Morgellons: Plague of the 21st Century

And How It Can Be Arrested

If ever there was a modern-day plague, the disease variously known as Morgellons, Hypertoxicity Syndrome, Delusions of Parasitosis, Bioterrain Degradation Disease, Neurocutaneous Syndrome, Myiasis, and Myiasin, would overwhelmingly qualify. We’re talking about something straight out of a Frankenstein flick full of overflowing test tubes and newfangled laboratory creations. The only catch here is that the human body has become the test tube; who’s really running the experiment, many of us would like to know?

We’ll address that question further in a future health blog. For now, let’s get down to the business of Morgellons, especially for those who have been led to believe that it is Delusional parasitosis (Per the CDC), Chronic fatigue syndrome, or various and sundry skin diseases. It does have striking similarities to all of these, except the “delusional” part, which is particularly descriptive of those medical practitioners who throw around such disrepectful fallacy.

Like no other disease process that The Health Coach has seen, Morgellons is the quintessential Multi-Infection Syndrome (MIS). Because of the broad range and severity of symptoms associated with every Morgellons sufferer we know of, we can say that it’s etiology falls squarely into the MIS pattern of hyper-toxicity. Therefore, if you suffer from this horrible malady, you can sleuth your own unique version of it and eradicate it from your being. All you have to do is take responsibility for your lifestyle, health and recovery.  

Are we serious?

Yes, you bet we are!

Like every Multi-Infection Syndrome[1], there are usually at lease five (5) major physical components operating at once. As follows:

• Toxic internal environment defined by a unique set of heavy metal, insecticide, plasticide, pollutant etc. concentrations in the tissues

• Presence of specific pathogenic microorganisms known as microbial cocktails

• Degraded diet over a lifetime of eating bio-incompatible foods

• Long term use of pharmaceutical medications and other destructive drugs of choice

• Low grade auto-immune dysregulation often related to dental materials and focal infections in the mouth

What hasn’t been mentioned above is perhaps the most significant co-factor of this disease, and that is exposure to a very unique pathological agent which many have been exposed to. The vectors of dissemination of these infective agents are numerous and not at all well known; the possibilities may range from chemtrails to vaccines to contaminated supermarket food to mosquito bites and bed bugs. We do not wish to dwell on this facet, because it appears that we may have little or no control over it.

We do have a lot of control over the five co-factors listed above, so let’s get busy.

Step-by-step Process for Remediating the Bio-terrain

(1) First, set about the process of removing all the unwanted toxic accumulations from your body. We all know about bioterrain, so let’s clean it up — FAST!

We do this by performing a whole set of carefully orchestrated body and organ cleanses, some of which can be done simultaneously. This very important phase of self-healing needs to be carried out very gently, patiently and intelligently. These detoxification protocols should not be taken lightly and ought to be performed under the direction of a knowledgable healthcare practitioner or very experienced health coach.

The following detox programs are not necessarily listed in the optimal order for you personally, as each individual’s body requires its own specific sequencing, length of cleanse, unique herbal formulae due to allergies, etc.:
• Colon cleanse
• Liver Cleanse
• Kidney Cleanse
• GallBladder/Liver Flush
• Parasite Cleanse
• Candida Cleanse
There are more, especially for the Morgellons client, but we don’t want to overwhelm.

May we mention with great emphasis that Dr. Hudla Clark has shown us the imperative of cleaning out the mouth at the very outset of this process. The Health Coach was in a very similar predicament due to an off-the-charts case of Systemic Candidiasis, as well as multiple parasitical co-infections. The only way this predicament was ultimately resolved was to remove all the toxic dental materials from the mouth and address each and every focal infection in the cavitation sites.

This oral health phase cannot be over-emphasized. You need to safely remove as much toxic dental material, as finances will permit, and do so as soon as possible. This includes the following dental items that a Morgellons sufferer does not want in their mouth, as each of these may profoundly compromise their immune function and substantially impede the process of full recovery.

The Short List
1) Mercury amalgam fillings
2) Bio-incompatible composite fillings
3) Leaky Crowns, loose caps
4) Improperly set bridges
5) Root canals must be removed and the cavitation sites properly cleaned out
6) Metal-saturated dentures ought to be replaced with non-toxic substitutes like metal-free, flexite partials
7) Implants are highly discouraged as the metal (platinum) post turns your head into an ‘antenna’
8) Inlays made of anything but gold ought to be reconsidered

Hopefully we haven’t lost anyone with this set of recommendations. Every one of these measures is designed to increase the likelihood that your immune system will begin to function normally. A healthy immune system, incidentally, is the real key to resolving a Morgellons profile.

