Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Tinnitus: Comments from those who have used it successfully

“I tried the massage and it did pop my left ear and the noise stopped. I didn’ think that it was going to work on my right ear, but I massaged from my ear to my chin where I remembered my lymph nodes swelling when I was sick. It stopped the ringing, but I didn’t hear the pop. My hearing was better in my left ear, but it was never as bad as my right ear which I sleep on at night. I can’t believe it. I will keep doing this. I already had garlic oil on my ears and was reading the website. I have been cleaning my ears with hydrogen peroxide inserted with a needleless syringe for at least a year and my hearing has vastly improved. I clean with hydrogen peroxide about once a week. I was really impressed with the massage. My left ear feels cleared but not my right ear. The ringing stopped in both ears, but my ringing wasn’t very bad or all that bothersome. It was however amazing and the ringing is gone. I will definately keep doing this. I am going to start massage on all my lymph nodes sites on my body.”  — Tara (Memphis, Tn, USA)

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