Endtime Madness: A Condition To Be ‘Reckoned’ With

Who among us does not know someone who has gone over the edge these days?

How many in our own families have gone very close to the edge?

The Health Coach

Certainly there are also co-workers, neighbors or friends who flirt with this emerging condition of the mind, as much as it is a condition of the soul, which is sometimes known as Endtime Madness.

Many a health coach, wellness counselor and integrative health consultant has been forced to confront this New Age malady. So have the chiropractors and acupuncturists, osteopaths and homeopaths. You can be sure that the general practitioners, family practitioners and internists have been kept plenty busy trying to figure this one out. As have the psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists whose specialty is to assist with such imbalances of mind and heart, spirit and soul.

So, exactly what are we talking about when we say Endtime Madness.

We live in a world that is moving very, VERY fast. And it will continue to move even faster. Especially for the parents of many of us Baby Boomers, it has become extremely difficult for them to process all the societal changes and accommodate the day-to-day flux. Theirs was an entirely different world and most of them have deliberately chosen not to go with the flow of the New Millennium.

This situation has created a disconnect between them and us. For many of these elderly folks they have been on a regimen of pharmaceutical medications for much of their adult life … and these have taken a great toll on their mental faculties, emotional posture and psychological profile. The upshot is that it doesn’t, then, take very long for a new state of mind to emerge when they are confronted with the overwhelming number and diversity of demands that post-modern life places on them.

How many of us have had tremendous challenges dealing with our parents or watched our peer acquaintances do the same? As they reach the twilight years many of these very traditional and conservative folks have quite a time dealing with so many of life’s challenges and unforeseen obstacles. They do their best … their VERY best but often segue over to a state of being which can be characterized as highly self-defensive and self-protective. Their quickly constructed fortresses then keep out those who they need the most and whose love they crave.

This is just one example of perhaps the most vulnerable segment of the population that has become particularly susceptible to Endtime Madness. It could only be expected with our dear old parents as they leave this incarnation at a pivotal point in the evolution the human race. So much going on contrary to their traditions, values, principles and religious beliefs. Truly, it’s a wonder how they have stood up so well in the face of such awesome and meteoric change.

There are other demographics showing signs of Endtime Madness

We live in a time that demands resilience, acceptance and patience. When was the last time on Planet Earth when you could be privy to every major and minor happening around the globe … in real time no less. You’d probably have to go back several ages and tens of millennia to find a similar set of planetary circumstances. True, the end of an age, especially the end of Kali Yuga (aka the Iron Age) always bring an extremely unique set of challenges throughout every sphere of life and at every level of existence. Sounds pretty daunting, doesn’t it?!

Well it is, especially for those (cultural creatives, bleeding hearts, emotional empaths and sensitive souls) who fail to shield themselves from the “craziness which abounds in society”. Craziness? — What do we mean by craziness?
We’re talking about 500 plus channels of craziness on the TV (aka Weapon of Mass Deception).
We’re talking about print media much of which has morphed into tabloid fare.
We’re talking about shock radio that does just that every time you turn it on!
We’re talking about an educational system which exposes every child to dangerous vaccines, substandard cafeteria ‘food’ and courses replete with pap and pablum.
We’re talking about social media which now defines the public discourse and focuses on “Whatever!”

Please, don’t misunderstand us, we are not saying that all of these forms of media don’t have a flip side which can be used for the good. They certainly do, and those with common sense gravitate to those aspects of the media which truly educate, enlighten and empower.

What’s the point? We live in a world which is increasingly taken over by soundbites. Where someone can be marginalized instantaneously for posting words of wisdom, a perceptive insight or simple common sense. As the gates of irrationality close throughout the many fortresses of societal institutions, those who are the free thinkers and truth-seekers are ostracized and often defamed. When the collective conscience leaves the reservation we definitely have a problem. And in many cases a VERY serious problem which inevitably causes blowback throughout the entire society.

This is when the many different forms of Endtime Madness can really start to manifest anywhere and everywhere. Because just as the media “part of life” has gone absolutely bonkers, so has every other sphere of life gone into a full tilt mode. Be it family and friends, co-workers or business associates, fellow athletes or card players, stuff seems to be jumpin’ off everywhere lately!

