Top 20 Foods With High B12 Content

20 Foods That Are Highly Loaded With Vitamin B12

How can you get all the essential nutrients necessary for your body building? It is perhaps no longer unknown to the people that it is balanced and healthy diet that can provide your body full dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

The addiction for gobbling multivitamins might be one of the ways to put in some nutritive content in your body. But taking right combination of food is necessary to get full benefit of the diet. The presence of different vitamins in the diet gives unique results. But the vitamins are not one but many types: A, B,C,D,E….But Vitamin B consists of many parts like B1, B2, B7, B9, B12 etc.

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Top 5 foods high in vitamin b12

You can find the vitamins in daily foods. Vitamin B12 which is also known as “Cobalamin” is water soluble and primarily found in eggs, meat and other dairy products. In general people don’t feel the effect of the deficiency of this vitamin. But in extreme cases, the side effects are apparent.

Read this guide for the foods that are rich in Vitamin B12. If you have the deficiency of the vitamin, take these foods to make up the shortage.


The liver is rich in Vitamin B12. Not only that, liver is also loaded with nutritional value. Packed with minerals and vitamins, it can enhance libido, energy, muscle strength, and function of the brain.


Eggs can provide Vitamin B12 5 mcgs in 100 gms of serving. A single egg contains 6gms of protein and 9 vital amino acids for the body. A single yolk bears 300 gram Vitamin B complex.

Corned Beef

TurkeyThe corned beef provides 2 mcgs per 100 gms. But you need to keep watch on the amount of intake, at least weekly, because this food is rich in sodium and high amount of calories.

This food includes 1.5 mcgs in 100gms of serving. It is very low in fat content, but includes nutrients that are necessary for controlling the level of cholesterol, and reduces the risks of cancer and heart ailments.


Regarding amount of micrograms, it is same as turkey. It also might lead to increase the amount of sodium, so it is very important to watch the level of the sodium after a regular interval. The consumption of pork in moderate amount helps people to be energized. On the skin surface it shows good result.

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Top 5 vegetables rich in vitamin b12

Vitamins are organic food substance found in plants and animals. Like other Vitamin B, vitamin B12 is vital for metabolism. You can find the vitamins in different vegetables. There are a number of vegetables that are full of Vitamin B12 and are very helpful for making your gray hair turning black.

You can include these vegetables alternately to your daily diet to compensate the deficiency of this vitamin. Look here at the top 5 vegetables full of Vitamin B-12(Cobalamin).

Alfalfa, sprouted

It is a classical American sprout and is also very nutritious. People take this vegetable in salad or in sandwiches. Alfalfa Sprouts can also be found in number of supplements available in the market. High in calcium, protein, and other minerals, Alfalfa is also rich store of Vitamin B 12.


Beetroot which is popularly known as beet, has gained popularity as a super food because of the super benefit of the vegetables. Rich in vitamin B12, it is great booster for the stamina for the hard workers. Beetroot also contains iron, magnesium and potassium. The health claim of this vegetable is supported by the scientific evidence.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is popularly known as butternut pumpkin, is a kind of winter squash. It is very nutritious and full of Cobalamin, besides other two essential vitamins, like Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Intake of the vegetables frequently is beneficial for health.


Mushrooms or the fungi, includes B12, like other fermented food plants like miso or tempeh for they are mainly grown with the help of micro-organisms. Most of the vitamins B are comparatively simple in chemical structure. Of them, vitamin B12 is more complex and also larger.


The items made with potato can provide Vitamin B12. With multiple types potatoes, there are lots of health benefits of them as when added to other food items. The median value of Vitamin B12 is found in potatoes. Out of the vitamins in the potatoes, the food nutritional breakdown is done.

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Apart from all this, the vegetarians can take cereals that are most often fortified with this vitamin. Oats or muesli is the good alternative to this vitamin. But, remember whenever you decide to take oats, pick the whole grains, avoid the one with sugar.

Top 5 Fruits rich in vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 contains loads of health functions. It helps functioning of your nervous system and also the system of metabolism. Most importantly, it helps to prevent gray hair, eye, skin and liver in healthy condition. The most important nutritious fruits can be:


The apple belongs to the family of Rosaceous. The delicious apple is very impressive to look and is noted for its phyto-nutrients. The overall health and wellbeing can be derived from the fruit.

It is full of antioxidant and helps body to develop protection against any bad effect of free radicals. The vitamins contain in the fruit help developing the glow of skin and also help for growing hair.


