.  Everyone has a different level of vulnerability to the associated radiation levels and various frequencies.  The most sensitive people should not even keep their credit cards or any other chipped cards in their wallets.  Nor should they keep a microwave oven in their home; they not only toxify the ‘nuked’ food, during operation the microwaves adversely affect the human body in ways that are not entirely understood.

Furthermore, it behooves each individual to conduct an electro-pollution audit of the home and work environments.  It’s also a good idea to investigate the proximity of one’s home to cellphone towers, TV and/or radio antennae, satellite dishes, microwave transmitters, and the like since they all can produce negative health affects over the long term.

The regular exposure to ionizing radiation by way of various types of radionuclides is another environmental assault which ought to be avoided.  There are more and more sources of radioactive contamination surfacing throughout the environment with each passing year.  Knowing if any of these sources are close to home or impacting the ambient environment is critical since the vast majority of these often go completely undetected for years or decades.

Six Years Of Inguinal Hernia Remediation

Now some will ask why should it should take so many years to remediate their hernia.  Just because we took so long, doesn’t mean yours will.  We experimented with a large number of healing modalities, natural therapies, detoxification protocols, holistic treatments, dietary regimens, exercise programs, as well as many other approaches which will be discussed in the future.  By doing so many things over such a long period of time, we were able to — by trial and error — arrive at those measures and techniques, remedies and treatments which were the most effective.

The best way to describe our lengthy but deliberate remediation process, especially for the uninitiated, is to liken it to a biology experiment.  We used our home clinic as the laboratory, and our body as the test tube trying anything and everything that might work to produce a permanent cure. This endeavor was similar to conducting a series of quasi-clinical trials on many different hernia remediation procedures and products.

At the conclusion of the experiment, we were able to distill down a list of the most effective means and measures which contributed directly to what appeared to be a spontaneous healing.  Although many friends and family have described it as a full-blown miracle, we know that the conditions were well prepared for the miracle to occur.  That’s another way of saying that the healing of the hernia site was the direct result of LOTs of hard work.  In other words, we spell miracle – H A R D  W O R K. Along with a LOT of focused self-observation and process of elimination thrown in to the 6 year experiment.

Prayer and Meditation, Self Inquiry and Contemplation, Grace and Blessings

For the inevitable doubters among us, we are obligated to point out that ultimately a hernia is only healed by the grace of God.  Such an injury to the abdominal floor is so difficult to heal naturally that when a cure is experienced, it takes place only by divine intercession.  Were more people to understand this simple truth fewer would opt to have surgery so early in their remediation process. Intuitively most individuals know that a successful healing process demands not only their daily dedication to a very demanding remediation program, it also requires a deep spiritual commitment to change their lives in profound and fundamental ways.

For those who are not inclined to cultivate the necessary psycho-spiritual environment for a healing, may we say that your challenges will be infinitely more daunting.  While we still encourage you to try the “Holistic Approach“, please know that there are two wings which must be flapped vigorously if this bird is going to fly … … … without wearing a hernia belt.

We cannot overemphasize the amount of time and energy which ought to be put into one’s “prayer life” when undertaking this natural remediation process.  That’s because each of these two wings — self effort and grace — requires the other to properly function.  Without self effort there is no taking responsibility for one’s physical condition; without the grace, which only comes through prayer and meditation, the benefits of all the hard work will not manifest the way they need to in order to overcome some highly challenging obstacles.


CAVEAT REVISITED: Mental and Emotional, Psychological and Philosophical Factors Bear Much Weight

Whereas it might appear that finding the right hernia remediation program for YOU is similar to the Quest for the Holy Grail, by simply addressing the most weighty causes and co-factors in an intelligent way you can greatly expedite the whole process.  Therefore, the mental and emotional, psychological and philosophical components are best addressed sooner than later.

For those who wonder about how to even go about doing so, know that the spiritual side of the process will profoundly (and reliably) inform the mental and emotional aspects.  For this to occur as seamlessly as possible, there is one thing that is required in large measure — FAITH.  If you don’t believe the inguinal hernia can be healed in this manner, it won’t.  Of course there are those rare exceptions who are due a miracle no matter how they feel about all this warm and fuzzy stuff. However, for the great majority of people there must be an abiding faith and trust in the process.

Any individual’s mental and/or emotional comportment which helps or hinders the recommended remediation process can always be altered.  Just a little validation concerning “right attitude” will go a long way.  As baby steps are taken in the right direction, little successes will take place which will encourage those who act in good faith.