When you overlay on this unfolding scenario the manifold stressors in everyday life, which are operative within every domain from financial and economic to political and social, from the environmental and ecological to health and wellness, things start to pop both when you least expect it or when you’ve waited for decades for stuff to happen. Literally, eight gaskets are blown at once. You see the steady stream of headlines across the newswire containing one guy or gal after another going postal everywhere, except the Post Office.

March Madness is now a year-long phenomenon

On the health and wellness front we see it all everyday on websites like Mercola.com and NaturalNews.com, NaturalSociety.com and TheHealthCoach1.com. Likewise, there is an unprecedented proliferation of social media dedicated to these same concerns. Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks are utilized to advocate a new environmental cause, pursue a critical health mission or post the next great ecological challenge facing humankind.


Having access to these many and multifarious outlets is very good … except that over-exposure to the whole gamut available in cyberspace can produce a phenomenon known as stimulation overload. It can manifests as ADD, ADHD and Autism in children who have had the unfortunate karma of being over-vaccinated, having been fed an All-American junk food diet, and having spent their entire childhood hooked up to technology instead of to nature or athletics or other wholesome childhood pastimes.

This is where things can get a little tricky for all of us trying to navigate the information super-highways, especially while negotiating the local highways and byways. You know the young lady (or gentleman) who just began her first professional job and she’s driving down the interstate at 7 AM while talking on the cellphone, putting on her makeup (he’s still shaving with his electric), drinking the morning cafe´ and preparing for the Monday morning meeting all at once. Did we say stress?!

Did we also forget to mention the 5 or 8 or 12 pharmaceutical medications that either has just taken before walking out the door? This portrayal of Monday Morning Madness truly becomes the picture of Endtime Madness when you throw the fuel of powerful prescriptions on the fire of daily stress, especially when you’re driving down jampacked interstates with who-knows-how-many-others that fit this profile … to the “T”! As this scenario plays itself out over and over, the likelihood is being ratcheted up exponentially of our once nicely ordered society hitting the proverbial wall.

The day-to-day practical living of our own lives has been put into high gear over these past few years; so much so that even the most capable, competent multi-tasker (with Gemini rising) in the whole darn building would be highly challenged. As time is compressed and obligations seem to multiply, the number of daily activities and mundane tasks seems to forever increase while the time available to complete them appears to continually diminish.

How do you spell S T R E S S? How we deal with this little reality of life in 2012 and beyond will dictate, to a great extent, how far we stay away from even a hint of Endtime Madness. For those completely uninitiated in this type of discussion, please be aware that even the best of us can be caught unaware when we least expect it even after we have shined the light of awareness on it.

Please do be aware that we are using this label of “Endtime Madness” a little more loosely than usual in order to sensitize every reader to a dynamic which is occurring under the radar more and more every single day. Is it a bit melodramatic? Perhaps for those who live in a cocoon. Does it have a definite set of symptoms and possible causes which might be listed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)? Well, “NO”, not quite yet … and it may never make it to that level of acceptance or scrutiny for reasons that are best described in the following essay:

Now that we have all perused that revelatory piece you can better understand where we are as a civilization, a human race and a global habitat. Hopefully the aforementioned essay also provided new, outside-the-box perspective on just why things might be the way they are during this defining moment of humankind’s evolution.

Taking Responsibility For Our Own Life

However, the “HUGE Changes” essay only spoke very briefly to how WE respond, or react, to what’s goin down in the hood. In this case the entire planetary neighborhood and beyond.

Each of us is being confronted with life’s trials and tribulations in such a way that we might find ourselves retreating into our former selves. This is where it gets very personal. For those who don’t want to do the hard work today, best to bookmark this page and come back to this point on a day you’re ready to get busy. Thank you!

For those still with us, as the heat is turned up in the crucible of life, we come face to face with whatever ails us – on any or every or just a single level of our being. If our 800 pound gorilla happens to be fear of snakes, don’t you find them showing up in your life?

If your pink elephant in the living room is the box of Russell Stover chocolates hidden away in the end table next to the couch, then guess what comes knocking on your door (Elephants love sweets just as Ganesha loves modakas)?

Conversely, if you abhor leading the Monday morning meeting, you-know-who is probably going to be asked to lead it for the next month.

All of this is perfectly okay–obviously.

What gets a little tricky is how we deal with these, as well as a veritable cascade of other challenges coming down the pike, all at once. As we find ourselves shunted from groove to groove, each of which produce a conditioned, unconscious reaction to these events, we will find ourselves becoming a little crazy in our own unique way.

