Lymph Drainage for the Ears (Video)

Draining the Ears

In certain cases, tinnitus is caused by congestion in the ears’ Eustachian tubes. As fluid builds, it causes an irritating ringing noise. To relieve the problem, a person may perform a technique to drain the tubes. It may take some practice, but after a few times, it will become easy. To drain the tubes, it is important to identify where they are located. To find them, a person should take clean hands and explore the back of the mouth. The tubes are located behind the back molars and beyond the hinge of the jaw. Although it is common for the gag reflex to become activated, a person should continue to the root of the tongue. On either side of the mouth, a person will feel a small tunnel. To drain each tube, a person must stroke the areas a few times each day for up to a week.
(Source: How Natural Remedies Can Stop The Ear Ringing)