What are some of the things that we know worked toward the healing?

The three lists delineated above reign supreme in this remediation process. Stripping away the many causes and co-factors cannot be over-emphasized.  To ignore this critical part of the self-healing process is to do so at your peril.  For instance, the human body can tolerate only so much chronic constipation before something blows out.  Kind of like broken toilet plumbing; how long will anyone tolerate a clogged toilet?!  Eventually the pipes will give way.

As for the many things that were tried — both successfully and unsuccessfully — over the 6-year period, The Hernia Coach will further discuss those pieces of the remediation process on the upcoming companion website.  This new inguinal hernia remediation site is dedicated to discussing tried and proven ways toward a successful cure.  Only those who are VERY serious about healing their hernia holistically are encouraged to visit the new site and join the forum.

As an example of some of the many things you will find on the new site are rare, out-of-print books and tracts written by old school physicians and highly skilled naturopaths who enjoyed success healing their hernia patients.  You will be given the different hatha yoga postures, Pilates exercises and other conventional exercises which are best suited for strengthening the hernia site.  You will read about the most recommended dietary regimens and food prohibitions that will significantly reduce pain, intermittent bulging and/or irreducibility.

This website will be presented in such a way that the most important remediation measures and aids will be presented first.  In that way anyone can follow the suggestions and begin to see improvement quickly.  Because each person is starting from a different place with regard to their remediation process, they are encouraged to think for themselves with regard to any guidance that is offered.   Ultimately, each individual will design their own remediation program that best fits their overall physical needs, as well as addresses the particular physiological and biochemical demands of their unique inguinal hernia.



Our Hernia Remediation Approach Is Subtle And Refined, Measured And Gentle

As previously mentioned, no two inguinal hernias are exactly alike.  Nor do they have the exact same set of causes.  Because of this general predicament in the “Universe” of inguinal hernias, we understand that each person will be drawn to or away from certain recommendations.  There are times when what may be right for one, may not be right for another.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing.  Sometimes certain measures may be ultimately necessary but are best introduced at a later date because of competing demands or conflicts in the kitchen or lack of funds, etc.

What’s the point?  This approach is a highly individualized one.  Each hernia sufferer will inevitably create their own program which is attentive to the limitations and deficiencies, defects and imbalances of their own body.  In this manner each individual ought to be sensitive to the subtle causes and effects that will be experienced throughout this very personalized remediation process. Then, a refinement of the process will begin to take place so that the optimal set of “things to do and things not to do” evolves naturally for each person.

At the end of the day, whether you’re successful or not in achieving your desired goal, you will find yourself in an infinitely better place.  Your body and mind, heart and soul will have undergone a complete transformation.  Given such an improved physical condition over the long haul, the odds can be put in one’s favor for a spontaneous healing to result.

Here is a list of some things which will be taken up early in our various coaching sessions on the aforementioned website:

•  How to overcome acute and low grade constipation naturally?

•  How to have a stress-free bowel movement?

•  How to mitigate other mechanical triggers, anatomical stresses and physiological events which contribute to hernia development or prevent it from healing?

•  Which are the best “Go-To Websites” on the internet that will support your healing process?

•  Which Ayurvedic remedies are best indicated for your particular type of hernia?

•  Which Traditional Chinese Medicines are the most effective?

•  Which herbal formulae from Western Herbalism produce optimal results?

•  Which homeopathic formulations definitively address the critical emotional components?

•  Where does color therapy fit in to the program? Is the yellow theme of this website one of the healing colors?

•  What are the ideal recipes designed to relieve hernia symptoms and promote a conducive intestinal healing environment?

•  What are the major causes of hernia pain; how can they be alleviated quickly?

•  What are the best books on inguinal hernia available, both medical and holistic?

•  How to avoid the dreaded adhesions which can impede natural hernia repair?

•  Which Pilates exercises are the best to strengthen the core?

•  Which Hatha Yoga asanas are the absolute “Must Do Postures” of any meaningful program?


•  What weight routines are best engaged; which are best avoided?

•  What are the top 10 injury co-factors that must be eradicated from the lifestyle?

•  What are the top 10 things to start doing from day one?

•  Which types of breathwork are the most stimulating to the abdominal cavity and therefore self repair?

•  What types of massage and which massage oils provide the quickest benefits?

•  What activities ought to be avoided; which should be included on a daily basis?

•  Which detoxification protocols are the most efficacious at cleaning out the hernia site from the inside out?

