UV Germicidal Lamp Necessary For Controlling HVAC-borne Molds And Bacteria

A Must For A Contamination-free HVAC

The Health Coach

Perhaps the single best thing The Health Coach did in the remediation of his home-based HVAC system was to install an Abatement Technologies CAP-500.  This easy to install and cost-effective air purifier is essentially an “Air Purification Technology for your Home’s HVAC System to Help Control Molds, Bacteria and Odors”.

This sole HVAC intervention is especially required for those living in the South or anywhere there is an extended hot and humid environment.  The longer this weather pattern exists throughout the year, the greater the need for a CAP-500.  It can literally mean the difference between a clean HVAC system and ductwork, or a filthy and contaminated one.

Please consult the following article posted here which clearly delineates exactly what a dirty HVAC system will look like.  The health consequences of insufficient maintenance can be quite serious as The Health Coach has seen over the past 25+ years.  After listening to countless medical ailments and health conditions, which are directly associated with an unclean HVAC system, a CAP-500 has been our #1 recommendation for many years now.

HVAC Systems: Is Yours Contaminating Your Home?

What follows is  a brief description taken from the Abatement Technologies website at:
http://www.abatement.com/air-purifier/air-purifier-products-cap500uv.htm  They can also be reached at 800-634-9091.  They have provided The Health Coach with excellent technical service and customer care over many years and we offer our unconditional recommendation.

Add Germicidal UV or UV “Plus” Air Purification Technology to your Home’s HVAC System to Help Control Molds, Bacteria and Odors


Each year millions of Americans suffer from allergic reactions to molds and bacteria commonly found in indoor air. The dark, damp confines of forced-air HVAC systems can provide a perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria to multiply, and potentially spew into the living space of your home when the HVAC fan is turned on.

Installing an Abatement Technologies CAP500 Series UV Germicidal Air Purification device Installing an Abatement Technologies® CAP500 Series UV Germicidal Air Purification Device into your home’s central HVAC system can help control the formation of mold, bacteria and other health-threatening microbes and unpleasant odors. CAP500 models convert the HVAC system into a “killing zone” where micro-organisms are irradiated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Installs in Minutes by a Professional Contractor

CAP500 UV Lamp Systems are sold and installed by professional contractors into the central air handler of the HVAC system. They can work either as a standalone UV air purifier, or are the perfect unit for adding germicidal UV protection to systems already equipped with high-efficiency particulate filtration.