Simply put, putting the odds in your favor so that your own body will ‘re-boot’ its own self-healing program is quite critical. No, it is absolutely essential if you are to come through this rejuvenation process with success. Please know that we have coached many for over 20 years who took this approach and overcame all manner of life-threatening diseases and incurable illnesses.

Back to our list of things to do. Please be aware that for most, Morgellons has been developing for many years under their radar screen. Much of the symptomatology has likewise been subclinical, until one day the dam breaks and an outbreak of related symptoms emerges seemingly overnight.

What’s the point? It took many years for the bio-terrain to sufficiently degrade whereby the defining microbial cocktail, which is present in ALL Morgellons cases, landed, found a nice home and decided to ‘incubate’ until the day came to hold a coming out party. Likewise, it will take some time and hard work to put things right.  The body is remarkably forgiving and will deliver noticeable results with even a little self-effort.

Let’s get back to #1 on the previous list – “Toxic internal environment” – there’s much more work for you to do here in terms of auditing your entire environment – home, auto, work and play. Please be sure to identify any sources of toxicity which are obvious and get rid of them asap.

Perhaps you ought to start with every single thing you put in or on your body. Check out the ingredients in every single skin, mouth and bath item as this can provide a daily opportunity for unwanted chemical exposure. From our seat, any body care product purchased in a supermarket or pharmacy is just about guaranteed to be sub-standard, which you cannot afford to be exposed to during the rudimentary stages of detoxifying.

A much more obvious vector of toxic contamination is the regimen of pharmaceutical medications which one may be taking daily. If this is the case, it is imperative that each med be re-evaluated, because we all know about the adverse side effects associated with virtually every prescribed medicine under the sun. Gotta get a firm grip on this one!

By the way, the same goes for all nutraceutical medicines to include food and mineral supplements, herbal formulae, essential oils, homeopathic and vibropathic preparations, flower remedies, superfoods, etc. We’re not saying these effective yet powerful remedies don’t have their rightful place in your alternative pharmacopia, because they certainly do as they will in the future. We’re highly suggesting that you only take what is necessary, and no more, because the liver will otherwise be overloaded and not be able to perform its vital functions well. The detoxification pathways in the liver reign supreme throughout this process of reclaiming your health from Morgellons.  When these integral pathways become inefficient or undermined, you will know it and feel it.

Now let’s look at the diet. This part is not going to be easy. May we offer the recommendation that each reader first remove all processed, canned and frozen food from the diet. Also, all food groups which significantly acidify the body, such as refined white sugar, denatured white wheat, coffee, and nightshades should be eliminated. Also, we highly recommend a vegetarian diet, at least one that is devoid of all meat/flesh to include beef, fish and fowl. Our followup coaching session on the benefits of the vegetarian diet will certainly convince you why this must be so.

Of course, ALL other drugs like tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs (marijuana, hashish, etc.) must be strictly avoided. While you’re at it, you just might evaluate your favorite fun foods to see if any of them have addictive qualities which cause you to eat too much of them.  Too much of any food (which ought to be considered as your medicine during your period of convalescence) will ultimately diminish the body’s capacity to properly digest it, which then creates ama, a toxic buildup throughout the whole system.

The Emotional Component of Morgellons is HUGE!

This session could go on interminably; however we will continue with more in Morgellons – Part II. In the meantime we ought to mention that there is a very strong emotional component to this disease process. What we have observed is that the same emotional/mental/psychological profile is often present for most who suffer from this terrible affliction. May we say that we mean to offend no one by offering the following observations:

1. The great majority of those who suffer from Morgellons are women. They are often women who have suffered greatly through life’s many trial and tribulations. Many carry the burdens for others in their families, groups of friends, or extended communities. Most cut a profile, which might be offered by those who truly know them, as the cultural creatives, bleeding hearts, emotional empaths and sensitive souls among us. All of these connote a sense of vulnerability, hyper-reactivity, and even victimhood, in some cases. We might look very closely at these characteristics so as to expose them and address them in the most positive and constructive way.

