The Failure of the Flu Vaccine

Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND

How To Build A Better Flu Vaccine is the title of an article on one of the many news sites on the Internet. My answer is – please don’t bother. In my blog Flu Vaccines Don’t Work I reported that the effectiveness of the flu vaccine was somewhere between 4-6%! In fact, every year the flu vaccine turns out to be less and less effective.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting the outcome to change. How many decades have drug company scientists tried to perfect the flu vaccine and failed every time?

On top of the vaccine not working, we’re also given false information. If you Google “2017-2018 flu season” you are hit with scary headlines that tell you to be very afraid of the flu, to get vaccinated, and to take antiviral medications. The fear instilled by the media who think they are  “warning the public” is enough to make you sick because they have no real solutions!

Other headlines claim that this season’s flu shots are less effective than usual. I’ve found reports claiming anywhere from 17-36% effectiveness, which is an impossibly wide margin. I think the effectiveness is likely only 4-6% as I mentioned earlier. After all, I don’t think all the people that get the flu have blood tests to determine which strain it is. I don’t think they are interviewed to see if they already had the flu shot. Are they differentiating viral flu infection from bacterial lung infection, which can be more deadly. Also, the elderly and the very young are going to be more susceptible to complications and some may die. But it’s quite impossible to say that the flu vaccine could have prevented those deaths.

Of course, my thoughts about preventing the flu turn to boosting the structure and function of your body, including your immune system. Instead of repeating all that information here, you can read my blog Cold & Flu Strategies to see what I recommend from my Future Health Now Encyclopedia.

Carolyn Dean MD ND
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