Natural Remedies for Cerebral Palsy Symptoms


When you receive a diagnosis, or have someone close to you diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, it can be a scary and unknown time. Usually it becomes very overwhelming, especially when considering all of the different kinds of treatments, medicines, or even specialists. Something that often people ignore in the midst of everything is the more natural or alternative remedies for certain side effects that come with Cerebral Palsy. Although this research isn’t always backed by doctors and other specialists, it is still something that you shouldn’t completely ignore. Knowing these remedies can give you a second option to treat Cerebral Palsy alongside more conventional methods.


This is an herbal supplement and has proven to be one of the most effective ones for many ailments. Echinacea promotes effective blood circulation throughout the body. It also initiates better neural communication. This will help soothe spastic muscles with improved communication and promoted blood flow. You can find it at almost all supplement shops, pharmacies, and even most super markets. It is extremely low-cost and you should make it part of your daily regiment.


This treatment is a great way to reduce the bodies inflammation and greatly promotes sufficient blood flow. This treatment is also often prescribed by doctors as a good alternative remedy when suffering from Cerebral Palsy and its contributing symptoms. Some benefits also include improvement of muscle use, improvement of muscle development, pain relief, and even help with the restructure of different parts of the brain. This is an extremely viable option and you should greatly consider as a treatment option.

Fish Oil

With the high amount of omega-3’s in fish oil, they improve effective nerve communication and nerve response. It will also promote the development of healthy brain tissue. This is something that everyone should take, but can especially benefit those suffering from Cerebral Palsy symptoms.


Like Echinacea, this is known as a circulatory herb, which means that it promotes blood flow thorough the body. Including all of the benefits that heightened blood flow provides, ginger is also known to promote O2 or oxygen levels in the brain cells which will improve neural communication. Try using ginger as a cooking spices. Or if the taste of ginger just isn’t your favorite, you can also take in a capsule form.

Astragalus Root

As much as this is a holistic remedy, this root has shown some positive benefits in a couple of studies completed. This root showed positive effects on behavior, motor skills, social skills and daily skills in children with cerebral palsy. You typically take it as an injection, but is also very mild tasting.

All of these alternative remedies are very viable options and should be used as a secondary tool when first consulted with a doctor to discover what is best for your specific case. Some of these more natural remedies, doctors and specialists will actually prescribe. Knowing these alternate remedies can give you a hidden weapon when it comes to the combating of Cerebral Palsy symptoms. Try these supplements and treatments with the supervision of doctor or specialist to best combat any issues associated with Cerebral Palsy.