Was it Albert Einstein who defined insanity in the following way?
Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So, this is where we are. Clearly circumstances are rapidly changing and the entire space-time continuum is transforming in such a way that we may not be allowed to just hit the repeat button and play the same ole record. If we reflexively hit it anyway – too many times – and we clearly still don’t get it, there may be those around us who will respond to our continued and patented, ‘very interesting’ and ineffective responses to life’s dramas. Respond how, you ask? As though we might suffer from a touch of Endtime ….

Therefore, it just may be the perfect time to decide which part we really want to play on the stage of life in 2016 and beyond. We have the personal freedom, the creative license and the permission from the Universe, as never before  to play the part of our lifetime. We can assume the role of court jester or king, knight-in-shining-armor or fool, princess or prince, peasant or merchant, knave or nobleman. What’s it gonna be?!

As long as we play the part that is in our soul to play, we can do no wrong.

And then, were someone to point at us and say he or she has Endtime Madness, we would not have a care in the world how such words might be used to take us away from the role we were born to play. Because in the end, we would know in our heart of hearts that we have been true to our very own Self – the greatest actor who ever was!

“To Thine Own Self Be True …”

Transmutation of the Biosphere Meets Technospheric Breakdown

The end of every age is fraught with challenges and obstacles, contradictions and paradoxes which can literally drive a person crazy.  The state of the world always deteriorates before the final closing of the era because that is the very nature of the evolutionary process.  As each race of humanity evolves in the crucible of Planet Earth, the biosphere experiences an inexorable degradation as the population increases by the year.

The irony here is that as more and more souls are given the opportunity to spiritually evolve in an extremely challenging global environment, the conditions of the planet rapidly degenerate as the civilization devolves.  This deterioration of the planetary environment is what actually drives many to point of madness—EndTime Madness.  Many are aware, either quite consciously or unconsciously — that the human race is slowly committing ecocide and, therefore, racial suicide.  Hence, they intuitively know that the extinction of the human race is all but inevitable given the current trajectories.

When faced with so many extinction level events (ELEs) which are now swirling all around us all the time, those who are ultra-sensitive do begin to flip out.  Those folks who live in Japan, for instance, know on some level that they are victims of a slow-motion ELE and can do nothing about it.  The people in the Gulf of Mexico who were exposed to the BP Gulf oil spill went through a similar experience, as they continue to.

All that can be done in these and many other similar circumstances is to make the changes necessary and/or respond in a manner that removes any and all existential threats.  If moving is not an option, then learning to accept the unavoidable is a great place to start. After all, every inhabitant of the planet is soon to be facing a formidable challenge of some sort very soon. Particularly in light of the ever-accelerating technospheric breakdown, which is occurring everywhere 24/7, will many of these environmental catastrophes and public health disasters start to converge and overlap.  Then what?


There are very good reasons why the planetary civilization has developed in such a way so as to virtually guarantee a Phoenix “crash and burn” moment.  For one, this beautiful blue orb is in desperate need of a makeover.  Planet Earth has been tremendously exploited since the advent of the Industrial Revolution and can only withstand so much abuse, misuse and overuse. Especially when there are well over 7 billion people to support and sustain, do these burdens begin to stack up toward a system overload point.

Then there is the present political and governmental leadership which prevails in nations large and small.  The politcal and banking class may mean well or not mean well.  In either case the most unenlightened and unevolved always manage to make their way to the top of the controlling professions during the conclusion of each epoch.  This is the way it has always been; this is the way it will always be.

Nevertheless, this sole development concerning the nature of the predominant leadership of the most powerful countries on Earth has essentially dictated the direction of societies around the globe.  The current state of affairs is so dire and chaotic in some nations that the respective populace are quite literally suffering from a unique form of national Endtime Madness (think the USA and UK). In fact, the citizens of all the rich and powerful Western nations are facing enormous challenges, both personal and collective, which are pushing them beyond their breaking points.

Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home (planet)?

The preceding extended essay well explains this worldwide phenomenon.  In so doing it will shed the light of awareness on what truly ails humankind at this critical juncture of human history.  While it elaborates one critical perspective which is rarely seen or heard, it is significant enough that it will provide the necessary understanding from which many will receive relief. They will know in their bones why the whole place has gone stark raving mad. (-:

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With every good wish,
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