Have this energy-rich fruit that come to you with a wonderful safety pack. It is one of the cheapest fruits. Belongs to the Musaceae family, it is widely cultivated fruits in tropic and sub-tropic zones. It has high calorie contents, and other beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

For instant energy banana is unparallel. With soluble dietary fiber, banana helps bowel movements and reduces constipation. It is a good source of Vitamin B and helps to add nutrition to your health and wellness.


The blue berries are juicy and sweet, and rich in natural anti-oxidant pigment. The fruits are low in calorie and possess multiple nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, pigments and other anti-oxidant, providing maximum wellness of health.

The amount of Vitamin-B complex groups of vitamin act as a co factor for the health wellness. The fruit also has its great effect on the skin and hair, and overall metabolic system.


Mango tree is cultivated in different areas of India. Now its cultivation has been broadened far across the world. The fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. Also the anti-oxidant and the pre-biotic fiber of the fruits act as great health protector against different types of cancer.

For healthy maintenance of skin and related diseases, the fruit is extremely helpful. It also helps production of red blood cells that reduces pigmentation and turn gray hair into black and healthy.


With quite an impressive list of necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins, the orange is great to protect our body in many ways. The dietary fiber of the fruit loaded with huge laxative.

It helps to protect the mucus membrane, reduce cholesterol level and binds the bile acid in the colon. It is very good source of Vitamin B complex, like pyridoxine, thiamin, and folate that help replenish for better health.

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The fruits are the most wonderful gifts of nature for the mankind. Being a source of soluble dietary fiber, they help to ward off cholesterol, fats and many other abnormalities. Never allow your physical ailments to overpower your emotions and passions. Never forget to add fruits to your diet management.

Top 5 fishes rich in Vitamin B12(Cobalamin)

Fish is high in protein and low in fat. Daily intake of fish, or 1-2 weekly serving may help reducing different diseases. The fishes are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids that reduce the risk of many types of cancers. Since the human bodies can’t make this important nutrient, so the fish should be an important part of your diet.

As an adult person of either gender over 14 years, needs 2.4 mcgs of Vitamin B12 which is non-toxic in large amount and also helpful for turning gray hair. Some of the important fishes that are loaded with vitamin b-12 are listed here:


This fish after being born in fresh water river, travel to the ocean at the matured age and spend rest of their adult lives in the sea. Finally, they return to the river to reproduce and after that they die.

It is one of the frequently consumed seafoods in the USA. For any type of superior quality of protein or Omega 3 fatty acids, Salmon fish is great. More is that, the fish is the source of many minerals and vitamins. Also the fish is the good source of calcium.


Sardines are small fish generally sealed in can in oil. A 1-cup of sardines can provide 310 calories which is the key to minerals and the vitamins. The fish is the wealth of key vitamins and minerals. With the delicious strong flavor, the fish can boost any recipes and the same time increases the nutritional value of the dishes.

Though the fish contains Vitamin B12 to produce the red blood cells, yet it is the storehouse of many kinds of Vitamin D. Because of this the fish has become one of the rare food sources of vitamin.


When asked for the foods rich with vitamin B12, it is Shellfish canned clams will win the top place at the list of the foods. In three ounces canned clams, there is 84 mcgs of vitamins. Similarly, six ounces possess two mcgs of B-12.

There are other kinds of Blue crab loaded with vita B-12. A cup of canned blue crab meat provides six mcgs. A few types of canned New England clam chowder provide more than 10 micrograms of B-12 per cup.


The mollusks are at the top of the list for getting B12. In three ounces of serving there are 84 mcgm of the vitamins. If raw oysters are of your choice, you will end up getting around 16 mcgm out of the B12.

It is too full of the vitamin that about six medium size oysters weighs about 3-4 ounces of this vitamin. If you long for edible muscle of mollusk on an usual basis, then you are lucky. If 6 big muscles or scallops are taken, it weighs about 3-4 ounces that offers 1.2 mcgm of B12.


You can have 3 ounces Alaska crab king in steamed cook and it will give you above 9.7 mcgm of vitamin B12. While the similar quantity of blue crab includes 6.2 mcgm. You will still receive B12 out of mock crab meat. It is full of vitamins that are essential mainly for the vegetarian and the vegans.

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Now you have come to know how essential the Vitamin B12 is for the body processes. Taking of the vitamins help facilitates a lot of bodily functions. The richest food sources for this water soluble vitamin is the Foods, Vegetables, Fruits and Fishes which are useful for supporting different purposes.

Besides, keeping our body balanced, its other greatest benefit is providing support to the hair. Gray hair can be prevented by taking right amount of the vitamin b12(cobalamin). Of course, you need to take suggestion of the health experts about the dose of the medicine to get optimum benefits of the Vitamin.