•  How does tight underwear elastic contribute to inguinal hernia formation?

•  How do tight waist belts prevent hernias from healing naturally?

• What is the best kind of hernia belt to where? When should it be worn?

•  What easy exercise can be done every night at bedtime … before dozing off to sleep?

•  What simple exercise can be done while driving, at the office or in the checkout line?

•  Why is the psoas muscle so important and what are the best hath a yoga asanas to isolate and strengthen it?

•  What types of healing baths bring about the best results?

•  What breakfast is ideal to start the day off right … for the hernia site?

•  What is the best decision process to utilize before proceeding with hernia surgical repair

•  What are the real pro and cons of the four primary types of surgery, and where are they performed most successfully?

•  Are there truly biocompatible mesh materials for those who have allergies, intolerances or sensitivities to petrochemically-derived mesh implants?

•  What are the downside risks to surgical hernia repair?

•  Once surgery is completed, can the hernia site ever heal naturally

These are just a few of the issues which will be taken up at the future hernia remediation companion site, as well as in the monthly coaching letter.
There are many other relevant topics — what we call the real gems of holistic hernia remediation — that will also be addressed in great detail in an upcoming monthly coaching letter.

Here’s an example of one simple suggestion, which many do not follow, that can substantially reduce day-to-day stress on the hernia site:

*Just as you must endeavor to maintain a relatively short transit time throughout the GI tract and keep your colon empty, it is best to keep your urinary bladder empty, too.
Don’t hold onto your urine till you’re bursting.  It’s not helpful  for obvious reasons, yes?!

It’s all about relieving downward stress in and around the hernia site area as much as practically possible during the acute phase.  And, as much as possible throughout the chronic phase.

Hopefully your visit to this website has been edifying and empowering.  If you leave with just one take-away then it has served its purpose.

Whether you decide to have surgery or not, the soon-to-be-live website will provide much material that ought to help in understanding how a hernia site can be strengthened and fortified.  Inasmuch as a predisposition toward hernia development can symmetrically show up on the opposite of an existing inquinal hernia, performing at least some of the recommended daily disciplines can serve as a excellent preventative approach.

May you experience excellent health!
And may your hernia leave you as quickly as it came.

The Hernia Coach

Special Message From The Coach:

Modern society now REACTS to inguinal hernias with the reflexive response of surgical repair. Because very few ever work with their hernia in a truly conscious way, rare is the case that is ever known to heal naturally or spontaneously.  We are here to tell you — irrefutably – – that hernia sites can and do heal without surgery.

With that said, you will often be required to convince even the most avid holistic practitioners that healing hernia without surgery is not only quite possible, that’s the way they were always healed before the first surgical associations so dominated the field of hernia repair.  Once those alternative healers are on board, they will gladly assist you in your remediation process.

Because of this current state of affairs throughout the medical and alternative health realms, it is imperative that you take control of the process whenever and wherever appropriate.  This approach is not for the fainthearted or unmotivated, unobservant and unresponsive.  On the contrary, holistic hernia remediation demands an initiative-oriented and indomitable spirit not too unlike the knights in search of the Holy Grail.  It’s there … you just have to persevere.


Advice For Every Visitor:

Anyone who has experienced an inguinal hernia should consult with a qualified physician as soon as possible.  Particularly when the hernia is in an acute or traumatic phase, it may be advisable to call 911, visit the nearest Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinic.  In any case you ought to immediately schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.

An inguinal hernia can develop into a very serious medical condition which may require immediate surgery.  Particularly when the intestinal tract is strangulated, is surgery often the only safe and effective treatment.  In certain cases this can be life-saving.

When in doubt, it is best to err on the side of caution if you have never been confronted with this type of potentially serious medical condition.  Therefore, be sure to call your doctor ASAP!

Hernia Coaching Disclaimer:
All content found at The Hernia Coach is for information purposes only. Therefore, the information on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care and should not be construed as either medical diagnosis or treatment. All information contained herein ought to be considered within the context of an individual’s overall health status and prescribed treatment plan.
Since The Hernia Coach does not diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or heal any type of disease or medical condition, the information contained at this website is not intended to provide specific physical, mental, emotional or psychological advice for a particular individual.  All responsibility lies with the person who chooses to put this information to use, not The Hernia Coach.
It is entirely the reader’s decision to act or not act on any information at The Hernia Coach. Therefore, we fully invoke the HOLD HARMLESS clause for those who are responsible for putting any of this information into practical use and application.