2. We do live in a “man’s world”. The entire civilization was built by the various patriarchal societies which have clearly dominated the historical landscape over millennia. Unfortunately, most Men are from Mars, whereas most Women are from Venus. Therefore, it is quite understandable that many women are not happy with the status quo across the planet. Over many years of such justifiable dissatisfaction, discomfort and dis-ease, the female half has experienced a similar and definite set of emotional responses to this very challenging and often ugly state of affairs. These primarily negative emotions, when sustained over years or decades, will concretize in various organs and tissues. They then contribute to setting up the bio-terrain so that those same organ systems become much more susceptible to things like … … … Morgellons.

3. As an example, bitterness is a feeling which is often associated with the gallbladder, just as anger is associated with the liver. When these two ‘guys’ are repressed, they will affect their corresponding organs, which is why we see the extremely high incidence of gallbladder removal from pre-, peri- and post-menopausal women.
Another instance is the defining symptom of “things crawling out of your skin”. Isn’t this just what you often feel like trying to navigate yourself, your family and your friends through the trials and tribulations of life?! Life can become very nettlesome, as though being attacked by a thousand mosquitoes, yes?

Now, please look at the photo on the top of this page. To fully address these profound and causal issues requires serious self-inquiry, contemplation and, yes, a little meditation every day if you can find the time. Be assured that embracing such a daily practice will catapult you into a new way of being. By being continually refreshed, you will more easily shine the light of awareness on many of the matters which you know in your heart must be addressed. Please know that by reading this piece, and taking those initiatives which apply to your life, you are now one step closer to being forever freed of Morgellons.

In Closing:
We are compelled to end this first session on Morgellons by acknowledging the awesome challenges that every sufferer is confronted with. This health adversity is as rough as it gets. Truly, every Morgellons sufferer is confronted with a broad range of formidable physical and emotional obstacles like you rarely see with any other serious medical condition.
Because of this, the psychological profile of every individual with Morgellons is almost always profoundly affected, in some cases with extreme manifestations and alarming effects. Why shouldn’t this be so? The many debilitating and frightening symptoms would frighten the strongest among us.
Physicians (especially medical doctors) must become aware that this Multi-Infection Syndrome has very profound emotional and mental symptomatology associated with it. They must treat these symptoms are a part of the disease process itself, not by calling Morgellons a psychosomatic illness. The toxicity overload itself can have very dramatic affects on the brain, the mind, the emotions; therefore, this ought to be recognized and addressed appropriately.
In certain instances the psych profile can become so demanding that intervention by way of standard psychiatric treatment may be required; however, we highly recommend these last resort, pharmaceutical regimens be very short term so that the detoxification process may proceed in earnest.


~ Remove All Toxic Environmental Co-factors Everywhere Throughout Your Life ~

Gradual Detox Programs ~ Eat Right ~ Regular Exercise ~ Clay Baths ~ Sound Sleep

~ Practice Silence ~ Faith & Prayer ~ Meditate ~ Contemplate ~ Self Inquiry ~ Yoga ~

May you enjoy great health,
The Health Coach

Best Advice:
Join an online support group if you haven’t already. So marginalized have Morgellons folks become that any and all support is invaluable. The collective wisdom amassed within these groups is more informed than the National Library of Medicine.
Here’s an example of a great online support resource that you can duplicate in your area:
Morgellons Bay Area Support Group

Cleanse the Lymphatic System —> Daily:
This daily practice cannot be over-emphasized. Cleansing the lymphatic system is truly the secret to full and quick recovery from Morgellons and it is very easy to do. Please read the following coaching session and you will be a sure convert to this necessary and regular exercise.
CAVEAT: Only walk as the state of your body permits. Start out slow and short at first, and gradually work up to the Power Walks which will help you regain your power.
What’s The Best Way To Cleanse The Lymphatic System?

Excellent Websites:

Morgellons – A Mundane Approach


How I Cured Morgellons

Morgellons Disease AWARENESS

Must See Videos:

[1] Multi-infection simply refers to the various types of pathogenic micro-organisms which co-exist in what has frequently been called a co-infection. A Multi-Infection Syndrome almost always has multiple co-infections raging throughout the body which can include bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitical or mycoplasma components. Each Multi-infection Syndrome has its own basic signature or mix of specific pathogenic micro-organisms which we call a microbial cocktail. The microbial cocktail that constitutes a Lupus diagnosis is materially different from the one that lies at the basis of a Morgellons profile.

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